Evan simply smirked and literally made no effort to dodge Jack's attack.

"Hold your hand!"

Just as it looked like he would be struck, a stunningly beautiful woman appeared between them in a flash and grabbed Jack's saber using just her hand.

Her hand, radiating a holy glow, was milky white, the joints and bones distinct under the jade-like skin, clear from any blemishes. Her fingers were long and slender, graceful in their elongated beauty.

"Elder sister Annika? Why are you protecting him?" Jack asked, astonished by her sudden appearance and her striking beauty.

Annika had snow-white hair that cascaded down her back in gentle waves and eyes as blue as the sky on a clear day. Her features were delicate, yet there was an unbreakable strength emanating from her that demanded respect and reverence. She was from the Frost Blood Household and the first daughter of Lord Frost Blood. Because of her temperament, powerful soul plate, and seductive beauty, she was the crush of many youths, but she had remained pure and single although she was 20 years old.

"I am not defending anyone. I am just doing the right thing." Annika stated firmly, her tone commanding attention. "This is a sacred space for all the cultivators of the Frost Clan, and we expect all who enter to act with respect and discipline. You might be the FirstBorn of the Ice Household, but that doesn't mean you can act wildly here like a baboon. If you seek a place to engage in combat, the arena is just a stone's throw away."

Jack let out an irritated click of his tongue, clearly annoyed by Annika's sarcastic reprimand.

Evan, on the other hand, took the chance to pour salt on his enemy's wound.

"How illiterate and savage must you be to not know of the clan's rules and assume that we're so uncivilized as to engage in a brawl anywhere like savages? Your behavior begs the question: were you raised in the slums?" Evan said to Jack calmly, each of his words dripping with utmost disdain.

Evan's words were like a slap in the face to Jack, who seethed with anger at the insult. He could feel the anger bubbling within him, and he could also feel his blood boiling with hatred.

He thought: My behavior suggests that I am plucked from the gutters of society? This bastard! How dare he say such a thing?!! I will wipe that smugness off his face!!!

Jack glared at Evan and exclaimed, "You got lucky just now, but nothing is going to save you from my wrath once the duel starts!"

"Keep that advice to yourself. But even if you do, don't expect it to come in handy since you have shit for brains." Evan retorted.

The funny thing was Evan wasn't being fierce. He was speaking calmly as if he was an elderly teacher handling his naughty student!

Jack's face turned as red as a bum that had been smacked silly as he heard Evan's words. He felt as if he had been slapped on both of his cheeks.

As the onlookers heard what was, a collective gasp escaped their lips. Their eyes widened in shock and disbelief at the brazen violation that had taken place before their very eyes.

The onlookers gasped, "Man, that's a violation. Personally, I wouldn't stand for it if it were happening to me."

In essence, Evan was telling Jack that his opinions were not valued and that he was not worthy of any respect or consideration, at least not until he developed a basic form of intelligence.

Frustrated, Jack leaped onto the nearby arena, eager to prove his worth in a proper battle and put Evan in his place.

Meanwhile, Evan made his way towards the arena with calm and steady steps, walking at his own pace.

Jack felt deeply insulted by his actions.

Even he realized it, so how could the onlookers not tell that he was violated again?!

Jack shouted, "Hurry up!"

But Evan continued at his own pace, which frustrated Jack to no end

A few moments later, the air was electric with tension as the two soul cultivators stood facing each other in the arena.

Evan exuded confidence as he held his magic sword with a steady grip, his eyes fixed on his opponent, while Jack wore a cocky grin as he twirled the saber in his hand, radiating an aura of arrogance.

The audience was on the edge of their seats, watching with bated breath as the two soul cultivators sized each other up.

A gust of wind blew, and they suddenly moved.


The silence was broken by a resounding echo as Evan's sword clashed with Jack's saber in a shower of sparks, each showing no signs of backing down.

Jack shifted his weight onto his sword. The resistance from the enemy became two times stronger, but Evan remained unmoved for a moment.

Evan thought: This confirms it. I am physically stronger than Jack. I can follow his example to retaliate and shove him back, but that won't be as advantageous to me as putting up a momentary act of weakness to make him drop his guard, allowing me to finish him in one go.

As their weapon remained connected in a stalemate, Evan made a decision in a split second, taking several steps back in quick succession, which resulted in his weapon becoming disconnected from Jack's and a gap.

To the onlookers who were deeply observing the frontal clash, it appeared as though Evan had lost the battle. However, Evan had actually made a strategic retreat in order to create space and lure Jack into a trap.

Jack, thinking that he had gained the upper hand, sneered in contempt at Evan's apparent defeat, not realizing that Evan had made a calculated move to gain an advantage in the fight.

"I hope you're ready to lose. My saber is sharper than any sword," Jack taunted as he suddenly lunged forward, instantly covering the distance between them, his saber glinting in the moonlight as it sliced through the air and moved towards Evan.

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