My Account Banned, I Drove Game Developers Crazy

My Account Banned, I Drove Game Developers Crazy

40 Chapters Ongoing Status


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In the cutthroat world of gaming, game developers grew rampant, making this field dirty and chaotic. Game quality was low and only focused on making money. They never bothered to fix the numerous bugs in their games. They put effort into marketing but neglected the players.
One day, Zhou Tianhao, who was striving for the highest rank in a particular game, suddenly found his account banned. Upon contacting customer service, he discovered that the company had used robotic customer service to brush him off. When he tried to appeal, he realized that the final decision rested with the company, and his appeal was bound to fail.
Unable to find a solution to his account suspension, he became furious and activated the BUG system. From then on, every aspect of the game was filled with bugs in his eyes. Each time he exposed a bug, it forced the game company to expend countless efforts to fix it…
As a result, numerous low-quality games began to shut down, and major gaming industry leaders trembled in fear!
Ninecent: “Please, please stop playing our games! We promise to make better games! No more acting as intermediaries!”
Netunease: “I’ll give you money. Just spare our programmers. They haven’t slept for a month, and they’re going insane!”
MiHiYi: “I’ve hired a thousand more programmers. I want you to join me in creating the most perfect game in the world!”


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