Alpha Reborn!

17 Completing the first every Quest!

As Havelock stood there, intently listening to every word that Sir Edmund uttered, his anger and hatred began to fade, leaving behind a ghostly pallor. The weight of Sir Edmund's words bore down on him, threatening to crush him under their immense gravity. The very notion that he might be killed and not be able to seek revenge for his family, which was the sole reason for his continued existence, struck him like a bolt of lightning.

But that wasn't the worst of it. Havelock knew a much worse fate awaited him if he was shown mercy and sold instead of killed. After all, if that happened, he would be put up for auction, like some piece of chattel. He currently had the looks of a beautiful man, with sharp features and piercing blue eyes that seemed to draw people in, but in a place like the capital, where twisted desires and debauchery were all too common, his beauty was a curse. The probability of being snatched up by some deviant with depraved tastes if he were to be sold at auction was all too high. The thought of being at the mercy of those with twisted desires was almost too much to bear for him.

He didn't want to be violated and disgraced by deranged humans. It seemed like a fate worse than death to him.

Thus, with a heavy heart, Havelock resolved to do whatever it took to avoid such a horrific fate.

With his forehead and mouth oozing blood, Havelock fell to his knees before Evan, his expression similar to a person wracked with remorse and regret.

"I'm sorry," he said in a weak and trembling voice, his words laden with the weight of his guilt. "I promise I won't do it again," he vowed with sincerity, hoping that Evan would be moved by his words. "I want to make it up to you," he continued, his voice trailing off as he struggled to convey the depth of his remorse. He didn't want to beg someone he considered beneath him for forgiveness, but Evan held his fate in his hands. And so, with a deep breath, he pleaded for mercy. "Your Highness, please forgive me," he implored, his words carrying the weight of a man who knew he had erred and was willing to do anything to make it right. He prostrated himself before Evan, his head pressed against the cold ground, his body quivering with the force of his contrition. It was a moment that neither he nor Evan would forget for the rest of their lives.

As Havelock delivered his impassioned plea, Evan observed him with a critical eye, unswayed by the emotional appeal. Though Havelock's words failed to penetrate his heart, Evan could not deny the sheer skill and mastery of the man's craft. In fact, he had to admit that Havelock was the best actor he had ever seen in person. He was clapping for him in his heart. This eunuch had a talent for acting!

However, despite his impressive ability to act, Havelock's social awareness was pathetic. He lacked the ability to read the atmosphere or discern the true feelings of those around him. From the very start, Evan had no intention of bringing Havelock before the court. Neither did he consider killing or selling him, for to do so would be a squandering of a valuable asset. Evan believed that punishing Havelock according to the strict laws of the frost clan would be letting him off too lightly.

It was clear to Evan that Havelock did not fully grasp his own value, but as a former pack leader, Evan knew the art of extracting benefits from those around him. He recognized the potential benefits that Havelock could bring him and could not resist the temptation to harness his talents for his own gain.

'I don't think it will be too late to deal with him after I've finished using him.'

Evan was acutely aware that the plan he had concocted to manipulate Havelock into working for him was unethical and went against his morals. However, the one thing his past life as Christian Wolfie had taught him was that treating others with fairness and empathy, irrespective of their potential usefulness, would very well lead to getting betrayed. Christian Wolfie had paid the ultimate price for his benevolence, and Evan didn't want to repeat history.

The memory of Christian Wolfie's reluctance to strike even his enemies flashed before Evan's eyes, and he was resolute in his decision not to follow in his footsteps. He refused to squander his benevolence on those who deserved retribution, and instead, he vowed to reserve his kindness for those who had earned it.

Evan fixed his intense gaze on Havelock, saying nothing for a few moments. "Let's put this matter to rest, but let me make one thing crystal clear. Any future attempts to disrespect me or address me as an equal will not be tolerated, and the consequences will be severe. I won't offer forgiveness again. Is that crystal clear?" Evan said firmly.

Havelock bowed his head, masking his hatred, and expressed his submission by prostrating once more. "This slave fully understands the gravity of his mistake and will keep the lesson learned today in mind." He responded in a low tone.

"Excellent," Evan said.

[Quest Complete! Well done, Host! Your bravery and perseverance have paid off - the Treacherous Servant has been successfully suppressed!]

[Congratulations on completing the quest! As a reward for your efforts, you'll receive a valuable treasure that will aid you on your future journeys.]

[You've obtained the Soul Skill Card Inspection - an incredibly useful skill that will help you accurately determine the strength and specialties of those weaker than you.]

The inspection skill seemed useless because it was currently at level 0. Its potential could not be underestimated. The inspection skill was unique as it could be levelled up four times, with each level offering a wider range of uses. At this starting level, Evan was only able to measure the power of those weaker than himself. However, once the skill reaches level 1, he would have the ability to assess the strength of those more powerful than him. And as Evan imagined reaching the skill's maximum level, he knew that he would have the power to inspect even those who were an entire cultivation realm above him without any difficulty!

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