Alpha Reborn!

69 Awakening

Lady Rosaline's face flushed as she withdrew her hand from Evan's grip.

"I...I must excuse myself," she stammered before hastily retreating to the gates of the shrine.

Evan, feeling a bit embarrassed, made his way back to the lively crowd.

"Well done, Frostbite!" exclaimed Lirian, slapping him on the back. "You've truly outdone yourself this time."

"I can't tell what you are congratulating me for," Evan said with a grin.

Was he congratulating him for being the most talented individual, or was he congratulating him for making Lady Rosaline flustered, something he had done unintentionally?

"I must admit, I am thoroughly impressed. You have surpassed all expectations, Your Highness." Annika also offered her congratulations while maintaining a respectful distance from him.

Evan was taken aback. Why was the renowned Ice Princess of the Frost Clan, who was known for being indifferent and fierce, showering him with kind words? Did she eat the wrong medicine today?

"Thank you, Annika," Evan replied with a hint of surprise in his voice. The words that came out of his mouth were so much sweeter than the thoughts in his head. "Coming from you, that means a lot to me. I always strive to exceed expectations, especially when it comes to earning the respect of those I admire."

"You've definitely done it this time, Your Highness," Ylva, Annika's wingman, chimed in, "There's not a single person in the empire who can claim to have as many soul pockets as you. Even your father, the Imperial Lord of Frost, who is considered to be the most talented person of this era, only has 12 soul pockets, and that earned him the admiration of the Imperial Master of the Dark Tower when he was young."

Evan looked at the overexcited young man with a friendly gaze. If Annika was the Ice Princess that made her name by eradicating 13 hideouts of the Cosmic Crusaders singlehandedly, then Ylva was the one who had helped her locate those hideouts!

His knowledge was no joke. His information network was so wide that even Cosmic Crusaders, that were known for being discreet couldn't escape its probing. He was a person worth befriending.

"You praise me too much. Having more soul pockets is nothing special. It's actually rather troublesome. The tribulation I will have to face while ascending to the Soul Fusion stage will be ten times harder than normal," Evan said humbly, pointing out the problem of having more soul pockets.

Ylva urged Annika to speak up with his eyes.

The weird expression he was making made Evan feel weird. What the heck was he doing?

"Don't worry, Your Highness." Annika said after a moment, "Our two families will do our best to help you survive it."

"Then I will have to thank you for it," Evan said to her with a smile that dazzled her.

Suddenly, a deafening shout shattered the serene atmosphere, causing everyone to turn their heads towards the source of the commotion.

"All hail Your Imperial Highness, Magnus!" the voice of a clan elder bellowed, reverberating through the hallowed halls of the Frozen Lake Shrine.

As the crowd parted like a flock of birds, Magnus emerged from the throngs, his imposing figure drawing all eyes towards him.

Evan's gaze was immediately drawn to his father, and a broad smile spread across his face at the sight of him.

Then, like the Red Sea parting to make way for Moses, the sea of people made way for Magnus as he strode towards Evan.

The people bowed down in reverence as Magnus passed by, paying their respects to the imperial highness. However, Magnus gestured for them to stand at ease, conveying his humility and warmth towards his clansmen.

"I'm sorry I'm late," With a reassuring pat on Evan's shoulder, Magnus apologized for being late.

"I wouldn't have blamed you if you had missed it, Father. But I'm so happy you're here," Evan said. His genuine affection for his father could be felt in his voice.

Lady Rosaline paid her respect to the Patriarch of her clan before she looked at the crowd of youngsters who were yet to awaken their soul plates with a stern gaze that seemed to hold great weight.

"The soul plate awakening ritual," she began, her voice low and commanding, "will take place inside the Moon Goddess Shrine. The Moon Goddess Shrine is where we honor the deity of winter and ice. It is the most sacred place of our clan, a space imbued with divine power. Except for those who are to take part in the ritual, no one else is allowed inside. I hope you can understand."

She paused as if to let the significance of her words sink in. Then, her eyes flickered over the group of youngsters as if assessing their worthiness.

"And for those who are about to experience the Soul Plat Awakening Ritual, I have one great piece of advice. If you enter the shrine with a pure heart and intentions, the chances of you receiving a blessing straight from the Moon Goddess will greatly increase," she said, her tone almost reverent. "She is the most benevolent, after all."

Evan listened intently as Lady Rosaline spoke, her words carrying weight and authority. He could feel the reverence in her tone as she spoke of the Moon Goddess Shrine. It was clear that Lady Rosaline held a deep belief in the Frost Goddess, and her devotion was evident in her words.

