Cultivating From Obtaining Experience

Cultivating From Obtaining Experience

40 Chapters Ongoing Status


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Almost every man has a dream of venturing in the fantasy world, wielding a sword, and traveling to different places to witness the splendor of the world.
After working in a factory for several years, Wang An, who was not yet old, received an unfavorable medical report.
At that moment, the system activated.
“Mission: Healthy Body—Restore your body to a healthy state (a healthy body is the foundation of everything).”
So, he started jogging in the morning, swimming, practicing Tai Chi…
Soon, he discovered that he had acquired a cheat that allowed him to gain experience points. The improvement in his skills brought him unexpected surprises.
It turned out that those legends were real!
Lightness skills could truly allow someone to walk on snow without leaving a trace and leap from roof to roof.
The indestructible body could indeed make one’s body as hard as a diamond, making one impervious to blades and spears.
Innate Qi could give one terrifying strength that was able to crush iron into pieces.
From then on, Wang An embarked on the cultivation path of gaining experience points like crazy.


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