Alpha Reborn!

73 The cheat character is born!

´╗┐Garrick's mouth floundered, his words catching in his throat as he attempted to beg for mercy. The weight of his father's words was like a boulder pressing on him, crushing him under its weight. He had thought that he could rely on his father's connection to stay on the capital planet, but the cruel reality was that his father was not going to grant him that luxury.

His father's cold eyes bored into him, and Garrick felt like he was drowning in their icy depths.


The plea that Garrick tried to utter was cut short.

"Don't even bother. Your feeble excuses get you nowhere," Elder Darian interjected, his voice booming with finality.

Garrick felt like he was being sentenced to a lifetime of misery as he heard what was said. He knew how stern his father was. If he didn't follow his command, he would be humiliated in public.

Thus, he left the frozen lake behind, his heart sinking deeper into an ocean of despair with each step he took.

Planet Crystalline was his home, his sanctuary. He had grown up there, and it was the only place he had ever known, but now he was being forced to leave it all because of the foolish rules established by the Dark Tower and accepted by the Seven Imperial Clans.

As he trudged back to his quarters, a deluge of memories flooded his mind, each one a poignant reminder of what he was leaving behind.

The brothels that he had frequented, the courtesan who had pampered him daily, the frenzied nightlife of the capital cities where he could unleash his sadistic and primal urges yet escape unscathed, and the bustling slave markets with their exotic wares - all of it would soon be beyond his grasp.

The notion of forsaking them all forever was akin to a blade piercing his heart. The agony was almost unbearable, and tears cascaded down his cheeks as he ruminated on the life he was being forced to abandon.

Garrick thought: Additionally, how the fuck am I supposed to survive on a foreign planet with customs and people that I'm a complete stranger to?

The uncertainty was overwhelming, and he felt like he was drowning in a sea of apprehensions and qualms. The weight of his father's disapproval and the reality of his impending exile made him feel like he was suffocating, unable to breathe or think clearly.

Garrick wasn't the only one who had fallen short of awakening his soul plate.

A legion of others had met the same unfortunate fate, but unlike Garrick, they didn't put on a show of misery. They accepted their defeat with stoic grace and shuffled out of the shrine, their faces crumpled in silent sorrow.

Conversely, there were those who emerged from the shrine with glowing grins and an air of triumph. They had successfully awakened their soul plates, and it showed in the radiance of their expression.

The parents of the successful soul plate awakeners were over the moon, bursting with pride and joy at their offspring's achievement. Meanwhile, the parents of those who had failed to awaken their soul plates couldn't hide their disappointment, their moods as heavy as the thick fog that enveloped the frozen lake.

The atmosphere was both positively and negatively charged, emotions running high as excitement and elation mingled with sorrow and regret.


Suddenly, a deafening boom ripped through the air, emanating from deep within the shrine, making everyone jump.

All eyes turned to the shrine, trying to discern what could have caused such a sound.

It was caused by Mathew, who was standing tall and proud and holding a soul plate in his hands that was shining with a breathtaking purplish hue.

It was a sight to behold, a special-type soul plate with eleven skill slots, ten of which were sealed tight, while the remaining one glittered with a black crystal.

Lady Rosaline, the High Priestess of the shrine, couldn't contain her delight at this wondrous sight.

She beamed at Mathew, "Well done, Mathew! You've awakened a special-type soul plate with an inborn skill crystal. Do you have any idea what marvels they can bestow upon you?"

Mathew locked eyes with Lady Rosaline, a look of unflinching confidence etched on his face.

"Indeed, Lady Rosaline, I am intimately familiar with the capabilities of my soul plate and my soul crystal. It's as if they have always been a part of me," he replied in a voice oozing with confidence. "The special-type soul plate I have awakened is called the Realm Maker. It is a rare and powerful soul plate that enables me to set up a spiritual boundary in the material world. Once established, I can imbue the effects of my skill crystals into this boundary, amplifying their power to unprecedented levels. And my inborn skill crystal is called Ability Negation skill crystal. When activated, it allows me to negate any soul skill used against me by an opponent."

A grin spread across Mathew's face as he continued, "With the combined power of my special-type soul plate and Ability Negation skill crystal, I can create a spiritual field where abilities that I don't want to work wouldn't work! This means that I can render my opponents' most powerful skills useless, giving me an unprecedented advantage in battle."

The onlookers were left stunned into silence by Mathew's words, their mouths agape in awe and disbelief. Even Lady Rosaline, who had seen her fair share of soul plates and skill crystals, looked genuinely impressed.

"Mathew, it appears that the Moon Goddess has favored you with her blessings," Lady Rosaline said, her eyes shining with interest and complicated emotions as she spoke.

It was a well-known fact that Mathew was the adopted son of Lord Nicholas. The news had even reached the ears of the High Priestess, despite her usual disinterest in the affairs of the secular world.

As Mathew was not related to the main family line, he did not possess the Blood of Frost.

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