58 Doubting the World

The handsome man with a tiger tail showed a complicated but gloomy expression. It made Fang Jinyu subconsciously move two steps away and hid behind Qing Fu.

As the saying goes, an army can be trained for a thousand days just to be used anytime.

At this moment, Fang Jinyu thought it was better to let Qing Fu solve the situation!

Since he was just a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, he could only wave flags and cheer for them.

The situation was the same logic as dog owners raising dogs. When they were in danger, they hoped that their dogs, who were usually well-fed and served, would bravely pounce on the criminals.

However, Fang Jinyu noticed that Qing Fu had also taken two steps back, and then quickly hid behind him. She only revealed half of her face from the side of his legs.

The situation made Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but curse in his heart, “Shit!”

“You’re even less reliable than a Border Collie!”

Fortunately, the handsome man with a tiger tail didn’t intend to attack them. They only heard him say, “Help me tell Su Yier that Qin Haoyue’s incident has nothing to do with me. If I were the one who did it, Ling Xiaojiu would be the first to be in trouble! I, the Lich King, am not such a weak person.”

After the Lich King finished his words, he became a stream of light and disappeared without a trace.

Fang Jinyu’s eyes widened in shock.

The Lich King could switch between his virtual and physical form, appearing and dispersing at will!

It showed that the Lich King wasn’t a Core Formation stage cultivator, but a Nascent Soul stage cultivator!

Fang Jinyu thought, “No wonder this fellow can secretly enter the Tianling Sect.” The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster of the Tianling Sect was already at the late-stage Nascent Soul many years ago and was known as one of the strongest cultivators in the Nine Desolations. However, the other Nascent Soul stage cultivator could still be unexplored if he deliberately hid his strength.

The difference in strength between Nascent Soul stage cultivators in different ranks was huge. The difference between each rank of cultivation base was like the difference between heaven and earth.

However, it was extremely difficult for a Nascent Soul stage cultivator to kill another.

If an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator wanted to escape, then a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator wouldn’t be able to completely stop him even if he used all his might.

At most, he could only hurt him.

It was also the same case for the Lich King, who was able to kill cultivators who ranked 1 or 2 in the Nascent Soul stage, which was beyond his cultivation base.

However, there was no need to care about it.

It was because the Lich King was different from the book’s description, he wasn’t a Core Formation stage cultivator. Furthermore, from what he had said, it seemed like he had known Su Yier for a long time. They seemed to have known each other much earlier than the time described in the book!

“Did I really transmigrate to a novel?”

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but have the thought. Then, he realized that someone was looking at him.

Fang Jinyu looked over and wasn’t surprised to see the little girl.

For a moment, their eyes met.

They stared at each other.

After a while, seeing that Qing Fu didn’t show any signs of awkwardness, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but sigh at her being thick-skinned. At the same time, he asked, “The wedding banquet on Mount Lingjian was canceled because you helped Su Yier escape?”

“I brought Su Yier to leave fair and squarely.” Qing Fu’s tiny brows furrowed as she corrected Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu rolled his eyes at her and thought, “What’s the difference?”

Fang Jinyu didn’t ask Qing Fu about how she brought Su Yier out. After all, according to Ling Xiaojiu and the Lich King’s reaction, Qing Fu didn’t bring Su Yier out in a proper way. Fang Jinyu only asked, “Why did you help her?”

“She always comes to disturb me while I count the stars. She’s so noisy and annoying!” Qing Fu said it while showing a dissatisfied expression.

Fang Jinyu was speechless.

What an incomprehensible reason.

Fang Jinyu continued and asked, “Where did she go after she left the Tianling Sect?”

“She told me she wants to visit the Qin family first, but I don’t know which Qin family she mentioned. She just said it randomly, so I didn’t listen to her carefully.”

After Qing Fu finished her words, a stream of light suddenly appeared not far away and then disappeared in an instant.

Meanwhile, a powerful aura descended as if it could suppress the heavens.

“Fellow Daoist from the City of Liches, why didn’t you visit me to have a cup of tea since you’ve come to the Tianling Sect?”

The Lich King immediately said, “Please forgive me…” He abruptly stopped talking, and it went silent. However, the aura of the Tianling Sect’s Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster dissipated after that. Their divine senses had reached an agreement or finished communicating.

Fang Jinyu’s eyes widened slightly. He didn’t expect the Lich King to still be nearby. He only pretended to leave just now, and he really left as soon as he found out about Su Yier’s whereabouts. However, Fang Jinyu was more surprised that the Tianling Sect’s Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster was familiar with the Lich King.

Fang Jinyu then turned to look at the little girl.

However, Fang Jinyu saw her excited little face.

Qing Fu said in a low voice, “See, I didn’t lie to you, right? Even a Nascent Soul stage cultivator won’t be able to discover it!”

Fang Jinyu understood what she meant. She was talking about the “mystery realm!”

Thus, Fang Jinyu nodded.

If the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster found out a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator like Fang Jinyu had a portable space, he would question him even if he didn’t care about the matter. He wouldn’t completely ignore him like he was doing now.

In this case, his plan was feasible!

Fang Jinyu planned to continue to gain Qing Fu’s favor! After all, she had provided an extraordinary secret technique that even a Nascent Soul stage cultivator couldn’t sense. It was a peerless technique!

It was just… Fang Jinyu had only just realized Qing Fu wasn’t a kind person.

Afterward, the two of them, who had nothing to say, looked at each other again, then turned around and left.

Meanwhile, the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster was frowning slightly on Mount Guiwang.

“I don’t know when, but there are a few more powerful lucks in the Tianling Sect. Although three of them have traces of the other world, the other two are spontaneous.”

When cultivators reached his stage, luck was no longer so mysterious and invisible. Although the Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster couldn’t see it clearly, he could still sense it with the sudden inspiration of his cultivation base.

He could sense that there were five powerful streaks of luck in the Tianling Sect!

However, he needed to find out who the owner of the luck was.

“Wait. The most obvious trace of luck from another world isn’t in the Tianling Sect anymore…” The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster slightly changed his expression, and he was about to summon the sect’s Core Formation stage cultivators.

It was the best opportunity to find the owner of the trace of luck from another world!

However, the moment he took out the Summoning Talisman, he used his fingers like a sword and wiped it out.

“I can’t ask the Core Formation stage cultivators to solve the matter…”

Despite his best efforts to keep things in balance, the noble cultivation families had far too many advantages. In addition, the relationship between the families in the sect was complicated. Hence, if he asked Core Formation stage cultivators to solve the matter, they would definitely alert their enemies!

“How about Foundation Establishment stage cultivators…”

The Nascent Soul stage Grandmaster thought of different names and quickly locked onto two people.

He raised his hand, and two Summoning Talismans appeared.

Afterward, they were sent.

A moment later, Fang Jinyu, who had just returned to Mount Xiaohe, saw a talisman flying towards him.


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