Alpha Reborn!

85 85: The second trial-Hell Forest!


Keldor lifted the rough horn to his lips, feeling the instrument's coarse texture brush against his skin. He inhaled deeply, then blew into it with all his might, unleashing a thunderous blast that resounded across the field and reverberated into the distance.

The first trial of fire had ended, and the inheritance war had claimed its first casualties.

Out of the 3,000 ambitious participants who had entered the inheritance war, only 800 had emerged victorious, their strength and cunning allowing them to overcome the merciless trial set up by Keldor.

The rest of the participants weren't so fortunate.

Of the remaining 2,200 entrants, 1,900 lay writhing on the ground in agony, their bodies twisted and mangled by the brutal nature of the contest. They were still alive, but barely, their chances of continuing in the war now entirely diminished.

The remaining 300 participants had met a much grimmer fate.

They had succumbed to the deadly challenges of the trial, their lifeless forms scattered across the training ground like discarded puppets, their dreams of power and glory forever extinguished.

The gruesome sight was a brutal reminder of the inheritance war's savagery, where only the strongest could survive, and the weak were ruthlessly eliminated.

Evan surveyed the aftermath of the unforgiving contest, his gaze sweeping across the field of carnage.


He let out a heavy sigh, unsure if he should pity the fallen or curse them for their foolishness. After all, these entrants had willingly accepted the risks and consequences of their actions when they signed up for the inheritance war.

The Imperial Frost Clan had made it clear that they wouldn't be responsible for any fatalities during the trials of fire before the start of the inheritance war. While knowing the risks involved, they had signed up for this brutal war, putting everything on the line for power and glory, and now they had paid the ultimate price for their ambition.

'They don't deserve my pity, but what about their families?'

Evan couldn't help but feel a pang of sorrow, knowing that the families and loved ones of the fallen heirs would bear the weight of their choices. However, he quickly banished the emotion, understanding that sentimentality had no place in the merciless world of power struggles and clan politics.

"It's not the time to be sentimental. In this war, it's either kill or be killed,"

Keldor, who was facing away from him and relishing in the aftermath of the trial, didn't notice the shift in Evan's demeanor, but as he heard the prince's sigh, he couldn't help but speak his mind.

"Don't waste your pity on them, Your Highness. They knew the stakes when they signed up for the inheritance war as the Imperial Frost Clan made it clear that casualties were inevitable. It's survival of the fittest, and these overconfident buffoons were simply not up to the task," Keldor's voice dripped with cold ruthlessness.

"Have some respect for the dead," Evan said, regarding Keldor with a frost gaze.

"Yes, Your Highness." Keldor said, hiding his true thoughts.

Evan then turned his attention to the crowd of remaining contenders.

"You have seen it for yourself. Compassion has no place in this war. We're battling for power and dominance, and those who can't handle the pressure will perish. If you want to leave with your live intact, now's the best chance," Evan warned, his tone matter-of-fact.

This was the final opportunity for mercy he would offer. From here on, he will be speaking with his sword. It would be their blood staining his blade!

Hundreds of people could feel the weight of his words bearing down on them.

One of them, a young man with sweat beading on his forehead, stepped forward and spoke up.

"I...I didn't expect it to be so cruel," he stammered. "I didn't want to test my luck and die young. I don't... I don't want to continue."

Another participant, a woman with tears streaming down her face, added, "I didn't expect it either. I don't want my family to mourn my death. I want to withdraw from the inheritance war."

Several others murmured in agreement, their faces etched with fear and uncertainty.

Keldor's once-smiling expression began to crumble as he listened to the desperate pleas of the entrants. As a respected member of the elder council, he belonged to a powerful force that was entirely devoted to the betterment of the clan, owing allegiance to neither the main nor minor families. Every action he took was meticulously planned and executed with the sole purpose of advancing the clan's interests.

Keldor had seen the inheritance war as an opportunity to rid the clan of its dead weight, freeing up resources for the gifted young masters who held the clan's future in their hands. However, Evan's interference had thrown a wrench in his plans, making it impossible for him to achieve his goal.

Keldor couldn't turn a blind eye to their decision to withdraw; it was too significant to ignore.

"Very well," Keldor said, his voice cold and measured. "Those who wish to withdraw may do so. But know this - once you leave, there is no turning back. You will forfeit any chance at the inheritance and the power it brings."

The 800 participants looked at each other nervously, weighing their options.

Some chose to stay, steeling themselves for the next trial.

Others turned and walked away, their dreams shattered. Still, they kept their lives intact, which was a win-win situation for them.

Keldor looked at the departing participants with disdain, his disappointment evident in his expression. Ah, how much he wanted them dead!

"Weaklings. You were never fit to inherit the wealth and authority of our clan."

Keldor's words stung them in the place where it hurt the most, causing them to flinch. They knew deep down that he was right. They were a group of cowards who couldn't withstand the brutal tests and fight to elevate their positions in the clan's hierarchy.

Evan, however, had a different perspective than them and Keldor.

"Don't listen to the bullshit of a sadistic psychopath. You've made the right decision. You didn't let greed cloud your judgment. Choosing to step back from the war and live to see a thousand sunrises is a wise choice. It's better than what most of your peers would do," he exclaimed.

Hearing Evan's words, they felt their spirits lift, feeling better and more hopeful about their decision.

A teenager turned around and bowed to him, "I would gladly serve a man of your caliber without hesitation."

The others, shaken to their core by Evan's words, also paid their respects to him.

"I hope you emerge victorious in the inheritance war, Your Highness!" they said to him in unison.

With just words alone, Evan had lessened competition for himself.

It was admirable!

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