Alpha Reborn!

52 Beginning of the Duel of Obedience!

Evan reacted quickly, dodging to the side with a graceful spin. The saber managed to rip open a slash in his imperial attire, but Evan was able to successfully avoid being struck by it by a mere inch.

The gathered onlookers were left breathless as they witnessed the lightning-fast dodge. It was a feat that seemed almost impossible to achieve, and yet their crown prince, who had always been unremarkable, had done so with ease!

Excited whispers spread throughout the crowd as they marveled at the skill and agility on display.

"Did you see that dodge?" they murmured to one another in hushed tones. "The crown prince might have a chance after all!"

"Bullshit! He has no chance at all!" Someone from the Ice Household exclaimed.

Meanwhile, as Jack recovered from his missed attack, Evan seized the opportunity to launch a rapid flurry of sword strikes, each accompanied by a burst of icy wind aimed towards Jack.

Jack was surprised to see the gales of extreme cold, but he reacted quickly, effortlessly parrying each strike with his saber and, at the same time, protecting himself from the damaging icy winds using his soul energy.


The clang of metal against metal rang out through the arena, each strike sending shockwaves through the spectators.

With a smirk, Jack spoke again. "No wonder you so confidently challenged me. You have reached the second level of the Breath of Frost Technique. But if that's all you've got, you're bound to be disappointed today," he declared, cockily twirling his blade.

The onlookers were taken aback. "What? His Highness's mastery of the Breath of Frost Technique has already reached the second level? That takes years to achieve! His Highness is impressive!" they whispered among themselves.

Evan grinned, his eyes flashing with a profound glint. "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet," he replied confidently.

He wasn't at the second level of the Breath of Frost Technique. He was at the third level!!!

"Is his highness boosting, or does he really have a way to defeat Jack," said the 18-year-old Ylva, who was standing beside Annika. Curiosity was written all over his face.

Ylva was a young boy with a delicate countenance and a svelte build, characteristic of those hailing from the House of Harbon Crane. He sported a pair of leather boots and a cloak that fluttered behind him as the wind blew, standing tall at a height of 5'11. As he was a descendant of the House of Harbon Crane, his knowledge was extensive, and he was proficient in negotiation. For the very same reasons, Ylva was well-respected among the younger generation of the clan, and even the elders were excited about his future.

"His highness seems confident. Maybe he has something up his sleeve," Annika chimed in.

Ylva smiled at her teasingly.

"W-what? Why are you looking at me like that?" Annika asked, feeling oversensitive.

Ylva teased, "You haven't even been betrothed to him, yet you are already taking his side."

Annika's face flushed with a rosy hue, a stark contrast to her snow-white tresses that cascaded down her back like a waterfall of silk.

Her piercing blue eyes, normally sharp and focused, now glimmered with a gentle warmth that made her look even more beautiful and alluring. She was usually like an iceberg, cold and distant like an immortal fairy, but now it was as if a burst of life had been breathed into her, transforming her into a radiant and vibrant being that captured the attention of all who laid eyes on her.

"I bet I'm the only one who's immune to your charms. If you give His Highness a glimpse of such a sight, he'll be smitten with you! He might instantly agree to your proposal and make you his Queen." Ylva teased.

Annika's elbow jabbed Ylva's arm at lightning speed, eliciting a surprised yelp from her friend.

"Hey, what gives?" Ylva protested, rubbing his arm.

"Don't joke around about this; what if someone hears us?" Annika said, scanning their surroundings.

Breathing a sigh of relief as she saw no one eavesdropping, Annika added, "Phew, thank goodness. Everyone's too engrossed in the duel between His Highness and Sir Jack."

Ylva chuckled, trying to reassure her friend, "Come on, Annika. Chill out. No one's around. And even if someone did overhear us, it's not like we said anything scandalous."

The clan had been discussing betrothing Annika to Evan for quite some time now, but it had been delayed numerous times due to the meddling of the frost weavers, who were the heads of the minor families.

Annika couldn't understand why they had to interfere with matters of the heart. She despised their interference but kept her disdain to herself as she didn't want to bring trouble to her family.

Despite her cold and haughty demeanor, Annika was a hopeless romantic, eagerly anticipating her marriage to the Crown Prince of Frost. She was told by her mother that she would be marrying Evan Frost when she was thirteen, and ever since, she had grown up believing that she would be his wife. That belief had strengthened in recent years as Evan matured, becoming a man from a boy. As she already had a man in her heart, she had never responded positively to anyone who expressed interest in her.

She had caught the attention of many with her alluring beauty. Not to mention, her reserved demeanor only added to her mystique. Many longed to be the ones to unlock the secrets of her untouched body, but they had all been shot down by her icy glare.

Despite the countless advances from suitors vying for her affection, she remained steadfast in her commitment to saving herself for the one she would marry. And she wanted it to be Evan as he had captured her heart when he saved her from a dog several years ago, igniting a fire within her that she had never known before.

The icing on the cake for Evan was the fact that she had reserved her chastity like a traditional woman, saving her first time for him. In a world where sexual exploration often began at a young age, finding someone like her was as rare as stumbling upon a phoenix's feather.

Of course, they had to get married first before anything adulterous could take place between them.

If word got out that the clan's prized flower only had eyes for Evan, they would be consumed with envy.

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