// Does she know him?

The noise of the street was suppressed by his reprimand. More than twenty masked people around him looked up at him, and it took a long time before they remembered to continue to fight.

“Get out of the way!” The masked man closest to him stared at him, surprised and angry, “Don’t get in the way of us doing our duty for the heavens!”

Enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens? He sneered and said, “Disturbing the coffin is a great crime of dereliction of duty.”

“Disturbing a coffin is indeed a mortal sin, but the one in here is a beast!” The man said in a hateful voice, “Jiang Xuanjin, you also know how guilty she is. Why are you stopping us!”

How dare this group of people call him by his name? Jiang Xuanjin’s eyebrows moved slightly, he stretched out his hand and pulled the white silk burning on the coffin, and swung it sideways, knocking down the two masked people who were about to move behind him. There was someone next to him who was about to climb up. He glanced towards the side and kicked a big sword next to him with the tip of his foot.

‘Clang—” The sword was awe-inspiring, splitting the blue stone stand, and the sword trembled continuously, emitting a buzz.

Those who had initially wanted to climb up the wooden cart watched in horror, stopped and did not dare to move.

The leader was very angry, and pointed his sword at him angrily, “To refuse a gentle toast only to be forced a penalty drink!”

Jiang Xuanjin looked at him with a calm gaze and slowly spoke, his voice like striking jade, “No matter what kind of wine you give me, if you have the ability to make me drink it, then come and try it.”

The long funeral procession was cut into three sections. The front and rear sections were blocked by the masked people, so they were unable to reach to support the middle section of the coffin. The fire was raging next to him, and there were many people on the opposite side. Li Huaiyu really couldn’t understand where Jiang Xuanjin had the confidence to say such things.

There is only a Chengxu on his side ah!

The leader who obviously also realized this snickered, “You, a son of a noble family, have learned a few years of martial arts, and you want to take on a hundred of us? Since you insist on protecting this beast, don’t blame us for not being polite. Go!”

Just as the last words was shouted to the side, a group of masked people heard the order and rushed to the coffin without hesitation

Li Huaiyu frowned anxiously.

Don’t get her wrong, it’s impossible for her to be worried about Jiang Xuanjin. But this fight is going on next to her coffin, the wooden coffin would have to be broken, right? The nanmu wood is very rare, and it’s not easy to be replaced when broken. Today is a good day for burial. If she misses it, what should she do if it affects her future fortune?

After looking at the clothes of the group of masked people, and then looking down at the dark-coloured clothes on her body, Huaiyu had an idea. She tied her hair into a bun, tore off the corners of her clothes to cover her face, and crept into the crowd.

Jiang Xuanjin was already fighting with the people. He slashed horizontally with a ‘shua’ on the opposite side. He flipped over and jumped out of the coffin, cleanly knocked down two people, then grabbed a long sword, and cooperated with Chengxu to get a foothold.

There were so many people around him, yet after more than a dozen moves, no one could make him see blood.

The leader looked at the azure figure in the encirclement in amazement, anger and in awe, “My lord, you are a good person, why do you have to come and get involved in this muddy water!”

“The state has the national laws, and the etiquette has the rules of etiquette.” The tip of the sword pierced through a man’s knee, and Jiang Xuanjin replied to him, “Danyang has already fallen under the law, and your behavior is against the imperial court.”

“Is it enough that she’s dead?” The leader said angrily, “Lord Pingling was so innocent, but this woman has caused him to die without a whole body! Zhang Neishi was also a loyal slave who served the late emperor, yet she dragged him from the front hall to the entrance of the palace gates and lynched him to death! She took control of the court and disregarded the people of the seven plagued counties, treating the common people of the world like ants! Such a person, if she is not split by five horses, how can we comfort the spirits of the heroes in heaven!”

Glancing at him, Jiang Xuanjin’s expression moved slightly, as if he had been persuaded.

The leader was overjoyed and hurriedly took a step closer towards him, “My lord is also a pillar of the country. Princess Danyang was poisoned by the wine delivered with your own hands… you”

He wanted to say, you hate her too, don’t you?

