“Why is she making such a fuss again?” Noah muttered as she watched Lisa run out of the house.

A dark cloud appeared on Callie’s face.

No way… Is Lisa coming to deliver a message from Sir Brandon?

Lisa, who ran right in front of the two, said to Callie, “Milady, you got a call from him.”

Lisa’s errand, which betrayed Callie’s expectations, was, of course, to deliver Brandon’s message. 

Noah asked Lisa on Callie’s behalf since the latter remained speechless. “Him?”

“It’s him. Sir Brandon Cleart, the rumored casanova.”

Again, Noah hit Lisa on the back and said, “Lisa, be careful with your words.”

Callie frowned as she watched the familiar scene play in front of her.

After all, like her life before her, wouldn’t she end up marrying Sir Brandon?

If that happens, on the first night… I don’t even want to think about that.


“Lisa, did Sir Brandon ask me to meet him at the Duken Salon in two hours?”

“Oh, my lady! How did you know?”

I’ve already been through this once.[1]

Callie’s face hardened.

Today, she had a class with the children at Count Harrison’s house.

Even in the life she regained, time continued to flow as if she had to go back to the wedding day.

She got a call from Brandon yesterday to meet him at the salon, but she declined and stayed.

They wouldn’t have to talk about marriage if she continued to avoid Brandon. Thus, she might not get married.

However, since the two didn’t start the marriage conversation in the first place, even if they didn’t meet, if the head of both families decided to proceed, all such efforts were futile.

The whole time she taught the children, she couldn’t concentrate because she was too distracted by her thoughts.

“Teacher, are you unwell?”

“Huh? I’m not.”

“You don’t look good. Mom said you should stop playing and rest if that’s the case.”


“Teacher is fine, Marie, so shall we read this?”

Countess Harrison came in after Callie pointed out the part to read to Marie, finally clearing Callie’s thoughts.

“Callie, is class not over yet?”

“I think we need to do a little more.”

When Countess Harrison entered, Marie spoke as if she had been waiting for her mother, “Mom, I think Teacher is sick today.”

“Oh my. Is that right, Callie?”

“No, it’s just that I’m a little under the weather.”

“Then, let’s wrap up today’s class here. There are guests at home right now, so let’s come down and have tea together. It’s someone Callie knows.”

“Someone I know? Who…”

“Sir Brandon is here.”

“Sir Brandon?”

He’s here. Callie’s mouth fell open.

I had never met Brandon here in my previous life. Did he come to see me? Or is it just a coincidence?

“I heard from Sir Brandon that the two of you exchanged greetings at Marchioness Grian’s house?”

“…Yes, I met him briefly.”

At Callie’s answer, Countess Harrison slightly smiled.

What did that smile mean?

Brandon was drinking tea when they went to the drawing room, showing off his extraordinary presence.

Brandon smiled slowly when he saw Callie entering the drawing room with Countess Harrison.

“It’s nice to see you again, Lady Callie.”

“…Yes, hello.”


Watching Callie awkwardly greet Sir Brandon, Countess Harrison looked at the two curiously as if she had discovered something very interesting.

“Why are the two of you so shy when you say you’re going to get married soon?”

Married? Brandon and I getting married? When I met him at Mrs. Grian’s, I told him I obviously had no intention of marrying him.

‘What are you talking about, Sir Brandon?’

Callie stared at Brandon, asking for an explanation.

Brandon saw Callie’s expression, but instead of speaking, he relaxed and brought the teacup to his lips.

Instead of Brandon, whose answer Callie wanted to hear, Countess Harrison continued. “Sir Brandon told me you’re talking about getting married urgently. Congratulations, Callie.”

The person involved didn’t know anything, but the marriage talk was in progress?

What was this! It didn’t matter if it was an arranged marriage for the benefit of both families. This was too much.

More than anything, Callie couldn’t help but be agitated about this marriage because her life was at stake.

Not hiding her anger, Callie glared at Brandon.

Then he answered with his eyes, ‘I asked to meet at the salon but you didn’t show up, didn’t you?’

