Alpha Reborn!

55 New enemy

"Do you want me to complain to the punishment hall elders?" Evan said. His taunting words cut through the tense silence between them.

Jack gritted his teeth, the weight of his impending submission heavy on his shoulders.

With a deep breath, he fell to his knees before Evan; his head bowed in humble submission.

"Your Highness, I am truly sorry for my disrespectful behavior towards you and the Patriarch. I was out of line, and I regret my actions deeply. I apologize from the bottom of my heart, and I promise to do better in the future," he said loudly, his voice trembling.

As the words left his lips, Jack felt his pride as a man being crumbled apart into pieces as he apologized in the middle of the crowd.

The crowd watched on in stunned silence as the proudful son of the Ice Household humbled himself before his conqueror.

Evan's expression softened slightly, finally satisfied with Jack's apology. He helped Jack back on his feet and gave him a curt nod.

"Look, Jack, I am not asking for your liking or demanding your acknowledgment," Evan said, his hands firm on Jack's trembling shoulders. "But I do demand one thing - respect towards my father and me. Such disdain towards us, my dear cousin, will not be tolerated. If it happens again, the consequences will be more severe. Do we have an understanding on this matter?" His eyes, like an eagle's, bore into Jack's own.

Jack felt the weight of Evan's words crashing down upon him, making him feel helpless, but more harmful than that was the fear that surged in his heart when he caught sight of the look in Evan's eyes.

Jack could see a ruthlessness towards life in Evan's eyes, and he couldn't help but feel a chill run down his spine. He felt as if he was being looked at by a reaper and that if he dared show any sign of defiance, he would be butchered on the spot.

Jack's back was quickly drenched in cold droplets of sweat as he trembled with fear as he was certain that Evan harbored murderous intent towards himself.

There was murder in His Highness's mind!

Jack's thoughts spiraled into a frenzy. How could such fury be ignited in High Highness's mind by mere words spoken in a moment of carelessness? Wasn't His Highness known for being kind and gentle with nothing but love towards life?!

Although that question bugged him, his mind was clear enough to recognize the severity of the situation - a misstep could really mean the end of his life.

Lowering his head, Jack swallowed hard, his face turning pale with fear. "Yes, Your Highness. I understand. I humbly apologize for my disrespect towards you and your father. I promise it will never happen again. Thank you for sparing me, Your Highness," he said with a deep bow, gratitude evident in his voice.

Evan gave a small nod, satisfied with Jack's response.

"Good. I hope we can put this behind us and move forward," he said gently as he patted Jack's shoulder.

Each time Evan's hand smacked against Jack's shoulder, Jack winced in pain.

Evan turned to the youths of the Ice Household and said, "What are you dilly-dallying for? Tend to his wounds immediately."

The member of the Ice Household snorted in their mind, "You were the one keeping him hostage," but they picked up Jack and took him away to nurse his wounds, fearful that Evan might change his mind.

Just then, the notifications rang out.

[Ding! You have defeated Jack, the descendant of Ice]

[Gained +100 EXP]

[Congratulation! You have cleared Task 1 of the Mission [Slippery Slush Smackdown!]

[As a result, you have been rewarded with the movement-type technique, "Flowing Shadow Step"]

Evan's eyes widened as he read through the notifications that popped up in front of him. He couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.

He thought: I did it! I defeated my bully and got the technique I was pinning for.

He spared a glance at the semi-transparent mission screen.

The second task was also updated.

[Second task: Defeat a total of two opponents. (1/2)]

"I got no choice but to prey on another unlucky bastard," Evan muttered under his breath as he ascended the grand staircase leading to the arena, his footsteps echoing through the spacious training hall.

With a resolute expression on his face, he strode purposefully towards the center of the arena, causing a murmur of confusion and surprise to ripple through the gathered crowd.

"Look at what he is doing!" whispered one spectator to his companion.

"OMG!" muttered another.

The wind howled, tousling Evan's locks in a chaotic dance. A mischievous gleam sparked in his gaze, and it seemed like another pig was about to be put up for slaughter!

"Why has His Highness stepped in the arena again?" The crowd was shocked, their voices rising in a chorus of confusion and amazement. "Could it be that he is not done fighting?!"

"He's already won and proved himself worthy. Why would he risk his dignity like this?" muttered another.

Undaunted by their surprise, Evan squared his shoulders and lifted his chin, meeting the stunned gazes of the spectators with a calm, steady look.

"Does anyone else wish to challenge this prince?" Evan asked, his voice booming with authority ringing in the training ground.

Pin-drop silence.

No one dared to speak up.

The crowd remained silent, their previous zeal for competition now replaced with a trembling fear and deep respect.

Evan's victory over Jack had firmly established him as the most formidable unawakened cultivator in the younger generation, and they were wise enough not to test his boundless strength.

As the silence lingered in the air, a figure stepped forward from the crowd, his head held high arrogantly.

It was Eric Frostweaver, an awakened cultivator known for his ruthlessness and handsome appearance.

He had a chiseled jawline and prominent cheekbones that gave his face a sharp, angular appearance. His eyes were of a rare silver color, and they shone like polished metal under the sun. They were framed by long, dark lashes that seemed to accentuate their icy hue.

The most striking feature of Eric's appearance was his hair - a shock of white that cascaded down his back in loose waves. It was both striking and unique, setting him apart from others in a crowd. His hair had a slight shimmer to it, almost like it was made of silver.

Eric wore fashionable clothes that only added to his handsome appearance. He was also donning a cloak made of the finest materials, with a dark black color that complemented his silver eyes. The cloak was lined with golden threads, giving it a regal appearance, and was fastened at the neck with a dark gold clasp. It draped elegantly over his shoulders, enhancing his already impressive figure. As he walked through the crowd, his cloak swirled around his legs like a billowing cloud, drawing the attention of all those around him.

The onlookers noticed that around his neck, Eric wore a necklace that glowed with a soft, ethereal light, and on his finger was a ring. They looked like simple pieces of jewelry, but they seemed to hold a power of their own.

The onlookers looked away from him as a malevolent glint flashed in his silver eyes.

Eric thought: I have long wanted to undermine High Highness Evan. Now that an opportunity has been given, I dare not miss it.

"Your Highness, I request a Duel of Obedience with you," Eric said to Evan, his lips twisting into a sneer.

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