Surprise! The Poor School Boy is the Father of the Child

Surprise! The Poor School Boy is the Father of the Child


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In the novel “I Love You to Marry”, there are two characters who are more discussed than the hero and heroine. Jiang Ruoqiao is the male lead’s scheming first love who abandoned him before he became famous. Under the pure and harmless appearance, she dislikes the poor, loves the rich, and is greedy for vanity. All kinds of heinous behaviors.

Lu Yicheng, the male protagonist’s college roommate and good friend, comes from a poor family, and was a student god in college, with a gentle and introverted temperament, humble and courteous. One day, when Lu Yicheng was working part-time, he accidentally picked up a five-year-old boy. The child’s eyes were bright and he called him daddy!

Lu Yicheng was at a loss: “…”

Who can tell him how he has a five-year-old son at the age of twenty, and he is sure that he has not had any intimate behavior with anyone. What’s even more shocking is that the little boy pointed at his roommate’s girlfriend in the group photo, and complained, “Dad, why don’t you take me to find my mother?”

* A few years later, there was a rumor in University A According to legend, how beautiful was the school belle of that year? The two influential figures in the Meidao Academy turned against each other because of her.

Regarding this, Jiang Ruoqiao said: “Actually, I didn’t like these two people at first… Do you believe that fathers are more valuable than sons?” Lu Yicheng: “?”

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