Chapter 11

“My son, my lord please go to the side hall to have a talk.” Suddenly there was a loud voice from outside the door.

According to the brothers of the Zhong family, Zhong Changye was in seclusion, and their incompetent uncle couldn’t make up his mind, so they asked Shen Lou’s father to discuss things, and wanted to use Xuan Guogong’s name to frighten the vassals of the Western Regions, so that they could make plans slowly. After a whole day of fuss, it was time to get down to business. Shen Qirui never shied away from his eldest son when talking about business, so he asked him to go with him.

Shen Lou didn’t have time to explain to Lin Xin, so he just said dryly: “Don’t be afraid, follow me.”

Since Zhong Lu had threatened Lin Xin, he couldn’t leave Lin Xin alone in the room. Hanging the little treasure sword he had just obtained, with A Xin’s little tail dressed up again, he followed the guards outside the door and went out.

It was already dark, and Mogui Mountain banned candles at night, so the lanterns in the hands of the guards were the only light.

The houses on Mogui Mountain were built close to the mountain, scattered up and down with the mountain, and connected by many cornice corridors, which was very complicated. It was easy to go wrong during the day, not to mention the dark night.

Shen Lou was still thinking about Lin Xin, not paying attention to where the guards led them.

After seven turns and eight corners, the guards handed a lantern to Shen Lou, “The hall in front is called Meiyuan, and the Duke and the Second Master are both in the hall. It is inconvenient for the subordinates to accompany you there. Please, my lord.”

After that, the guard took a few steps back and stood by the pillar, as if waiting there. In front was a moon gate, which seemed to lead to a garden, Shen Lou frowned slightly, how could these two people come to such a remote place to talk at night while holding candles? Glancing at Xiao Linxin beside him, the other party had lowered his head, not knowing what he was thinking.

Lin Xin was holding a small Luli in his hand, slowly sucking in the spiritual power, when he suddenly saw a cold white hand reaching out to him. This hand was a little smaller than in memory, and it didn’t have a healthy wheat color. He looked up at the little Shen Lou and passed the empty hand over. Anyway, this child, at this moment, really wanted to protect him, even if it was due to the Shen family’s innate benevolence and righteousness disease.

Stepping into the garden, the faint candlelight illuminated the distance of three steps before and after. The path paved with cobblestones was winding, and many stones on it had fallen. Holding up the lantern, looking into the distance, the pavilions here had collapsed, and weeds were overgrown.

“Here…” Shocked, Shen Lou grabbed Lin Xin and retreated, but before it was too late, a figure suddenly appeared from the depths of the grass, blocking their way of retreat. He quickly protected Lin Xin behind him, picked up a ray of candlelight and shot out, the weak flame collided with the figure in the air, reflecting Zhong Lu’s scarred face.

Lin Xin gritted his teeth, really afraid of something, so he threw away the powdered Luli, made his palm into a claw, and was about to make a move when the sound of a sword being drawn suddenly came into his ear.

Holding the ridiculous looking little sword, Shen Lou threw the lantern into the air and kicked it away.

“Hey…” Lin Xin couldn’t stop it in time, Shen Lou had already rushed up over there, feeling a little anxious. Not to mention whether Shen Lou, who was only twelve years old, was Zhong Lu’s opponent, but with his current body, it was rumored that he couldn’t even lift a sword!

With a sound of “Buzz——”, the Luli on the hilt of the sword was activated, and the light blue aura instantly filled the body of the sword. Shen Lou held the small sword steadily and it collided with Zhong Lu’s jet-black dagger.

There was another buzzing sound, and Zhong Lu’s sword also lit up its Luli. The candle was extinguished, and the surroundings were pitch black, then only two faint blue lights were seen making dozens of strokes in the air in an instant.

Shen Lou, who was only twelve years old, was able to catch Zhong Lu’s killer move, which surprised Lin Xin very much. His aptitude was already considered excellent, even at the age of twelve he could survive five moves under Zhong Lu’s hands, could it be that Shen Lou was a monster?

Before Lin Xin could take a closer look, Shen Lou suddenly came over with his sword, grabbed Lin Xin and ran away.

He could still control the sword! The reason why one started to practice the natal spirit sword at the age of fifteen was because fencing the sword required the separation of mind and soul, and before the age of fifteen it was generally difficult to condense to the point where one could fend off the sword.

