Rebirth Married The Control Group Fulang

Rebirth Married The Control Group Fulang


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Xu He had been his sister’s control group since he was a child. His elder sister was fair, juicy and good at giving birth. She was the heart of the Xu family, a flower in the village, and the talented people who wanted to marry her lined up from the village to the back of the mountain.

The little brother was only good at cooking, and he was busy from the stove to the field all day long, and no one paid attention to his disheveled face. People in the village talked after dinner, how the same parents had two very different children. With his sister as a comparison, it must be more difficult for He ge’er to marry.

However, there were many young men looking for Xu He, but these people who got close to him were all to find out about his sister. Xu He had been used to it for many years, but recently, even Zhang Fangyuan, who was not doing business in the village, wanted to get something from him.

After inquiring, he tried to hide, but he was stuck on the way home, but the man said: “He ge’er, your cooking is delicious, and it will be even better if you are my fulang.”

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