Alpha Reborn!

64 Training Part 2

Evan stopped shadowboxing as he had learned the Reverse Flow Skill.

Now, it was time to take the second step in learning the elusive Phantom Shadow technique.

He closed his eyes and pictured himself becoming more agile and nimble, his ice-type soul energy creeping out of his soul pockets and flowing smoothly from his head down to his toes. Once he felt the energy circulating throughout his body, he took a step forward with his right foot and shifted his weight onto it.

Suddenly, his soul energy burst out from his right leg with incredible force.


The surge of energy propelled him forward at a ridiculous speed, and he found himself hurtling through the air with no control over his movements.


Before he knew it, he had covered a considerable distance and crashed through a nearby pine tree like it was nothing. The impact left a human-shaped hole in its wake, and Evan found himself sprawled on the ground, upside down.

"Ha ha ha!"

Seraphine's hands stilled, and a fit of uncontrollable laughter overtook her as she witnessed the scene unfold. She knew it was wrong, and she knew it would undoubtedly get her in trouble, but she simply couldn't help herself but laugh at the sight of Evan sprawled on the ground.

"Oh my goodness, Your Highness! That was quite an impressive display of soul energy! But I must say, your landing could use some work. It's a good thing you have me here to patch you up if you hurt yourself too badly." Seraphine cackled, struggling to compose herself between bouts of giggles.

As Evan watched Seraphine's reaction from his odd position, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of annoyance. His negative emotions surged within him as a delicate leaf fluttered down from the tree above and landed softly on his lips. He felt as if even mother nature was mocking him. He instinctively blew the leaf away and sprang back to his feet, glaring at Seraphine.

"You think this is funny, Havelock? But guess what. I don't need your ridicule; I only need your support. So if you can't do that right, then maybe it's time to find a new master to serve," Evan said threateningly.

Seraphine closed her mouth, her expression contrite as she apologized profusely.

Evan couldn't help but feel a small sense of satisfaction at having made his point, but he also knew that he needed to maintain a positive relationship with the cross-dresser if he wanted to continue getting her help with ease. So, he took a deep breath, and his features softened as he said, "It's alright, Havelock. Just try to be more mindful in the future, okay?"

"Of course, master. I am truly sorry for my behavior. And I will do my best to support you in every way I can," Seraphine said humbly.

"Continue playing," Evan commanded, and Seraphine resumed working her magic to make training easier for him.

After a short while, Evan got the hang of it too.

[Ding! Congratulation, Player Evan. You have learned the Quickstep Skills!]

[Reverse Flow: A skill that allows the Player to cover a short distance in an instant.]

[You have comprehended 99.99% of the entry-level of the Phantom Shadow Step!]

Evan grinned to himself, knowing he was one step closer to mastering the Phantom Shadow technique.

Evan had reached the final step of his training: the use of Quickstep and Reverse Flow in unison. This was no easy feat for a regular cultivator, as it could take them weeks or even months to master the two skills and incorporate them seamlessly into their movements.

But Evan was no ordinary cultivator; he was a player!

With a single thought, Evan activated both skills simultaneously and succeeded on his very first attempt!

It was a skill that would have taken others a considerable amount of time to master, but for Evan, it was effortless.

He suddenly felt a peculiar sensation wash over him. The sound of a notification filled his ears, and he knew something extraordinary had happened.

[Ding! Congratulations, Player Evan. You have learned Retro-Stride!]

[Retro-Stride: A movement skill that involves reversing one's momentum and striding in the opposite direction, evading opponents and catching them off-guard.]

[You have comprehended 100% of the entry-level of the Phantom Shadow Step!]

[The cost to master the Phantom Shadow Step has been reduced to 3 skill points from 4!]

Evan couldn't contain his excitement as he grinned from ear to ear.

'With the reduced cost of the Phantom Shadow Step, I can master it with the remaining Sps I have!'

Evan focused on leveling up his Phantom Shadow Step technique, his fingers dancing across the virtual interface with practiced ease, allocating his skill points to enhance his abilities.

With each tap, he could feel the power within him growing stronger.

Notifications popped up in front of him.

[Ding! Three Skill Points have been consumed. Your total sps have dropped to zero.]

[Congratulations, Player Evan! You have reached Full Mastery of the Phantom Shadow Step technique.]

Excitement coursed through him as he read them, fully aware of the potential of this skill.

The Phantom Shadow Step technique allowed him to move with lightning-fast speed, leaving behind icy avatars of himself that would confuse any opponent. But that wasn't all - the skill also gave him the ability to seamlessly vanish into the shadows and emerge from the shadow of any nearby person or object.

It was a game-changer, and Evan knew it.

"The shadows are my allies from here on out!" Evan declared with roaring laughter that sent chills down Seraphine's back.

"Now, I can move undetected in any terrain and strike from unexpected angles, leaving opponents confused and off-balance," he thought, "But that's not all - this skill has so many other uses. I can slip past security, ambush enemies, or make a quick escape. It's the edge I need to ensure my survival against the worst of enemies and achieve my goals in the stickiest situation."

"Its only downfall is its cost. I can't abuse it or I will run out of soul energy in no time," he noted.

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