Alpha Reborn!

68 Heaven Shaking Talent Evalution

Evan's voice trembled with rage as he said, "Nicholas, you've crossed a line."

Lirian looked at him quizzically and asked, "What made you say that, Frostbite?"

Evan's eyes glittered with an icy fury as he replied, "I just had a vision of Mathew's past, and it's sickening. That poor boy had to sacrifice everything just to keep his mother alive. He was forced to endure ten years of brutal training and abuse at the hands of Nicholas and the Frostweavers. It's a monstrous act of cruelty that should never have been allowed to happen."

Lirian gasped in disbelief, "That's horrifying. How could anyone be so heartless?"

Evan's jaw clenched, "I know. That's why I've made a vow to bring Nicholas to justice and make sure that no one else has to suffer because of his selfishness."

He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he was willing to give his all to prosecute Nicholas.

Lirian nodded in agreement, "You have my support, Frostbite. Let's stop at nothing to ensure that justice is served."


Mathew's heart was pounding with anticipation as he approached the soul revealer. With trembling hands, he placed them on the device and closed his eyes, waiting for the revelation.

A moment of silence hung in the air, thick with tension, as Mathew wondered what the soul revealer would reveal about his talent, and then, like a burst of light, eleven stars appeared in the device.

Lady Rosaline's eyes widened with awe, her voice trembling slightly as she spoke, "Mathew Frostweaver. Eleven Soul Pockets! A prodigy born once in a hundred years!"

A sense of relief washed over Mathew as he heard the result. For so long, he had feared that he wasn't talented enough and that Nicholas would abandon him and his mother. But now, he knew that he was something special and that only a fool would discard a chess piece like him casually.

Looking around, Mathew noticed the admiration and respect in the eyes of those around him.

The onlookers knew the significance of the eleven Soul Pockets and the potential Mathew held. He would undoubtedly become a seeded disciple of the Frost Clan, and a lot of the clan's resources would be at his disposal.

"With my talent, I can gain more medicine for my mother by contending for the position of the crown prince. This is an incredible opportunity. I must seize it with both hands," Mathew thought.

"Your highness, you are next in line," Lady Rosaline announced with a courteous bow.

"En." Evan acknowledged her with a nod and began to make his way through the bustling crowd, his regal presence commanding attention.

As he passed Mathew, a venomous sneer curled on his lips, and he couldn't help but taunt Evan. "I hope your talent is worth all the hype, your highness. Otherwise, it'll be quite dull when I eventually take what's rightfully mine," he jeered.

Evan remained unfazed and continued walking, his expression serene as he countered, "Your animosity is misplaced, young one."

After that, Evan reached the soul revealer unhindered and placed his hands on it, and the hushed silence that followed was deafening. Their curious eyes flicked between Evan and the black crystal, waiting in anticipation for the results.

A voice rang out, breaking the silence, "Can you estimate how many soul pockets he has?" It was Annika who had spoken.

"Sixteen and unawakened, but his talent is estimated to be in the seventh level of the soul manifestation realm. He must possess extraordinary potential, if not more," Ylva said thoughtfully.

The onlookers continued to discuss Evan's talent, their excitement building as more and more stars appeared in the crystal. The shine of the stars seemed to engulf Evan's body, causing everyone to stop breathing as they watched in awe.

At first, the crystal revealed only a few stars, but their number increased every second. The tension was palpable outside the Frozen Lake Shrine as the onlookers held their breath, waiting to see just how talented Evan truly was.

Suddenly, with a mighty boom, an eleventh star appeared, placing Evan on the same level as Mathew. But then, to everyone's surprise, a twelfth star appeared, causing a chill to run down their spines. All eyes were glued to the crystal, and the onlookers couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Boom! A thirteenth star appeared, and even Havelock, Mathew, and Lady Rosaline were left speechless, their mouths agape with astonishment.

But their astonishment couldn't be compared to Evan, who, too, was shocked to see the thirteen stars that represented he had 13 soul pockets.

After all, according to his past memories, he was only supposed to have eight soul pockets.

'Am I really Evan Frost?' he wondered in disbelief.

He turned to Lady Rosaline and asked, "Are you not going to announce my result?" His voice trembled with excitement and nervousness, eager to hear the official confirmation of his unprecedented talent.

Lady Rosaline regained her composure and cleared her throat.

"Evan Frost, Thirteen Soul Pockets! Unprecedented talent!" Her voice was filled with admiration as she announced Evan's result to the clan.

The onlookers erupted into cheers, clapping their hands and congratulating Evan on his remarkable achievement.

Lady Rosaline stepped forward and placed a hand on Evan's shoulder, her eyes shining with pride.

"It's a blessing to have someone as talented as you in our clan, Your Highness," she said, her voice warm and genuine. "Your potential is limitless. I hope you'll not let it go to waste."

Lady Rosaline was one of the most powerful elders of the frost clan, and now someone as strong and revered as her was being supportive.

Evan felt that he had hit the jackpot.

"Thank you for your kind words, my lady," Evan replied, his voice soft but sincere as he placed a kiss on the back of her hand like a true gentleman. "It means a lot to hear that from someone as respected as you. I'll do my best not to disappoint and make the most of my potential."

Lady Rosaline, known for her unyielding composure, felt her cheeks flush with warmth as the young and talented cultivator placed a gentle kiss on the back of her hand.

It was a rare sight to see the usually poised Lady Rosaline taken aback like this.

The onlookers couldn't help but gasp in awe as they witnessed His Highness's charisma on full display. It was beyond impressive, leaving everyone speechless and in utter amazement. It also made Lady Rosaline, a 30+ years old virgin, feel breathless.

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