Alpha Reborn!

24 Rewards & a sign to Lirian's hardships

With a sudden jerk, Evan pulled his sword free from the Thunder Snake's brain and out of its mouth, causing the creature to fall to the ground with a thud. Its eyes stared blankly ahead, its lifeless body now devoid of the deadly threat it once posed.

He stood triumphantly over the its carcass, his heart still pounding from the adrenaline rush of the battle.

[The intermediate-level Thunder Snake has been defeated! Congratulations on your victory! You have earned four experience points, +2 STR, +5 AGT, +3 DEX!]

As he caught his breath, Evan felt a sudden warmth spreading through his body. It was as though a surge of power was flowing through him, enhancing his physical abilities and improving his constitution.

His muscles bulged as his strength increased, and he felt his reflexes sharpening as his agility and dexterity improved.

His hand-eye coordination became more precise, and his fine motor skills became more refined.

For a moment, Evan was lost in the sensation of his newfound power. He had earned it through his hard-fought victory over the Thunder Snake, and he reveled in it, but just as quickly as it had come, the warmth began to fade.

The rush of energy subsided, leaving Evan feeling energized.

The system's notifications popped up in front of his eyes.

[You have earned an additional 12 experience points for killing a monster three levels above you.]

[As this is your first time killing a ranked monster, you have earned a bonus reward. You have gained four experience points and 1× auxiliary-type skill card of the lowest level]

Evan's face lit up with a broad smile that stretched from ear to ear. The feeling of fulfillment was well-deserved, for he had just earned a total of 20 experience points and a skill card. It was more than he expected.

Evan, who was fully engrossed in his own thoughts, was caught off guard when he felt a sudden tap on his back. It startled him momentarily, causing him to jerk his body in surprise before turning around to see who it was that had interrupted his train of thought. As he faced the source of the unexpected interruption, he laid his eyes upon Lirian, who was standing behind him. A glint seemed to flash in Liriam's eyes.

Evan had become accustomed to the distinct expression that would grace Lirian's countenance from time to time. There was a certain air about his demeanor that he had grown to recognize all too well, and he knew without a doubt what was to follow.

"What is it? I know you want something. Just say it," Evan said impatiently.

Lirian's eyes lit up as he spoke with excitement, "The Thunder Snake's pointy head can be used as a material to create weapons, and its scales can be ground into medicinal powder! They could fetch a pretty penny at the market."

He paused, looking at Evan with a hopeful expression, "Do you mind if I dismember it and store its parts? Please, Evan, this could be a great opportunity for us."

Evan's face remained expressionless for a moment before he let out a small sigh, "No, I don't mind. Go ahead."

Evan knew all about Lirian's irresistible urge to claim anything remotely precious that was lying around without an owner and in plain sight.

If he stumbled upon it, Lirian would snatch it up faster than you could say, "I found it first!"

To make matters worse, Lirian was tighter than a tick in a dog's ear! He could make Scrooge look like a philanthropist with his stingy spending habits!

The reason behind his miserly ways was that his old man did a disappearing act without leaving him a dime or any cool stuff.

He went out to buy milk and never returned home!

So now Lirian hoards every penny like a squirrel with acorns.

Although Lirian was notorious for his tight-fisted ways, Evan still held a special place in his heart for him. They were the ultimate BFFs - the kind that no amount of money could buy. Evan simply couldn't imagine spending his hard-earned cash on anyone else but his stingy companion!

To be fair, Lirian did have his moments of generosity, especially when it came to Evan's birthday. He always managed to scrape together enough funds to get his friend a gift - a rare occurrence considering his aversion to spending money. It was clear that Evan was the only person Lirian was willing to open his wallet for, despite the pain in his heart. Ah, the beauty of true friendship!

Lirian began to engross himself in the meticulous and arduous task of dismembering the Thunder Snake's carcass.

Engaging in the gruesome and unsettling occupation of dismembering wild beasts was a vocation that society looked down upon, considered ignoble, and generally regarded as a menial task. This line of work provided meager compensation and was considered a less than ideal means of earning a living. It was not something the Captain of the Phantom Regiment should know. However, despite the negative stigma attached to it, Lirian approached this profession with a sense of satisfaction and contentment, wearing a smile that was almost infectious.

With his hands deftly and expertly maneuvering, he began the process of separating the head from the rest of the body, a task that seemed to be second nature to him.

As he progressed, he focused his attention on the intricate and delicate scales of the creature, methodically removing them with precision and care.

The ease with which he performed these actions suggested that he had honed his skills over a considerable amount of time, and had likely done so on numerous occasions before.

Despite the gruesome and demanding nature of the task, Lirian appeared to be entirely unfazed, carrying out his work with the same level of concentration and determination as if he were performing a simple and routine chore.

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