Alpha Reborn!

83 83: Beginning of the Inheritance War

Magnus held Evan's body firmly as they soared through the air. His heart was racing with fear as he focused all his energy on getting his son the help he needed. It had been years since he had felt this anxious.

As they approached the private hospital of the clan, a high-tech facility nestled high in the clouds, Magnus hastened his steps. Upon arrival, he cradled Evan's motionless body with a mix of fear and urgency, before rushing towards the advanced droids and sleek healing pods that lined the corridors.

The hospital's sophisticated technology, operated by a team of highly specialized droids, had the capability to swiftly diagnose and treat the most severe injuries, regardless of whether the patient was a cultivator or a mortal.

Silently praying that the advanced technology of the healing pod would be enough to save his beloved youngest son, Magnus placed him into the sleek, metallic pod. The pod immediately came to life, glowing with blue lights that cast an otherworldly glow across Evan's still form.

As soon as Evan was placed into the pod, a notification appeared on the screen panel attached to it: "HEALING PROCESS INITIATED." The pod began to hum softly as it scanned Evan's body, identifying the extent of his injuries.

Seeing the notification, Magnus knew that the process to heal his son had begun. He waited anxiously for the results.

After a few moments, another notification appeared on the screen panel: "PRINCE EVAN HAS STARTED TO HEAL. ESTIMATED TIME TO FULL RECOVERY: 30 MINUTES."

Magnus breathed a sigh of relief but felt as though the next 30 minutes would be an eternity. He knelt by his son's side, praying to the Moon Goddess for Evan's recovery while watching as the healing pod worked its magic.

Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, the notification "HEALING PROCESS COMPLETE" appeared on the screen panel of the pod.

Magnus was grateful for the advanced technology and the Moon Goddess's blessing that made it possible to heal injuries like Evan's so quickly.

Evan stirred slowly, regaining consciousness. He looked up at his father, who was watching him with a mix of concern and relief.

"Thanks, father," Evan managed to say, his voice barely above a whisper.

Magnus smiled back at his son, relieved that he was alright. However, his relief was short-lived as he became angry.

He couldn't believe that Evan had been so reckless with his cultivation, risking his life to achieve a minor breakthrough.

Magnus scolded his son harshly, causing Evan to wince as his father directed his ire towards him. He had never been scolded so harshly by his father before, and thus, he not only felt wronged but also felt a deep sense of shame wash over him.

"I'm sorry, father," Evan said quietly. "I shouldn't have been so reckless."

"It's good that you know you're wrong. Promise me that you will never do it again," Magnus said sternly.

Evan was reluctant, but he eventually agreed. "I promise."

After Magnus went away, Evan pulled out the low-level skill card.

[The low-level skill card has been activated!]

[Which low-level skill would you like to learn?"

"Soul Refining," Evan said.

[Congratulations Player Evan on learning the auxiliary-type skill, "Soul-refining"]

With this skill, he could refine soul energy crystals with incredible speed and transfer their energy into his own being. It was a game-changing skill for him as he had been struggling to balance the costs of his other abilities, all of which required a substantial amount of soul energy.

He then flew to the Umbra Bank on his hover board to withdraw a thousand high-level soul energy crystals and stored them in his inventory.

With his new skill and ample supply of energy, he felt ready for the inheritance war.


Suddenly, a piercing ring sliced through the stillness, startling Evan out of his reverie. The sound reverberated in the air, mimicking the urgency of the message that flashed on his communicator's screen.

He swiftly reached for his communicator, fingers fumbling until he finally retrieved the device from his pocket.

With bated breath, he read the official message that had just come in from his clan, and his heart skipped a beat.

It was crystal clear - he had to rush to the entrance of the first training ground of the Imperial Frost Clan, pronto. The inheritance war was about to commence, and his presence was imperative.

In a flash, he leaped onto his trusty hover board, a device with an energy signature that could fly, and wasted no time in racing towards his destination. The wind whipped past his face as he darted through the air, the hum of the board's engine the only sound he could hear. Eventually, he arrived at his destination, only to be greeted by a bustling horde of people.

A cynical smirk twisted his lips as he surveyed the scene. It appeared that his standing within the clan was highly coveted, enough for individuals to forsake their kin and jeopardize their own safety to seize it.

"They'll do anything for a slice of the pie," Evan muttered with a hint of annoyance, a sharp tsk! resonating through the air as he clicked his tongue in exasperation.


A sudden gust of wind blew through the training ground, sending dirt and debris scattering in all directions.

The crowd shielded their eyes.

Evan tried to make out the source of the disturbance, and he saw a figure appearing from the sky, descending gracefully to the ground. It was a man with striking blue hair and eyes that matched the hue of his locks. His face was oval-shaped, giving him an air of refinement and sophistication.

"Welcome to the inheritance wars, young master. I am Keldor J. Lionheart, the host who will be guiding you through the first few trials. It is my pleasure to explain the rules to everyone," said the handsome man.

"A cultivator who can fly?" murmured someone in the crowd. "He must be in the Soul Embodiment stage."

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