Unlike my previous life, I didn’t die, but I still haven’t figured out who killed me.

Brandon was the most suspicious, but Callie couldn’t be sure it was him.

That method failed because Callie didn’t use the peacock cup, but if he had tried, she could have been forced to drink from it as much as he wanted.

Who was after me, and why?

Lost in thought, Callie stared out the window when she saw the warehouse door, far away from the main building, open and a man came out.

Callie’s gaze naturally followed him.

The man looked around and checked the surroundings, and after confirming that no one was there, he moved toward the main building.

‘Who is that man? Is he a servant here?’

For some reason, Callie felt that she shouldn’t see the man come out of the warehouse, but at that moment, the man looked up towards Callie’s bedroom, and their eyes met.

The man was more than two heads taller than most men, and he had wide shoulders, a strong body, a stubbornly square jaw, rough clothes, and eyes. All of it gave off a ferocious impression that he wasn’t one to be treated lightly.

When Callie made eye contact with such a man, she flinched even though she hadn’t done anything wrong and fell a couple of steps away from the window without even realizing it.

He was a man she’d immediately fear for no reason if she had met him before.

What was a man like that doing in this mansion?

Callie, who moved away from the window and was now out of sight, continued to watch him.

After losing sight of Callie, the man looked away and seemed to be waiting for someone.

At that moment, the sound of horse hooves began coming from afar, and he quickly drew closer.

Eventually, the horse stopped in front of the man, and atop him was none other than Brandon.

“That’s Sir Brandon. Where did he go in the morning?”

Brandon got off his horse, exchanged a few words with the man, and then handed over the reins with a serious look.

He looked around and asked the man for something, then the man took out something inside his jacket and held it out to Brandon.

Brandon looked around once more before quickly taking what the man handed and hiding it inside his jacket.

 “What did you receive?”

I feel like I’ve seen something I shouldn’t have seen.

Callie had drawn the curtains to block Brandon from seeing this side of the window.

Instinctively aware of the danger, her heart thumped for a different reason than last night.

How am I supposed to live here now?

When she entered the dining room where her meal was prepared, Callie scanned the food on the table.

In the seat across from her sat Brandon, who had come before her.

When they were both in their seats, Callie watched silently as a servant poured water into a cup.

Everything was suspicious to her– the food prepared, the water poured by the servant, the eyes of the servants who looked at me attentively when she entered the dining room, and even Brandon, who had been given something by a fierce-looking man…

However, nothing looked unusual.

Callie figured that once she got married, she would get divorced and be completely free, but today was just the first day after the wedding, so she couldn’t do it yet.

I can’t keep living like this.

“Let’s eat.”

Brandon raised a spoon and invited Callie to eat as well.

Can I eat this? Just like the poisoned wine glass, wouldn’t this food be the same?

Callie couldn’t lift the spoon hastily and looked down at the cutlery in front of her.

Brandon noticed that.

“You don’t seem to like something. What is it this time? You changed your wine glass last night, but now you want to change your cutlery.”

Callie didn’t even think about changing it.

Did he notice why she asked to change the wine glasses yesterday?

While Callie didn’t answer, wondering what his intentions were, Brandon suggested, “Then let’s change it. It’s not difficult either.”

If he said that because Callie looked like she wanted to change it…

It was probably okay not to change it.

Or was it the other way? Did she have to change it?

Rather than that, was it the cutlery that was poisoned in the first place?

Brandon could have said it without thinking.

So, Callie struggled to choose whether to have it changed or not.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have an appetite.”

She would rather not eat.

“If it’s because it doesn’t suit your taste, tell Mrs. Lillian. What kind of food do you want to eat?”

Mrs. Lillian was the maid in charge of the kitchen, so if there was something she wanted to eat, they told Callie to tell her, but she didn’t have to because it didn’t matter what kind of food it was.

“I will. And I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Favor? What is it? I’m curious about what you’re asking for.”

