Alpha Reborn!

48 Starting an investigation!

Evan emerged from his luxurious bath, the warm water washing away the tension from his muscles and leaving him feeling revitalized. It could be seen in the way he carried himself that he hadn't let the argument with Serpahine affect his mood. He was the type that didn't let dogfart stay in his mind rent-free as he considered it a loss.

Walking over to his wardrobe, he scanned the rows of clothes in order to select something that matched his personal taste.

Normally, he would leave it up to his attendants, but today, he didn't bother calling them, preferring to rely on his own independence and self-reliance. It was because their recent behaviors had left him disgusted. Their tendency to sexualize him was offensive, to say the least.

He wrapped himself in a sumptuous robe, the fabric draping elegantly over his lithe frame. The silky black material complemented his raven locks perfectly. He turned to the mirror.

'Good enough.'

Admiring his reflection in the grand mirror embedded in the center of the wall, Evan couldn't help but feel pleased with how good he looked.

Evan exited the restroom and strolled back to his chambers. On his way there, he didn't cross paths with Sir Edmund. This was disappointing as Evan was looking forward to meeting him.

Evan thought: Seems like Sir Edmund is still oblivious to my return.

A few moments later, Evan stepped into his room. His eyes darted towards the bedside table, where his communicator lay.

He had deliberately left it behind before leaving, knowing full well the dangers of carrying it with him. It emits energy signals that can easily be picked up by the Cosmic Crusader's radars, exposing one's location in an instant. That was why neither he nor Lirian had brought their communicators when they went to Planet Avalon.

Swiftly, he picked up the communicator.

He powered it on and quickly contacted Edmund, his trusted ally. Apart from Magnus and Lirian, Edmund was the only person who he could turn to in times of trouble. It was a pitiful realization, but in this vast world, he had only three true allies. Even worse was the fact that Edmund wasn't truly loyal to him. He was loyal to the seat of the crown prince. The moment he lost it, he would also lose Edmund's support.

"Hi, Sir Edmund, it's me, Evan," he said urgently. "I'm back, and I need your help."

On the other end, Edmund responded, "What can I do for you, Your Highness?"

"I need you to investigate someone for me," Evan said, his eyes narrowing to thin slits.

"Who's the target of your investigation?" Edmund inquired politely.

"Her name is Seraphine Moonstone," Evan replied, his voice lowering to a whisper. "Doors have eyes, walls have ears." Evan was just trying to be careful.

There was a brief silence, and Evan could almost hear Edmund's thoughts whirring in his mind.

"Moonstone" was a name that carried great significance, especially for those who were familiar with the history of planet Selenea.

Once upon a time, the illustrious Moonstone Dynasty reigned supreme over the magnificent planet of Selenea.

The unique orbit of Selenea created an unparalleled atmosphere, with wild temperature fluctuations and peculiar light conditions that mirrored the cycles of the moon. Not to mention, it was a treasure trove of precious minerals highly valued by cultivators and Galatic Warriors alike, and its strategic location within the Black Eye Galaxy made it the envy of all who beheld it.

However, tragedy struck 14 years ago when the dynasty fell victim to a brutal invasion, resulting in the annihilation of the entire ruling family of Selenea. The loss was a catastrophic blow to the planet and left its people in disarray.

In the aftermath, the Sun Moon Empire seized control of Selenea and stabilized the world, stopping inner conflicts from taking place and bringing peace.

This also led many to suspect their involvement in the destruction of the once-great Moonstone Dynasty.

They were questioned about their possible role in the tragedy many times, but each time the imperialists of the Dark Tower vehemently denied any involvement and refused to discuss the matter further.

People stopped pointing fingers at them only when the Imperial Master stepped in and warned that strict actions would be taken against anyone who tried to defame his Sun Moon Empire.

His warning rang throughout the Galaxy!

It sounded arrogant, but everyone knew that he had the power to back it up, so they stopped making trouble.

For those who remembered the days when the Moonstone Dynasty reigned supreme, the name "moonstone" held a bittersweet resonance. It was a reminder of the glory and power that Selenea had once possessed but also of the tragic downfall that had brought about its demise.

Hearing that there was someone with the surname Moonstone out there in the world was shocking.

"Seraphine Moonstone?" Edmund asked after a moment, "Is she perhaps connected to the Moonstone Dynasty?"

"There's no second Moonstone Family in the Black Eye Galaxy, so I think that's indeed the case," Evan replied.

Hearing his words, Edmund thought: That might not necessarily be the case.

He couldn't help but feel a nagging suspicion in the back of his mind. He had been tasked with protecting the Moonstone family over twenty years ago by Magnus himself. But back then, there was no one in the family named Seraphine Moonstone. It was possible that she was born before the dynasty was mysteriously destroyed, but the chances of that being true were zero. After all, how could a four-year-old survive what annihilated her entire family??

"Out of curiosity," Edmund asked, his voice laced with intrigue, "why do you want to know about her?"

Evan hesitated for a moment, then sighed deeply. "... It's related to Havelock," he said, the words flowing out of his mouth.

"Ah, I see," Edmund's understanding tone was a relief. "Your highness... Thank you for trusting me."

Evan didn't need to satisfy his curiosity to make him work. He was the Crown Prince of Frost, and Edmund was supposed to answer his call as he had sworn eternal loyalty to the Throne of Frost.

Evan still made an effort to answer him just to show that he didn't treat Edmund like a stranger.

Evan felt a surge of relief, knowing Edmund was a dependable ally who'd help him solve this. Once he knew who Seraphine Moonstone was, it wouldn't take much effort to discover her goals.

"So, can you do it?" Evan eagerly asked Edmund.

"I'm more than willing to," Edmund assured him. "But it will take some time to dig up the information you need if she's really related to the Moonstone family. Are you willing to wait?"

Evan nodded in agreement, even though Edmund couldn't see him. He knew that taking this step was the best move, even though it might take longer than he desired.

He could use up his remaining skill points to upgrade his inspection skill to level three and investigate her again to uncover the truth. However, that would mean wasting his precious resources. He didn't want to squander his skill points on a mere investigation as they could boost his strength and hone his abilities instantly on demand.

"I understand," Evan said to Edmund.

With that, the conversation came to an end.

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