Brandon and Calli drove through the city and on a lonely forest road.

When she told Brandon she wanted to go, she was just talking about coming to Vihiru.

Anyway, Vihiru was a really beautiful village.

Lake Centio, the largest lake in Irze, was in Vihiru, and the emerald-colored lake that glistened in the sun was so large that Callie couldn’t see the end.

The Cleart’s family had the best view of the beautiful Lake Centio.

It wasn’t just the lake that was pretty.

Across the lake, where the Cleart family villa stood, were small shops along the charming promenade, all of them picturesque and perfectly harmonized with the lake.

If it were a honeymoon after marrying the person she loved, it would be an excellent place to go with her husband. They’d go to a cafe overlooking the cafe, drink fragrant tea and eat freshly baked bed, and browse through all the shops lined up in rows.

Although she didn’t come to Vihiru for such a romantic reason, Callie couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful scenery unfolding through the window as Brandon watched her silently.

Eventually, the car carrying the two stopped in the villa’s yard.

Callie thought it would be a small building because it was a villa, but it was as big and nice as a decent aristocrat’s mansion.


As expected of a rich family. They had a villa in the best place in such a beautiful village with such stunning scenery.

As she came to terms with the Cleart family’s wealth she had briefly forgotten, Brandon got out of the car and opened the door.

“We’re here.”

“Thank you.” 

After getting out of the car, Callie stared in awe at the garden, which gave off a different feeling from Hughes Hall.

“Welcome to Vihiru.”

“It’s a much more beautiful place than I thought.”

“Didn’t you want to come here because you knew that?”

“I just knew your family has a villa in Vihiru, so I asked to go here instead of elsewhere.”

She also had the intention of meeting the best sage in Irze.

“I hope you enjoy our two months here, then, Lady.”

“…I hope so, too.”

“If only you allowed it, we could have a good time starting tonight. How about tonight, young lady?” He asked with a playful chuckle.

Callie wanted to confront him about how difficult that was, but she couldn’t. If she did, she was afraid Brandon would really try to bed her instead of just alluding to it again and again.

“Sir Brandon, that seems to be the only thought on your mind.”

“I never thought my wife would kick me out on the first night. However, I understand that yesterday was still tense, so I hope you don’t disappoint me tonight. Wife.” Brandon gave Callie an exaggerated bow and held out his hand. “Let’s go inside. The interior is almost as beautiful as the view outside.”

Then he moved his lips close to my ear and whispered, “The couple’s bedroom for us is a better room. It’s the perfect place for a first night.”

Callie’s cheeks flushed red.

During dinner, Brandon and Callie sat facing each other in the dining room, which was small compared to Hughes Hall.


“It looks like your taste buds are more picky than it looks, but I hope the food by the maid here will suit your taste.”

Yesterday morning, Callie had given up eating in case someone poisoned the food, so that was probably what he was talking about.

“I don’t have picky tastes. It’s just because the environment has changed.”

“Can we have dinner tonight?”

“Yes, it looks very delicious.”

Before the staff started preparing dinner, Callie had already told Lisa to stick to the kitchen and take care of her food. 

Lisa was worried about whether she really had to go that far, but she followed Callie’s instructions nonetheless.

Billy and Mrs. Valerie lived and managed the villa, and when Brandon and Callie came here, they brought Ron and Lisa to accompany them.

Thinking she could trust her meal thanks to Lisa’s careful eyes, Callie raised her fork and knife with relief.

Mrs. Valerie, who had cared for Brandon since he was a child, was excellent at cooking.

She continued to eat without a problem, but when the meal was almost over, Ron came into the dining room with a serious face.

Anyone could tell something was going on just by looking at his expression.

“What’s the matter?”

At Brandon’s words, Ron looked at Callie, then shifted toward Brandon, whispering softly enough for only Brandon to hear.

What’s going on?

Callie didn’t know what it was, but after being briefed by Ron, Brandon set the napkin down on the table.

“Young lady.”


“I need to go somewhere for a while.”

“Has something bad happened?”

“It’s not a big deal, so don’t worry. It won’t take long, so you should go for a walk by the lake with Lisa.”

