Chapter 33: An Honest Man in Action

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“The Kui cattle? Isn’t it the authentic spirit bloodline flowing in the bodies of the two unlucky girls?” Fang Jinyu was shocked at first, but then he quickly took out the Discipline Pearl.

Inner energy appeared on Fang Jinyu’s fingertips, and with a light swipe, the scene recorded before disappeared.

Fang Jinyu accidentally obtained control over the Discipline Pearl on a certain day. He could delete everything inside it perfectly, and not even a bit of inner energy would be left behind.

As soon as Fang Jinyu closed the Discipline Pearl, a blue-white arc of light surged out of his body.

The lightning flickered and could even burn one’s eyes.

It made Fang Jinyu subconsciously use his inner energy. As the inner energy within his body surged, the power of lightning that was already intertwined within it exploded.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The entire alchemy room seemed to have been plowed instantly, and there were burn marks everywhere.


It sounded like a cattle’s roar and a tiger’s roar. It seemed to erupt from the deep sea, and the Kui cattle’s roar completely awakened Fang Jinyu’s authentic spirit bloodline!


A bolt of lightning that looked like a lightning tribulation appeared in the alchemy room.


Fang Jinyu suddenly glanced in the direction of the alchemy furnace, and he immediately turned into a shadow and ran out of the alchemy room. As soon as Fang Jinyu stepped out, the alchemy room behind him collapsed.

The violent shaking spread throughout the entire peak of Mount Lingyao named “Li”.

An hour later, Fang Jinyu was forced to leave the peak of Mount Lingyao named “Li” with a huge debt.

The explosion of the spiritual alchemy furnace affected the alchemy rooms around it. Although there were no casualties, Fang Jinyu had to compensate 100000 spirit stones.

Thanks to Fang Jinyu’s talent in alchemy, he only needed to send the required spirit stones to Mount Lingyao within ten years. It was fine for him to owe it to Mount Lingyao for now.

“Isn’t a spiritual alchemy furnace too expensive? A mere low-tier spiritual alchemy furnace can be exchanged for half of a Foundation Establishment Elixir….”

Fang Jinyu pondered whether he should continue to be a part-time alchemist.

Among the hundred cultivation arts, alchemy, weapon refinement, and formation techniques were strong candidates for the champion on the list. Of course, the most profitable business was alchemy.

“Martial Uncle Fang, the Foundation Establishment Elixir costs 40000 spirit stones now. The price of the low-tier spiritual alchemy furnace hasn’t increased yet. In fact, due to the recent addition of the core spirit ore mine that produced the ore required to make the alchemy furnace, the current price has dropped by 500 spirit stones.” At this moment, a man’s voice came from a few steps away.

As the man said it, he sighed.

Fang Jinyu had sensed someone approaching long ago, but he didn’t care. After all, he was at the foot of Mount Lingyao, and disciples often visited here. When he heard the voice, memories related to the person subconsciously appeared in his mind.

It turned out to be a friend of the former Fang Jinyu.

Fang Jinyu looked over, cupped his fists, and said, “Junior Brother Xu, we’re friends. Why do you have to call me Martial Uncle? Of course, I won’t mind if you insist on calling me that.”

The newcomer was a young man named Xu Jing, who was quite famous among the Qi Condensation stage disciples. He was quite talented in cultivation. Although he didn’t have a Tianling spiritual root, he had double-elemental spiritual roots. However, he was too obsessed with array formations, which delayed his cultivation.

However, Xu Jing didn’t waste his time either, as his attainments in array formations had long been known throughout the Tianling Sect. Usually, the Tianling Sect disciples would come to Xu Jing to ask him for help setting up the spirit gathering formation.

In addition to Xu Jing’s handsome appearance, many female Foundation Establishment stage cultivators took a liking to him.

“Senior Brother Fang!” Xu Jing also laughed, but it was obvious that he was relieved.

After all, it was difficult for a friendship between Qi Condensation stage cultivators to last until the Foundation Establishment stage unless they had broken through to it together. In the cultivation world, it was not unusual for good friends of several decades to stop contacting each other after one party broke through to the Foundation Establishment stage. It was common.

The saying goes, “Don’t forget your friends when you’re rich.” However, in reality, friends would only go through bad situations together.

“Did Junior Brother Xu encounter any trouble?” Fang Jinyu asked. Xu Jing was on good terms with the former Fang Jinyu. One was a passable bystander with mediocre skill, while the other was a master of array formations and well-known among the Qi Condensation stage disciples. They were opposites and shouldn’t have had anything in common. However, the former Fang Jinyu was kind and valued promises, so Xu Jing put down his status and took the initiative to befriend him.

After all, it would only be good for Xu Jing to have an honest and trustworthy friend.

Fang Jinyu was well aware of it, but he didn’t mind.

It was because the nature of friends was to use each other.

“It’s all because of the Foundation Establishment Elixir.…” Xu Jing stated with a bitter smile. He had been obsessed with array formations and used most of his spirit stones to study them. Otherwise, he would have broken through the Foundation Establishment stage with his dual-element spiritual roots.

To have more energy to study array formations, Xu Jing cultivated techniques that didn’t have strong combat power but had few bottlenecks and increased his inner energy at an extremely fast rate.

Such a low-tier technique was also the first choice for people like Xu Jing.

However, even such a low-tier technique requires time and effort to cultivate. As for Xu Jing, he had only recently broken through to rank 9 in the Qi Condensation stage because he had been too distracted by studying array formations.

At this point, Xu Jing could start preparing to break through the Foundation Establishment stage.

Originally, Xu Jing had prepared 30.000 spirit stones. However, when he wanted to go to Yuan City to buy it, he found that the price of the Foundation Establishment Elixir had soared to 40000 spirit stones, which he could get as a disciple of the Tianling Sect.

He would have had to pay another 5000 spirit stones if not for that.

“Can’t you exchange it for merit points?” After Fang Jinyu finished speaking, he realized he was in good condition and couldn’t understand people in bad condition.

It was easy for Fang Jinyu to exchange for merit points, but it was extremely difficult for a Qi Condensation stage cultivator to do it unless he became an alchemist.

However, Xu Jing’s reply surprised Fang Jinyu.

“Senior Brother Fang, you may not know it, but even though the Grandmaster pities us for our hard cultivation, countermeasures can still be taken!” Xu Jing sighed again and said, “As soon as the Grandmaster gave the decree, the families in the sect exchanged for all the Foundation Establishment Elixirs. Even if the Grandmaster sets a limit in advance so that they can’t exchange for all of them, the remaining 30 Foundation Establishment Elixirs’ owners have already been selected internally. We’ll directly offend those noble cultivation families if we want to exchange for it.”

“They are going too far!” Fang Jinyu could not help but frown. He knew that the cultivation families had a monopoly on cultivation resources, but he didn’t expect them to be so greedy.

“It’s all because of the price increase in Foundation Establishment Elixirs this year. It’s still fine here because we have enough Foundation Establishment Elixirs in our sect and because the prices in the nearby markets haven’t increased much. I heard from my senior sisters that the price of Foundation Establishment Elixirs in some immortal cities has skyrocketed to 70000 spirit stones, and the increase is continuing.” Xu Jing shook his head.

Hearing it, Fang Jinyu pondered for a moment, then said, “Junior Brother Xu, I have some Foundation Establishment Elixirs with me. If you help me with something, I’ll give you one as a repayment.”

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