On the Wedding Night, Ms. Cui Realized

On the Wedding Night, Ms. Cui Realized


19 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Cui Ti is a blind woman who has grown up with the constant mistreatment and belittlement from her parents and servants. They take pleasure in laughing at her expense.

However, her life takes a sudden and unexpected turn when she is welcomed into the Pei family by the most glorious son, Pei Xuan, carried in a palanquin. Despite her confusion on why Pei Xuan would want to marry her, as it couldn’t be love at first sight, she is grateful for the respect and kindness he shows her.

Not only did Pei Xuan give her respect as a human, but he also held and protected her. He would support her in time before she fell, and patiently removed small fishbones for her. He would hug her, kiss her occasionally, and never scold her.

As a blind person, there is only so much you can do.

So after getting married, she lets go of her restraint and thought about raising children for Pei Xuan to repay his kindness.

But Pei Xuan refused to consummate their marriage.

Minutes later, she was being pushed into the lotus pond as she thought: ‘Forget it, he pities me and cherishes me, but it is not love’.

Opening her eyes, Cui Ti went back three years ago.

In her new life, during her wedding night, she accidentally touched the candles, and made a pained groaned as Pei Xuan came out of the tub in a panic after hearing the sound.

Seeing the waterfall-like long hair of her “Good Husband” and the graceful and hot body that cannot be concealed by his snow-white underwear, Cui Ti trembled physically and mentally, blushed and felt hot, and soon realized…

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