Although he said it wasn’t a big deal, his haste proved otherwise.

Callie nodded without asking further.

What’s happening? 


After Brandon hurried out with Ron, only Lisa and Callie remained in the dining room.

“Milady, about the mage I spoke of before.”

“Hmm. Did you find out where he lives?”

“Yes. Everyone knows where he lives because everyone knows him here. His lives not far from this villa.”


Even though he was a mage, Callie wondered if he would believe her. Still, Callie’s eyes sparkled in anticipation that the mage would be different from ordinary people.

“Are you sure you want to go and meet him?”

“Yeah. Maybe I’ll take a walk tomorrow and go.”

Callie’s eyes were filled with anticipation, wondering if meeting him would be of any help.

It was late at night, and Lisa was tending the beds.

“Milady, I think this bedroom is better than the one in Hughes Hall. That one was so big it felt uncomfortable. But it’s romantically decorated, so I think it’s perfect for a newlyweds’ bedroom.”

“I don’t know if this is more romantic, but it’s about half the size of Hughes Hall’s bedroom, so it’s cozier.”

“For me, just looking at the canopy and blanket makes me feel like love is springing up.”

With her hands intertwined by her chest and an ecstatic look on her face, Lisa imagined herself lying in bed with her beloved.

“Isn’t milady like that?”

“You don’t even have a man you love. There’s nothing you can’t say.”

“That’s what I’m saying. And I don’t have a man I love right now, but how long would I not have one? When I have a man I love and we get married… Hehehe. I really want to have my first night in this romantic room.”

The talk of first nights reminded Callie of what Brandon had said when they arrived a while ago.

He acted as if they’d have a wild night tonight, but why hadn’t Callie seen him until now? 


“Lisa, is Brandon back yet?”

“Ah! Billy, the butler who manages this place, said earlier that Sir Brandon won’t be coming today.”


“Yes. Billy told me to tell milady, but I forgot.”

“Oh, I see.”

If he doesn’t come tonight, at least I don’t have to sleep with him tonight. Then shouldn’t I welcome that?

But when Lisa told her he wasn’t coming, Callie was more sad than relieved. 

What, was I waiting for Brandon?

No, no. It couldn’t be. Brandon might have killed me, but I was waiting for him?

What made Callie sad for a while was… She was just new to this house, so that’s why. There was absolutely no other reason.

“Is there anything else you want me to do, milady?”

“No, there isn’t. You must be tired, but you should go and rest, too.”

“Yes. Good night, milady.”

“Good night.”

As Lisa left, Callie looked down at the empty bed wrapped in white lace.

The next day, Callie told Billy she was off for a walk with Lisa, and so the two went downtown to meet Anton, the mage.

After hearing where Anton lived yesterday, Callie sent a message to the mage that she wanted to meet, and he agreed more readily than expected.

Anton’s house was a place where a mage lived, so Callie thought it would be different from normal residences, but surprisingly, it wasn’t.

He had a reputation as the best mage in Irze, so it wasn’t surprising that his place was better than the mansions of some aristocratic families.

When Callie mentioned her name at the door, the butler escorted her inside as if they had been waiting for her.


“I’ll escort you to the drawing room,” the butler said, pointing to the second floor where the drawing room probably was before walking ahead. Callie followed suit.

Lisa was about to follow Callie, but the butler stopped her. “Master said to take only one person.”

If he only wanted one person, it was Callie who had asked for a meeting.

“It’s okay. This maid is like my sister, so we can go together to talk.”

“I’m sorry, but this is my master’s order.”

The butler had made himself clear that Callie couldn’t bring Lisa with her.

Concerned that Callie was meeting a mage she had never met before in an unfamiliar place, Lisa stared at Callie and wordlessly asked if she’d be okay to go alone.

‘It’s okay, Lisa.’

“You will be treated with fragrant tea and cookies while you wait for the lady. Please follow our maid,” The butler said, and the maid waiting next to him nodded.

“You’d better do that, Lisa.”

Leaving Lisa’s worried eyes behind her, Callie said to the butler, “Can you show me to the drawing room now?”


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