However, before these words could be spoken, a long sword quickly reached his throat like a snake.

“Let them retreat.” Jiang Xuanjin said indifferently, “If you continue to fight, you will only end up being surrounded. With me here, you can’t move this coffin.”

“You!” The leader’s face was livid, “You don’t know how to distinguish between right and wrong!”

Right from wrong? Jiang Xuanjin looked at him and said, “I know the difference more clearly than you.”

With a sneer, the leader let him hold himself hostage and shouted angrily, “Everyone go! Tear down the coffin first, don’t worry about me!”

“Yes!” The people next to him answered, and split, with five people surrounding Jiang Xuanjin and Chengxu, while the rest ran to the other side, raising their shovel to smash the coffin.

Jiang Xuanjin’s expression tightened and he wanted to stop it.

However, the leader next to him seemed to have already calculated his movements, turned his hand and pulled out the dagger in his palm, twisted his face and shouted, “Since you want to protect this beast, let’s go to hell together!”

“Jun Shang, be careful!”

The murderous aura came swiftly, and Jiang Xuanjin turned around, but he was too late to dodge.

In the blink of an eye, a person suddenly jumped out of the crowd, holding a piece of wood picked up from nowhere, and quickly and accurately hit the leader on the back of his head.

‘Bang!’ There was a muffled sound, and the man’s dagger stopped an inch before Jiang Xuanjin’s back waist. His body shook and staggered twice, looking back behind him in disbelief.

Jiang Xuanjin was taken aback for a moment. He then raised his head slightly and saw a petite masked man staring at the leader with a pair of almond eyes. Seeing that he didn’t fall, he immediately added another log.

With a ‘Dong’, the leader finally fell to the ground.

Li Huaiyu kicked him with some hatred the iron for not becoming steel. He was so useless. Why was he so slow? She hadn’t been in a hurry to make a move. She was just thinking that she could kill two birds with one stone, but this man’s short and stupid action was so clumsy that Jiang Xuanjin turned sideways to avoid his vital point. So even if he stabbed him, he couldn’t kill him.

Then it might as well be her doing him a favour.

“You…” Jiang Xuanjin looked at her suspiciously and was about to open his mouth to ask, but the shovel that was going to smash the coffin had already fallen.

Huaiyu’s pupils shrank and she reacted extremely fast. She picked up the wooden stick and threw it violently, knocking down one of the shovels, but the rest could not be helepd.

“Quickly go and stop it!” She pushed Jiang Xuanjin.

Jiang Xuanjin was pushed by her and staggered two steps. Without much time to think about anything else, Jiang Xuanjin crossed over the coffin and continued to entangle with the masked men smashing the coffin.

“Jun Shang!” General Huben Zhonglang, who led the team ahead, finally broke through the interception and came over with support. Seeing that Jiang Xuanjin was surrounded, his face turned pale from fright, and he quickly shouted, “Hurry up and save Jun Shang!”

Huaiyu couldn’t help rolling her eyes, thinking to herself that they should be thankful that Jiang Xuanjin’s martial arts was also good. Otherwise, with their speed of saving people, if it was replaced with someone who was not capable enough, there would be another coffin.

Seeing the situation turn around, this group of masked men were not stupid either. They immediately picked up their leader and retreated while fighting.

“Oh, hey they want to slip away and block the entrance of the alley ahead!” Huaiyu shouted.

Jiang Xuanjin looked sideways at her and finally recognized the voice, “It’s you.”

Pulling her face scarf, Huaiyu smiled and waved to him, saying, “To meet you again so soon, we really do have fate.”

Jiang Xuanjin frowned at the thought of this person’s unruly behavior just now.

He didn’t think it was fate, but he felt that the person in front of him was strange and had an indescribable look in her eyes. Saying it’s hate, but she is clearly smiling, but to say it’s admiring or something like that, it is definitely not like that.

Does she… know him?

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