Spring Banquet

Spring Banquet

SB งานเลี้ยงแห่งวสันตกาล 春日宴

18 Chapters Ongoing Status


Li Huaiyu, the princess of Danyang, who was arrogant and domineering and hurt the ruler and the opposition for eight years, was gone. On the day of the new emperor’s ascension to the throne, Qiqiao bleeds and dies in terrible conditions.

Hundreds of officials celebrated and all applauded: evil is rewarded! Good death!

However, during the first seven days, Princess Danyang resurrected her body and became the fourth lady of the White House.

What? Is this Miss Bai Si a fool? Defenseless? Still stealing from relatives?

Huaiyu took the case: “It’s really unreasonable!”

Fighting ingenuity is a blockbuster, and there are thousands of people helping each other. With the Princess of Danyang, are you afraid this fool’s fate won’t change?

But who can tell you, on the wall, why you pressed Ziyang Jun Jiang Xuanjin?

“Have you ever loved someone?”

“You loved me.”

“How do you love?”

“At first, I tried every means to stun her.”

In the end, I tried everything I could, just wishing that she would succeed.

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