Callie was too complacent to think that marriage talks would fall apart just because she refused once when he asked her to meet him.

Countess Harrison smiled softly and thought they were a couple that matched surprisingly well when they saw them side by side. With his eyes fixed on Callie, Brandon said to the Countess, “Countess Harrison, I have something to say about the wedding arrangements with Miss Callie. Do you mind if we excuse ourselves now?”

“Alright. Callie’s not feeling very well today, so it’d be good for Brandon to drive her to the Loris residence.”

“Yes, then excuse me. Ma’am.” Brandon got up from his seat and politely asked, “Shall we, Lady Callie?”

It would be better to talk about their marriage or whatever. Callie reluctantly followed him.

Brandon acted like a gentleman and offered his hand, but Callie ignored it this time again. Brandon didn’t look embarrassed either. It’s as if he knew she’d react that way.

In Countess Harrison’s eyes, the two of them looked like new lovers pushing and pulling.

‘Looks like the playboy Sir Brandon has met the right person.’

When they left the mansion and were alone, Callie went straight to the point and asked about his intentions. “Is it a coincidence that we met here? Or did you do it on purpose?”

“Even though I’m the kind of person who has plenty of free time, I wouldn’t come all the way here to enjoy tea with Countess Harrison at this time. There are so many more fun things than that.”

“It sounds like you knew I was here.”


“I found my own way because you vehemently refused my request to meet.”

“Didn’t you think I savagely refused to meet you because I didn’t want to meet you?”

Brandon didn’t take any damage from Callie’s attack.

“But I don’t like the second meeting with my bride-to-be on the wedding day.”

“Haa. Are we getting married? I never consented to this.”

He talked to her as if the marriage had been finalized.

“Haven’t you heard from Count Loris yet? Both families have already finished talking about marriage.”


Was this going to happen in the end?

But why would Brandon want to marry me, whom he had only met once?

When I said I wanted to marry him in the previous life, he acted like he didn’t want to at first. However, he changed his mind in the end.

Is it because you want to marry me or for some other reason?

If the one who killed me in my previous life was Brandon… He’ll try to get this marriage done somehow.

But why? He had no reason to kill Callie.

When they left the mansion, a car driven by Brandon’s chauffeur was waiting. Brandon opened the car’s back door, so Callie could get in.

“I’ll take you there, so get on, young lady.”

Callie was about to refuse, but she decided to get inside since she wanted to talk to him first. As Callie got into the car, Brandon turned his bonnet around and sat next to her.

“Let’s go.”

At Brandon’s command, the driver started the car.

Getting into the car was fine, but sitting right next to him felt bothersome. 

Too close.

It was uncomfortable to breathe and lift a finger because she could even feel him exhale.


“Sir Brandon.”

“Yes, milady?”

“Why are you trying to marry me?”

Are you the one who killed me? You’ve only seen him once, but you’ve already made up your mind about getting married? If not, who’s trying to kill me? Are you completely unaware?

“You don’t seem to want to marry me.”

“Sorry, but that’s how it is.” 

Someone killed me on the night of our wedding.

“But what about it? It seems that the young lady doesn’t have a choice. Give it a try wherever you can, convincing Count Matthew or persuading my father.”

“I think it would be easier if you said you wouldn’t marry me.”

“Hmm, I’m thinking of following my parents’ wishes regarding marriage. It may not look like it, but I’m a son who listens to his parents.”

Huh, that couldn’t be. There’s no way a filial son would live so profligately.

When he saw Callie laugh, he added, “If you don’t want to marry me, by all means, try to stop it. I won’t bother you with that.”

“Thank you so much for saying that.”

“It’s nothing,” Brandon chuckled at Callie’s snarky answer.

In the meantime, they were approaching the Loris residence before she knew it.

“Please drop me off here.”


“Yes. I’d rather not let my uncle and aunt know I rode in Sir Brandon’s car, so I’ll get out here.”

At Callie’s request, Brandon looked out the car window to see that it was getting dark. 

“I think it would be dangerous for a lady to walk alone without a carriage.”

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