Shen Lou hugged Lin Xin tightly, took out a piece of Luli from his sleeve and crushed it, this caused abundant spiritual power to sweep his whole body, and the spiritual sword turned into a stream of light and rushed forward, unexpectedly, there was a mountain wall at the end of the garden. As they turned their head to go up, Zhong Lu had already caught up.

A burst of dizziness suddenly struck him, Shen Lou shook his head, and staggered down the flying sword.

“Over there is the Dao Shimen!” Lin Xin spotted the trick under the mountain wall with sharp eyes.

The sharp murderous aura tore through the cool night wind, and it came from the sky above his head with the force of a thunderbolt. Lin Xin only felt that he was pushed hard, knocked open the stone door, and rolled down several stone platforms.

“Hiss—” The palms of his hands were on the ground, and a few cuts were cut into it by the gravel. Lin Xin grinned as he got up and was immediately dazzled by the bright candlelight.

“Who?” Zhong Wumo’s immature and cold voice came from the place where the candle light went out, and before he could react, a sword light came from the air.

Rolling on the spot, while dodging the fierce killing move, before Lin Xin could stand up straight again, Zhong Wumo jumped out and pointed his sword at his neck.

“Little Mo, don’t kill him!” Zhong Youyu ran over wearing a sackcloth.

This was a wide stone room carved out of the mountain, surrounded by white banners, and a delicate sarcophagus was placed in the middle. Wisps of white gas came out of the coffin continuously, obviously the inside was filled with ice. Looking at the two brothers in sackcloth showing filial piety, there was nothing that he still couldn’t understand. Their father, Su Guogong of the Western Regions, Zhong Changye, the head of the Zhong family, was actually dead!

Secretly, the two sons were keeping vigil alone at night.

“He saw it.” Zhong Wumo stared at Lin Xin but did not put away the sword in his hand.

“He’s Shen Da’s junior, so we can’t think of killing him, let alone killing him.” Zhong Youyu looked at Lin Xin with an innocent face, “Little A Xin, why did you come here? “

Lin Xin didn’t care about the threat of the two children at all and said loudly: “Zhong Lu wants to kill Shen Lou, he is outside!”

“What?” Zhong Youyu was surprised, they did let Zhong Lu guard outside, if Shen Lou broke in by mistake, he would definitely meet him. They quickly jumped up the steps to open the door, the flames soaring into the sky had brought thick smoke, but Shen Lou was nowhere to be seen.

The outside was covered with dead grass and barren trees, which ignited at the slightest touch, and the tongue of fire licked the stone door the moment the door was opened, forcing Zhong Youyu back down the steps.

It was on fire! Lin Xin understood that the fire must have been set by Shen Lou. No matter what happened to the Zhong family, they would not dare to kill Shen Shizi here, as long as they attracted people, Shen Lou would be safe.

“Close the door quickly!” Zhong Youyu naturally understood this point, the fire would attract everyone, and the news of his father’s death would no longer be concealed.

Here, the two brothers hurriedly closed the stone gate, and Lin Xin had already jumped onto the sarcophagus. The coffin was filled with ice bricks, and even the edge of the sarcophagus was covered with a layer of frost. There was a person lying under the ice edge, dressed in plain white clothes, with dense white tiger fur on the neckline, and a gold wristband with white tiger pattern inlaid with Luli on his wrist. Even if he was dead, he still had an irresistible look.

It was a pity that the handsome face with sword eyebrows and eagle eyes had collapsed, and it could clearly be seen that it was Zhong Changye’s face. His appearance in death was no different from that of the young master of the Zhao family who had lost his soul.

Zhong Changye, could it be possible that he also lost his soul?

He didn’t have a mirror at hand, so he couldn’t verify it, but Lin Xin had basically confirmed it. Young Master Zhao, Zhong Changye, these people who should have lived for several years, all died when he was reborn, and the way of death was that their souls were scattered.

And these two people had their souls crushed by him in the previous life.

The author has something to say: Small theater:

Xinxin: How did these people die before I made a move?

Loulou: Probably because of the virtues they accumulated in their previous lives.

Xinxin: Who wants to accumulate such virtues! = =

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