Chapter 9 . Rush

When I told him that Misha had been kidnapped, Schneizel patted me roughly on the head and said,

'So you've been running around all alone? You're good, boy."

'Yes, no. I've made no progress and wasted a lot of time. ------"

It doesn't matter. You're lucky to meet me. I'll help you.

The man with the smile that shows his teeth is still a new face to me.

But the reason why I feel relieved when he says he will help me is probably because the man in front of me is one of the strongest fighters in this world.

 Schneizel is one of the main characters of Arcadia.

He is a world-renowned general in the Arcadia Kingdom army and serves as a teacher to the main characters in the story.

His fighting ability is so high that he is named as a candidate for the strongest in the work. "I am the top of the age of the warrior," is a famous line that Schneizel speaks only when he is serious.

Such a man is willing to help me.

Well, that solves the problem of power.

If I want to defeat Schneizel, I need to bring along several other strong people (including the last boss).

 Now, we have plenty of time to take on any enemy.


When it comes to fighting the enemy, that is.

 Yeah. But first, we need to find Misha.

"Excuse me. Do you know where my servant is?"

"I don't know."

"Yes, of course."

Well, well, Schneizel's help is not wasted.

If I tell him that the killer is most likely a vampire, Schneizel will be able to narrow down the location of the hideout more efficiently than I could.

If I search with an adult mind and the strongest physical strength, I'm sure I'll find her this time.

 The question is whether Misha will be alive by then.

 While I was thinking about this, Schneizel spoke to me.

'Don't be so depressed,. I don't know where it is, but I know it's a vampire."

'Is that so?"


 You know that much?

That' s lucky for me.

If I had told him about the existence of vampires, he might have mentioned the source of the information, i.e., the possession.

'Oh, and I'm going to have a serious talk with you. Listen up, kid."

I crouched down to face Schneizel, who was at eye level with me, head-on.

A sharp look pierced through me.

"If I assume that the criminal is a vampire, then there are only five places he could be hiding out."

 Is it really that small a number?

I felt like an idiot for searching around in the blind.

"How do you know it was a vampire?"

"I don't know. Speculative stuff ain't my specialty. That's what the Military Police said."

 The Military Police is an organization like an aggressive version of the police that won't stop at nothing to solve a case.

 If   he  say so,  he must be right. They were so good at their job that I was convinced of that.

"I see."

 I gave a response, feigning ignorance for the time being.

"If I encounter a vampire, I'm going to have to fight. I'd be perfectly safe on my own, but I'm a little nervous about protecting you ".

A vampire? Is General Schneizel that worried?

"Oh, you're a ballsy kid, aren't you? What if it is a higher species?

 I see.

I put on the clueless look and gave him a friendly smile.

"Oh, okay. If you run into a vampire, you're going to have a fight going on. I'm a hundred percent safe if I'm alone, but I'm a little concerned about protecting you."

'A vampire? Is General Schneizel that worried?"

"Oh, you're a brave kid, aren't you? What if it is a higher species? "

 I see.

 The military police could only predict that the other party is a vampire.

 The military police could only predict that the opponent was a vampire, but they didn't seem to have any idea of its strength.

So, game knowledge will play a big part in this.

"But still, you're not going to follow me. I'm trying to save someone very important. If you are willing, I'll allow you to come with me.?"

 ---Ah, that sounds like something Schneizel would say.

It is now ten years prior to the main story, so of course such a line does not appear in the story.

But the thought process unique to a warrior, the idea of taking even a child to the place of death without spoiling the child, was exactly the one Schneizel had seen more than a thousand times.


This was the first time I was faced with two serious choices in this world.

If I were to assume that Norwin was the main character, this would be a major turning point.

On one hand, the easy path is to leave the problem to the strongest, and watch from a safe place.

On the other is the path of thorns, where one must risk one's life to enter the battlefield.

 Frankly speaking, I am afraid to risk my life.

I guess I will never get used to it, because I am a peaceful Japanese at heart.

But escape was not an option.

I had neither the talent nor the strength to match the height of the objective I had set for myself, so I expected this encounter to have some kind of point.

Schneizel is the strongest fighter in his own right, and if he becomes a general, he will have near-top power in this country.

If I can get this man, who is a titan of both the military and politics, on my side, I will be able to get much closer to my goal.

In order to do so, I must be accepted by Schneizel, the fighter.

 There is no way I can run away.

"I will go with you. "I may look like this, but I can do some basic magic support, you know?"


 Schneizel laughed ferociously.


On the way to the five places Schneizel had narrowed down to, I was talking about the magic I could use at the present time.

 The first and second levels of major attribute magic.

 When I told him that I had already mastered body enhancement and the first level of holy attribute magic, Schneizel's eyes widened lightly.

"If you're serious about that, you're a monster, aren't you? How old are you now, boy?"

"I'm five."

"And neither of it is lying. ------ Are you a rising star?"

I'm sorry to say that the expectations are high, but the lack of talent will soon be overwhelming.

 But with a little ingenuity, you can still compete with vampires in the second level of magic.

 Schneizel gave me a ferocious smile.

"I'm going to need your help to rescue the servants from this place safely."

"I understand."


We arrive at the third potential location, making plans according to the next one.

 It was a bookstore near the park.

 I had checked it out once myself, but I had passed it by, thinking there was nothing wrong with it.

 Standing in front of it, Schneizel had a grim expression on his face.

'Is it here?"

'I think so. I can feel the presence of a unique magical creature".

"You can tell that kind of thing, can't you?"

 The room was too small, and windows could be seen on the walls.

 That would allow sunlight to penetrate the entire interior, and it wouldn't be a good place to hide out.

But Schneizel's intuition is absolute. There is a vampire here.

"The plan is exactly what I had in mind. I'm counting on you, kid."

'I'll take care of i support"

 I give Schneizel a forced smile and walk off alone, aware of my racing heartbeat.

 This is a bookstore.

If this is a bookstore, there will probably be people coming in as customers.

The strategy is simple.

If I spot a vampire, I will give a signal that will be passed on to Schneizel, who is outside.

The signal is a holy attribute spell that I will use with all my might.

If the surprise attack is successful, the vampire will be scared, and if it fails, it will move to kill me, the enemy.

Schneizel would take advantage of this opening and charge through, taking out the vampire in an instant.

It's a plan that puts me in danger, but it seems to be the natural thing to do according to Schneizel's values as a fighter.

I was scared to death, but it was a good thing that the person I was supposed to be protecting recognized me as someone I could at least fight with.

"What's up? You're not ready to go?"

"I'll go, just give me a minute."How pathetic I was, still not ready at this point .

 Misha might die in these few seconds.

And yet, as soon as I weighed my own life against the lives of others, my feet became as heavy as lead.

It's really lame.

I was so excited to save Crescencia while I was enjoying this world as if it was a game, but now I doubt if I even have that kind of resolve left.

 Oh, God.

I really hate myself this way.

"Do you want to change the plan after all?"

"No, I'm fine."

Trust my word.

If I don't trust myself, then trust the strongest man behind me.

I don't think Schneizel will make a mistake if danger comes knocking.

 Don't worry.

 I won't die.

 After taking a deep breath, I willingly opened the door to the bookstore.

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