Alpha Reborn!

27 Entering the Kobold's Den of Mischief!

Evan surveyed his surroundings with meticulous care, his keen eyes scouring every inch of the environment in search of anything unusual.

He scrutinized everything, looking for the slightest hint of peculiarity that might reveal the hidden source of the illusion.

With great care, he cast his Inspection Skill on any object that seemed even remotely out of place.

[You have detected a tree]

[You have detected a Planet]

[You have detected a stalk of grass]

[You have detected the source of mana sustaining the illusion]

It took Evan dozens of attempts, but eventually, his persistence paid off.

With the repeated use of his inspection skill, He found the mana source that was responsible for maintaining the illusion, which was a massive boulder that had been strategically placed next to a towering tree.

"Smash it to bits!" Evan commanded without hesitation, his eyes fixed on the boulder.

With an affirmative "Got it!" Lirian sprinted towards the boulder without forgetting to channel his soul energy into his soul plate.

Soul plates were special objects that soul cultivators obtained after undergoing the soul plates awakening ceremony. They were used to house skill crystals, an object containing power that defied law and logic. Soul cultivators could manifest the power of skill crystals using their soul energy, but it was painful to use the skill crystal raw. Such an action was considered suicidal. The body of a soul cultivator wasn't strong enough to bear the burden that comes with activating a soul crystal. However, soul plates could bear it!

In a flash, Lirian activated his Metal Body Skill Crystal with the help of his soul plate, causing his body to transform into a metallic powerhouse. His soul energy reserves took a hit, but it was a small price to pay for the incredible strength boost he had received.


With his fists now resembling solid iron, Lirian launched himself at the boulder, throwing a monstrous punch that sent shockwaves through the air.


The sound of his fist colliding with the boulder echoed through the air as the rock shattered into countless pieces, sending fragments flying in every direction.

As the illusion faded away, the sunflowers that previously dotted the landscape disappeared from sight, revealing the true and ominous nature of the surroundings.

The scene before them was nothing short of a colossal sinkhole, a gaping maw that seemed to stretch endlessly into the depths below. It was as if the earth itself had ruptured open, swallowing anything that dared venture too close into its perilous embrace.

Remembering that he had been saved from dropping into it, Lirian couldn't help but count his lucky star.

Evan, on the other hand, was distracted by a sudden notification.

[You have dispelled a low-level illusion. You get +10 EXP! As this is your first time overcoming an illusion using your wits, you have been awarded an additional five experience points!]

The system notified Evan. His total EXP had increased to 35 points!

Lirian tiptoed up to the sinkhole and peeked inside what could only be described as an abyss.

"Uh, Frostbite, buddy, this doesn't exactly scream 'safety first,'" he said, turning to his high-and-mighty Crown Prince.

"It's a risk worth taking," Evan declared, determination oozing out of his every pore. "These Kobolds are known for their mad skills in digging up treasure. Who knows what riches we'll unearth down there?" he said, trying to pump up Lirian.

"We're going to split any loot 50-50, or you can forget about dragging me into that death trap," Lirian countered, hoping to coerce Evan into giving in to his demands.

"Come on, man. Would you seriously be able to sit around and twiddle your thumbs while I brave the danger?" Evan smirked, knowing exactly how to manipulate his weak-willed buddy.

How could he let his brother from another mother face danger alone?! No way in hell he was going to let that happen, not under his watch!

Lirian shook his head resolutely before he even realized what was happening.

Damn, he'd been played like a fiddle!

His attempt to strong-arm Evan had blown up in his own face like a firework.

Evan smirked at Lirian's antics and quipped, "Calm down. I have good news for you. Because you are my good brother, I will let you take anything you want from the dungeon, except for the few things that I need to survive."

Evan was extremely wealthy, with all the luxuries of the galaxy at his fingertips. He wasn't here to strike it rich. No! He was here to get the item that would change his destiny.

The reason why he, the crown prince of frost, had come to this distant planet was to unearth a skill crystal that would help him survive his tribulations! It just so happens that that skill crystal was the most valuable item down there.

Lirian could keep the rest of the items they would obtain from the dungeon. Evan had no problem with that.

After all, he was always generous to those who treated him well.

"Seriously?" Lirian exclaimed, bouncing up and down like a hyperactive monkey.

"My word is worth more than a truckload of jewels. I never fib," Evan declared, giving himself a self-righteous pat on the back.

"Sweet! Let's go hunt for those hidden gems!" Lirian exclaimed, pumped up and ready for action.

There was a way down the sinkhole.

A crudely fashioned ladder descended deep into the gaping maw of the sinkhole, its rungs haphazardly constructed and a clear indication that the work had been done by Kobolds, creatures known for their rough and reckless craftsmanship.

Without hesitation, Evan and Lirian, their senses heightened and their nerves taut, stored their weapon into their subspace and took the ladder to begin their descent, each of its rung groaning under their weight.

After what felt like an eternity, they finally reached the bottom of the sinkhole.

[Ding! You have entered the starting area of the Kobold's Den of Mischief!]

As their feet touched the ground, they were greeted by a vast expanse that stretched out before them.

The cavernous space was illuminated by a myriad of glowing stones embedded in the walls. The stones were of different hues and sizes, ranging from small and delicate to large and imposing. They pulsed with a life of their own, almost as if they were alive, casting an eerie and ethereal light that illuminated the twisting tunnels that sprawled out before them.

"Ooooh, look at these bad boys!" Lirian squealed like a piglet, practically drooling over the glowing stones. "They're like diamonds, but better! I've never seen anything so stunning in my life. Those rich, high-maintenance city ladies would pay a fortune for these babies," he cackled, envisioning himself rolling around in piles of cash.

Lirian's greedy little fingers tried to snatch one, but it was no use.

"Give it a rest, man," Evan rolled his eyes.

Lirian pouted like a toddler who'd been denied dessert.

What was he supposed to do when he didn't have the strength or tools to dig these suckers out? Cry? Oh, wait, he already was.

Suddenly, they heard a rumbling sound from deep within the tunnel.

"Did you hear that?" Evan whispered, tapping his spatial ring to summon his Sword. The Frost Demon's Fury appeared in his hand.

"I did." Lirian nodded. "It's probably caused by monsters," he said, his voice steady and his expression stern. If he was acting like a jester before, then now he was as disciplined as a soldier, exuding sharpness from every fiber of his being. He looked like a sword sharpened by the blood of countless enemies.

They cautiously made their way through the tunnels, their swords at the ready, their senses heightened for any sign of danger.

As they turned a corner, they came across a group of Kobolds.

"Looks like we found our first challenge," Evan said with a smirk as he and Lirian readied themselves for battle.

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