The belief in the existence of God and extraterrestrial beings has been a subject of debate for centuries. However, in the Imperial Frost Clan of the Dark Tower that ruled the Sun Moon Empire, there was a strong conviction that two such beings played a significant role in their rise to power. One of them was the Frost Goddess, revered and worshipped by the members of the clan.

From a very young age, children in the Frost Clan were instilled with the values of respect and devotion towards the Frost Goddess. They were taught that she was a divine entity that had bestowed her blessings upon their clan, allowing them to prosper and thrive. The members of the clan believed that their success was inextricably linked to the benevolence of the Frost Goddess.

As a result, the Frost Clan held the Frost Goddess in high regard, and her presence was felt in all aspects of their lives.

The members of the clan would often offer prayers and sacrifices to the goddess, seeking her protection and guidance in times of need.

For them, the Frost Goddess was not just a myth or a legend but a real entity that had a profound impact on their lives.

"And lastly, I hope there will be no disrespect towards her," Lady Rosaline warned, her gaze once again fixing on each member of the group in turn.

The attempt made by Lady Rosaline to appear fierce was met with amusement by the onlookers, but to Evan, it only served to heighten his admiration for her. As a High Priestess of the Moon Goddess, Lady Rosaline had taken on a demanding and sacrificial role, requiring her utmost dedication. In order to serve the goddess, she had to abstain from earthly pleasures and maintain purity until the end of her life. Additionally, she had to patiently guide the wayward youth who had become so enamored with the modern world's pleasures that they could not spare a moment to honor the Moon Goddesses who had helped the Frost Clan rise to power.

Lady Rosaline stood out from her peers, which only increased Evan's reverence for her. He couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at her unwavering commitment and the strength of her character. Her commanding presence and unwavering devotion to the Moon Goddesses were admirable traits that he deeply respected.

He stepped forward, his mesmerizing blue eyes shining with determination. "Lady Rosaline, I swear on my honor as the crown prince of the Frost Clan that I will show the utmost respect to the Moon Goddess Shrine and to the Frost Goddess herself," Evan said, his voice ringing out with such a deep conviction that it touched the heart of the listeners.

Evan had a deep-seated devotion to the Moon Goddess during his past life as Christian Wolfie. The werewolf community believed that the Moon Goddess was their supreme deity and the mother of all werewolves. Fast forward to his current life, and Evan has continued to worship an entity with the same "Name" & "Divinity" as the Moon Goddess of his past life.

'Wait! Could they be one and the same? I think I have stumbled upon a shocking truth!'

As he pondered the possibility of the two being one and the same, he couldn't help but wonder about the intricacies of the divine and how it transcends lifetimes.

Evan stopped dwelling on the matter as he was acutely aware of the weight of everyone's gaze on him. He straightened his posture to an unprecedented degree and continued speaking,

"I understand the gravity of this ritual and the importance of showing reverence to our goddess. I will do everything in my power to ensure that no disrespect is shown. I believe my fellow clansmen share the same sentiment." Evan spoke in a composed manner, but his words carried a resounding volume that reached the ears of all those present in the vicinity.

"We definitely do!"

The crowd murmured in agreement, nodding their heads in unison. They, too, shared Evan's sentiment and were eager to show their respect for the Frost Goddess, who they had worshipped since they were young.

Lady Rosaline gave a small nod of approval, her eyes softening slightly. "I have faith in each and every one of you," she said, her voice gentle yet firm. "Let us proceed with the ritual with reverence and devotion in our hearts."

As Lady Rosaline led the youngest generation of cultivators of the Frost clan inside the shrine, they were immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of sacredness and reverence.

The air was thick with the pungent aroma of incense, and the flickering candles lining the walls created a mesmerizing dance of shadows that seemed to come alive. The dimly lit room was imbued with a serene energy that was both calming and awe-inspiring.

They made their way towards the main hall, their footsteps echoing on the cold, marbled floor. The vibrant hues of the stained glass windows filtered in soft, colorful light, causing it to cast a mesmerizing glow that illuminated the otherwise dark and somber space.

After leading them into the main hall, Lady Rosaline gestured towards the center of the main hall, drawing the attention of the young cultivators towards the magnificent sight before them.

"Behold," she exclaimed, "the divine formation that will awaken your soul plates."

The members of the Frost clan were struck with wonder as their eyes landed on the immense, circular structure that dominated the center of the room. The formation was a sophisticated network of intricately etched symbols and runes that shimmered with a gentle, blue radiance.

Evan's pulse quickened as he gazed at the formation. He had been told of its potency since he was young and knew that it held the key to unleashing his latent abilities and awakening his soul plate.

The mere sight of it sent shivers of excitement and apprehension down his spine in equal measure. Would events unfold exactly as he had foreseen, or would they shift as they had during the talent evaluation exam?

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