Chapter 6 . My first ally

Early in the morning, a knock on the door echoed. When I allowed entry, it was Misha, the personal maid, who entered.

"Good morning, young master"

"Good morning."

An exchange that has been a part of everyday life since I came to this world.

Today, however, there was a little difference.

Misha, who was carrying a lot of clothes to wash, took out two books that she had hidden in the gap between the sheets of her towel.

She took the lead in preparing the books for me, who was forbidden to even study.

This act, which could be seen as a betrayal to the Endenbergs, is the best proof that Misha is a supporter of mine.

 ---The reason for the betrayal was yesterday.

 Feeling the limits of what I could do on my own, I asked Misha, who came to my room as usual, to help me.

"Can you help me?

"yes! Of course!"

Seeing Misha nodding her head repeatedly, I wondered how she could be so highly motivated by someone else's problem, but there was a good reason.

Apparently, her background and my situation had some parallels, and that seemed to have moved her.

It seemed a little weak for a motivation, but then again, Norwin is only five years old.

If a child who is cold to even family members desperately asks for help, an emotional girl might fall for it.

---I don't know, but if I can get help, it's not a problem.

Misha is cute, and besides, if by some chance she ever finds out that I tried to give her a study, I understand that she is from a noble family and won't be killed or something.

 She would just be fired, or worse, sent back to her parents' house.

If she doesn't end up dying because of me, it' even better.

Incidentally, the reason I thought it was okay to recruit Misha was because she was showing sympathy with my situation.

Looking back on it now, I realize that was a careless decision.

The sympathy was an act, and there remained the possibility that Misha was a pawn in the Endenberg family.

I guess it was my sense of frustration at the lack of action that led me to make such a quick decision.

Ever since I started training in magic, I've realized the lack of this physical ability.

Knowing the power of the protagonists through the game, Norwin's inability was enough to make me frustrated.

It was a good thing that Misha became a companion as a result, but if the maid in front of me had been from the enemy side, I would probably be spending my days in even greater bondage now.

Next time, I would be more thoughtful in my actions.

"How can I help you?"

"No, don't mind it ."

As I was thinking about yesterday, Misha looked into my face with concern.

 Wow, she's still cute up close.

If I'm not mistaken, she's better than the other heroines of Arcue, isn't she?

My personal maid closed the door behind her and locked it.

"Now it's just you and me, right?"

Misha smiles at me as if she is addressing her younger brother.

I wonder if it's because we've gone from being master and servant to companions who share a secret.

Since yesterday, Misha has smiled at me frequently.

I'm happy because she's cute, but to be honest, she's so attractive that it could shake my feelings for Crescencia, so I'd like her to moderate her behavior.

"So, what are your plans for today?"

 Misha speaks up with a sniffle.

Is she so glad to be able to help me?

s. It's true that there are times like this.

 When I secretly rebel against an adult who is not right, I get motivated in a strange way.

I guess that's what happens when that feeling is combined with a desire to protect others.

'Basically, in the mornings, I train intensively in magic. After a lunch break, I study languages and general education in the afternoon."

"The training in magic can be exhausting, so I'd like to get my studies done first if possible. ------"

"That will be difficult."

"Why is that?"

"I checked the schedules of all the servants in charge of the mansion and found that they were busiest in the mornings, while there was very little work to be done in the afternoons. I think it would be better to train in magic, which requires a great deal of preparation, in the mornings, when it is harder to get unexpected distractions."

 "I see."

 That's certainly true.

I mean, didn't she just say a great idea?

Did she just check the schedules of all the servants in the mansion ?

 Yesterday, today?

"How can I help you?"

When I stared at Misha's face in surprise, she tilted her head cockily, as if she was unaware of what she had done.

 Damn, she's cute, isn't she?

"it's nothing. If that's the case, let's start training in magic right away."


Misha opened the magic book on the floor with excitement.

The reason why she does not use a table is so that when the time comes, she can cover the floor by using earth magic to cover the evidence of the students' studies.

Then, if a carpet is placed over it, the distinctive glue marks made by the earth magic will not be visible.


The magic used in the game was only useful for combat, which was inevitable due to the circumstances of the game.

The game is mainly about fighting, so even if there was a magic to avoid feather insects (I don't know if it exists), where would it be used?

It would be inevitable that there would be a skew in the types of magic.

But there must be a wider range and deeper knowledge of magic in this world.

I, who have already learned all about magic in combat, need to master it.

The knowledge I have gained through the game and the further knowledge I acquire from now on. By putting the two together, I will become the strongest magician....

With this determination, I looked down at my magic book and...


"Young Master?"


"Young Master?"

 Oh, wait.

"I' can't read -----"


"Misha, I can't read ."


 No, what's with that surprised look on your face?

 "No? What?"

It's my fault for assuming I could read it, but if I could understand the language, I would have assumed the characters were in Japanese too!

 Why are only the letters from the Kingdom of Arcadia?

"Misha , can you tell me the characters first?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

With a grin that belies her young appearance, Misha opens a book on book how to learn a language.


For the next few hours, it was time for classroom learning.

Languages, general education, and then as much aristocratic education as Misha knew.

It was a process of learning 'the culture of this world', which I could not get from Alcue.

I was worried about whether I would be able to master it, since I hated studying, but my child's brain stored up new knowledge like a sponge absorbing water.

I was able to spend my days in this way, but...the trouble came three months later.

I had no choice but to take part in the Arcadia Quest, plot though I thought it was still a little ways off.

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