This mansion was as large and spacious as the Loris residence and had as many servants as they had.

Callie didn’t know which one of them was connected to the person who tried to harm her, so even this morning, she looked at every single word and action of the servants with suspicion.

It felt like the only way to reduce suspicion was to be in a place with a smaller house and fewer employees than here.

“Let’s go on our honeymoon.”

Perhaps it was an unexpected request because Brandon put down the spoon he had just picked up.

“I think you said you didn’t want to go on a honeymoon. Why did you suddenly change your mind?”

“That was then. But after I got married, I changed my mind.”

“Did you suddenly want to spend some intimate time with me? That’s surprising to hear from someone who refused to sleep together on the first night.”

How could he say such an embarrassing thing in the presence of other people?

Brandon didn’t even care that the servant who served their meal was listening.

“I told you. I changed my mind.”

“That means… That would include the first night we missed yesterday, right?”

The feeling of kissing him on the bed last night came back.

She had asked him to stop the moment his touch got a little more intimate, but to be honest, Callie wouldn’t have hesitated if Brandon hadn’t listened to her and pushed her a little further. She hated to admit it, but she had been aroused, too. Even as she doubted him.

Yesterday she was able to avoid sleeping with him, but she couldn’t put it off forever, especially while she and Brandon were married.

She had asked to go on a honeymoon so they could go to Vihiru, where the Cleart family’s villa was located.

She planned to go there and meet the best mage in Irze that Lisa had mentioned. She also thought it would be easier to find the person who harmed her while avoiding danger in this big mansion.

“I’d rather discuss that when it’s just the two of us.”

Brandon laughed mischievously as Callie tried to stop him from talking about it in front of employees.

“The servants don’t care. They have vowed silence about everything they’ve seen and heard in the family, so they won’t talk about it.”

So, that made it alright to talk about embarrassing things right here?

Then, well, they weren’t Callie’s servants. It was their first time meeting.

“Even the owner’s sleeping situation…?”

Brandon only shrugged his shoulders once.

Why, did you plan on telling everyone? That you didn’t have your first night after your wedding yesterday?

“Let’s keep talking about our honeymoon.”

“If we go on a honeymoon… Will we finally have our first night together?”

That again!

“Is that a condition?”

“Rather than that… Isn’t it natural for a newlywed groom to want to do that?”

If Callie refused, this man would say he wouldn’t go.

“I’ll try.”

“You’ll try? I don’t think I’m that unattractive. When you kissed me last night…”

Callie couldn’t listen anymore.

Even the attendant standing by to serve the meal seemed flustered by the conversation and looked away in embarrassment.

Callie reflexively reached out and covered his mouth. 


This man wasn’t ashamed of anything! He even talked about such a topic in front of the attendant. It was either that, or he did it on purpose to embarrass Callie.

Brandon smiled wickedly and teased Callie by kissing the palm of her hand.

“Your hands are very soft, young lady. Like the lips I kissed last night.”

Seriously! This man’s impossible!

At Brandon’s raunchy joke, Callie freaked out and quickly took off her hand.

Brandon laughed out loud as he watched Callie. “Young lady is not being honest. Or are you being prudish?”

It was hard to deny. Kissing Brandon yesterday excited her. She was soaked.

The two might have woken up in bed this morning if he hadn’t stopped.

“Well, you said let’s go on a honeymoon anyway, right? Let’s go. I can’t wait to see what the trip with you will be like.”

She felt her face heat up for some reason as she looked at his expectant face.

Still, this was for the best.

“Where would you like to go? Do. you have any places in mind?”

“I don’t have a specific place. But from what I heard from Lisa, apparently, the Cleart family has a villa in a very scenic spot.”

“We do have a villa in Vihiru.”

“How about going there? I’ve wanted to go there for a while now because it’s so beautiful.”

At Callie’s words, Brandon sat calmly and nodded with a faint smile.

“Let’s do it.”

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