Alpha Reborn!

5 The Phantom Lord Butler Who Tends to My Needs

It was the 1st of May.

Evan rubbed his temples, doing his best to suppress the annoyance bubbling up inside him. "I can't believe I am only three days away from getting fucked over," he muttered to himself. He knew his world would be turned upside down three days later.

As the Crown Prince of Frost, Evan always felt the pressure to prove himself, leading to his paranoia about his potential compared to his father's. For four years, he hadn't excelled in his studies due to his nightmares, which led others to believe he wasn't as naturally gifted as the Frost Clan's other children.

However, Evan's potential remained unknown, and his father was the patriarch of the Frost Clan, which prevented others from speaking up against him. But that didn't mean he had no enemies waiting in the shadows, ready to strike when the time was right.

If it were discovered that Evan wasn't as talented as his father, the Frost Clan's elders and minor families would have a reason to remove him from his position. In just three days, the clan would gather for the awakening ceremony, a tradition that would reveal each member's potential. Evan knew that day he would be publicly outed as untalented and unworthy of his position as Crown Prince.

"The nerve of them," he thought, boiling with anger.

The people he trusted, the elders who had looked after him since he was a child, would be the ones to admonish him.

Meanwhile, his enemies would wait in the wings, ready to pounce on his weakness.

"Losing my position means losing everything," Evan thought to himself. "I can't let that happen. I won't let history repeat itself."

With a steely determination in his eyes, Evan vowed to do whatever it took to hold onto his position. His survival depended on it.

A sharp rap interrupted Evan's solitude, and a crisp, authoritative voice called out, "Your Highness, are you awake?"


Evan affirmed his consciousness with a low utterance and instructed the caller to remain stationary as he made his way towards the door. He always fastened both the door to his chamber and the windows within his quarters, due to his developing paranoia. This resulted in an embarrassing situation where a royalty like him had to open the door for a servant.

As he approached the door, Evan sensed a familiar presence emanating from the other side. With a measured hand, he unlatched the door, revealing the caller's figure.

It was his butler, Edmund Darkwood.

Edmund possessed a striking appearance, with a handsome and mature face and swept-back white hair that flowed into a ponytail, giving him an air of sophistication.

In the past, Evan held Edmund in high regard, considering him a kind and trustworthy friend. However, following the recovery of Evan's past memories, his perception of Edmund underwent a profound shift.

Evan learned that Edmund was not only a nice guy but also one of the legendary Phantom Lords of the Frost Clan.

The Phantom Lords were renowned heroes who had assassinated countless enemies of the Empire, earning a reputation that was virtually unmatched. They were widely regarded as some of the most skilled soul masters in the land.

The mere mention of their names inspired fear and admiration in equal measure!

It was widely believed that anyone who could secure the loyalty of the three Frost Clan's Phantom Lords would possess a team as formidable as the Frost Clan's 13 Ghosts.

Evan, too, yearned for the allegiance of all three Phantom Lords in his clan.

He believed that if he could secure their unwavering loyalty, it would safeguard his position, even if his own talents were lacking. However, he was aware that this was an improbable feat, especially given the time constraints leading up to the awakening ceremony.

He knew that winning the hearts of all three Phantom Lords in a mere three days was an unattainable goal.

"May I?" Edmund inquired with a polite bow.

"Come in," Evan's voice was soft but deep, his tone barely above a whisper. His face remained expressionless as he granted permission to his visitor.

Edmund stepped inside the room, his eyes scanning the surroundings. Contrary to his expectations, the room appeared to be intact and undisturbed. His Highness had evidently not succumbed to one of his unpredictable fits that would leave half of the room destroyed.

Edmund proceeded to take a seat adjacent to the bed. The sudden absence of his Highness's usual midnight behavior raised questions in Edmund's mind.

Had he undergone a transformation?

Alternatively, was it possible that he had become so frightened of experiencing another vision that he refused to sleep, despite it being way past his bedtime?

"Sir Darkwood, what's the reason for your late visit?" Evan spoke up, breaking the silence as he sat on the bed. His voice was hushed as if the walls might hear their conversation. It was his usual way of speaking, lacking authority and firmness.

"The Imperial Lord of Frost wants to see Your Highness in his study. He said it's optional. You don't need to meet him if you don't want to," Edmund said, his expression unreadable.

"Is there anything else?" Evan inquired.

"He wants me to be your escort if you decide to go to his study." Edmund responded.

The study lay just a short distance away from Evan's room. Despite the absurdity of the request, Edmund did not display any frustration. Instead, his countenance remained serene and undisturbed, resembling a tranquil lake. He understood the affliction that plagued Evan - a malady of the mind that was similar to the one that Edmund himself had acquired during his time in the war. Thus, he could empathize with him.

Evan's paranoia was severe to the point that he was incapable of venturing out of his room without the presence of a reliable guardian and would succumb to fits of weeping and violence, destroying everything in sight. Evan's father was aware of his son's condition and took care of him as best he could.

Upon hearing Edmund's words, Evan's heart began to race with anticipation. In the game, there had been no record of his encounter with the Imperial Lord of Frost three days prior to the awakening ceremony. Despite the importance of such an event, there was no mention of it anywhere in the game, leading Evan to conclude that it never happened.

Evan knew he had to meet with his father that night, even if it meant acting out of character and raising suspicion.

After all, it was his first step toward breaking the script!

"Let's go meet father," Evan said.

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