Return To The Past: I Won’t Choose Humility This Time!

Return To The Past: I Won’t Choose Humility This Time!


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In her previous life, as Yun Xi laid in d for the terminally ill, she was heartlessly informed by her famous painter husband, “Yun Xi, let’s divorce. Back then, if you hadn’t posed as your sister and took her place, did you think I would marry you? The person who saved me was clearly your sister.” Yun Xi was dumbstruck. It was actually her who saved Mo Ran! She struggled to look at her sister, Yun Lian, trying to obtain verification from her. Yet, what she saw made her heart sink into her stomach. Yun Lian lowered her gaze to conceal the emotion in her eyes as she said, “Sister, I’m sorry. My Brother-in-law and I truly love each other. I’ve been hiding this truth for so long now, and I can’t hide it any longer.

Yun Xi suddenly felt her world spin, and the past flashed through her mind. Her sister had always asked her about how she saved Mo Ran in detail and constantly sowed discord in between her and Mo Ran, causing Mo Ran to be more distant from her. Was that all for the sake of today?

Yun Xi and Yun Lian are twins, but because Yun Xi was always better in terms of studies and had a better husband, both society and their parents preferred Yun Xi. For this same reason, Yun Xi would always tolerate and dote on Yun Lian, giving Yun Lian most of her opportunities, including the precious chance to go to school. Staring at her husband’s icy expression, Yun Xi dragged her sickly body to the ICU’s window, and jumped down.

When she opened her eyes, Yun Xi realized that she wasn’t dead. Instead, she had returned to that summer day when she was competing with Yun Lian for an admission opportunity. It was this day that Yun Xi offered her most precious opportunity! Now that she was given another chance at life, Yun Xi swore to take back what was hers. Whatever she was owed and whatever that was taken from her, she would have Yun Lian cough up everything! She would start from this high school admission opportunity! As for her ex-husband, Mo Ran, Yun Xi decided to let Yun Lian have him. Yun Xi didn’t want him anymore. However, the new Yun Xi, who had now become aloof instead of her old humble self, was further loved by the world. Even that unattainable man started paying her attention?!


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