Alpha Reborn!

70 Awakening 2

"I have been waiting for this moment for all my life."

Eira, a member of the minor families, expressed her excitement.

"I know how you feel. This is the moment we've all been working towards." Jorn, her friend, nodded in agreement.

"It's incredible to think that this formation will awaken our soul plates. The power that we'll gain from this is beyond anything we've ever experienced." Rina, the second daughter of the fourth elder, added.

"I can't wait to see what kind of soul plates we'll have. This is going to be amazing!" Eira's exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Don't be too happy just yet. The chance of awakening a soul plate is one in every three people. Who knows if you can awaken it? And if you don't, you will be deported from the capital of the empire and live the rest of your miserable lives looking up to awakened cultivators." Garrick spoke with a villainous tone, trying to trample on their spirits. It was evident that he disliked these types of people who had a positive outlook on life. After all, he went out of his way to hurt them.

It is worth noting that within the Black Eye Galaxy, various systems of power existed. However, the most highly respected group were the soul cultivators. They possessed the ability to awaken soul plates that allowed them to harness the power of skill crystals, making them the most powerful group within this galaxy. Except for them, no one else could do it.

Evan noticed the commotion and chuckled internally.

Garrick had signed his own doom by being an arse in the Shrine of the Frost Goddess.

Even if he had the talent to awaken a soul plate, he wouldn't be able to do it now that he had done something the Goddess disliked the most - hurting others emotionally or physically for no good reason.

"The ritual is about to begin. Please sit inside the formation," Lady Rosaline instructed gently as she gestured towards the circle of intricate patterns in front of her.

The Frost clan members scrambled to find their places within the intricate pattern.

'I need to occupy the central spot.' Evan thought.

Thanks to his past life memories, he knew that the bulk of the mystical energy of the formation would be concentrated on the person occupying the central spot, increasing their chance of awakening a soul plate and strengthening their body.

It was something only a Player would know!

This information became public a few months after it became possible to change class to a soul cultivator.

As the memories of his past life were still fresh, Evan remembered them vividly.

He rushed past the others using the Phantom Shadow Technique.

He moved so fast that they didn't even notice when he entered the formation and sat in the center of it.

"Moon Goddess, I pray to you. Allow the divine energy to flow through the young ones of my clan and guide them towards their destined path. Allow the power of the formation to ignite the souls of the worthy!"

With a voice as soft and touching as a feather's touch, Lady Rosaline chanted her words, letting them echo through the Shrine's halls.

As she finished her chant, the runes inscribed on the formation beneath them started to gleam with an otherworldly light as if they had come to life.

With a burst of energy, the runes broke free from the formation and started to enter the bodies of those present.

Some received only a few, while others were fortunate enough to receive more. However, none of them were as fortunate as Evan.

[Ding! Congratulations, Player Evan! You have received the majority of the divine runes from the Moon Goddess's formation. A total of 50 runes have been focused on you, making you the most blessed individual in the Moom Goddess Shrine.]

[The player's chance of awakening a Soul Plate has increased to 100%.]

[The absorption process has begun]

'Wow, this is a thousand times better than I expected. I've hit the jackpot!'

A majority of the Players never got to use such a high-level formation to awaken, even after they changed their class to a Soul Cultivator. Such privilege could only be enjoyed by members of the Seven Imperial Clans and the disciples of the Dark Tower.

Evan basked in the overwhelming feeling of being the luckiest man alive as if he had won the lottery of life itself. His contentment was palpable.

The strange occurrence was noticed by everyone around him. They couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy creeping in.

This was the first time the Moon Goddess was showing such blatant favoritism! Such a thing had never happened in the past!

What kind of connection did His Highness have with her? Was he her most devout follower? Just what did he do to earn her favor?

These unanswered questions swirled in their minds as they gazed at him enviously.

Suddenly, a vibrant red shadow emerged from Jack's body, catching the onlooker's attention. A closer inspection would reveal that it was a strikingly crimson plate the size and width of a burly arm.

He had awakened!

Jack's soul plate hovered above him, radiating a fierce red glow that illuminated his face. It was a thing of beauty with seven distinct slots, six of which were sealed tightly. Only one was left open and empty, waiting to be filled.

"It's an offensive-type."

As Jack gazed at his soul plate, an elated grin spread across his face.

Lady Rosaline, intrigued by Jack's reaction, inquired, "What does it do?"

"It allows me to channel all of my soul energy into one powerful strike," Jack explained, describing the passive ability of his soul plate.

Many soul cultivators must undergo extensive training to understand the capabilities and restrictions of their soul plates. However, there are a select few who possess an innate understanding of their soul plate's functions, and Jack appeared to belong to this category, and although his soul plate did not possess an innate skill crystal, Jack was content with its capabilities.

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