Medical Princess

Chapter 89: It's not Done, You Still Owe Me a Lot!!

“What?” After she finished her sentence, it was silence for a long time, and Chu Liuchen finally gave her this question.

“The Fragrance of July!” Qin Wanru got relaxed. If it was easily to deal with once he started to talk. Smiling to his back, she gave him this term.

One day when she was looking through a medical book, and she felt something was familiar. After she thought for a while, an idea came upon to her. She remembered Queen was in poor condition as she had the syndrome of coughing blood, and one of the ingredients that were frequently used was The Fragrance of July.

Because of the soil and environment in the capital city, no The Fragrance of July was cultivated there, but it could adapt to the climate of Jiangzhou. However, there were still some The Fragrance of Julies could be found here, so they were precious and were short of need every year!

“What do you mean?” Chu Liuchen turned his head around and sat up slightly, and Qin Wanru put a cushion behind his back to support him sit up immediately.

Qin Wanru didn’t feel weird about his response. In her last life, she has heard that the Queen adored this grandchild a lot, and she loved him much more than all the rest of the princes. Because of her cherish, Prince Chen, who could be considered as the one got removed from the title of Prince, was arrogant in the palace.

No one dared to make him angry.

He had an excellent relationship with the Queen for sure.

The bowl was not burning hot now, so Qin Wanru passed it to Chu Liuchen with her beautiful eyes blinking. Her view then located on the bowl from his face and blinked again, indicating him to drink it!

It was bitter and suffocating, definitely not tasty. Qin Wanru felt it disgusting, so she leaned backward as she disliked drinking any medicine bitter like this.

She was then patted gently on her head, not knowing whether her words worked or her dislike look played a role in it, Chu Liuchen accepted the bowl and drank until the last drop.

After he finished, he passed the bowl back to Qin Wanru, patting on her head again and squinted at her, “so useless!”

Qin Wanru took the bowl and put it aside. She pursed her lips in dark corner, as it was him who played a temper and refused to drink medicine. Qin Wanru, younger than him had to coax him. And now it was shameless for him to define her as a useless person.

“Did you find any old The Fragrance of July?” Chu Liuchen robbed the handkerchief in Qin Wanru’s hand and wiped his mouth. Throwing the handkerchief back to Qin Wanru, he wore a natural expression as if the handkerchief he just used belonged to him.

He was really arrogant and had a weird temper!

Speechlessly, Qin Wanru stared at the stained handkerchief, she rubbed it in her hand, pretending that she didn’t see anything. She nodded her head, “I find perfect The Fragrance of July!”

The longer the medicine got stored, the better it worked as an ingrediant!

She had no idea why Chu Liuchen emerged in Jiangzhou somehow, and The Fragrance of July was one of his purposes in this journey.

“Where is it, and how much do you have?” Chu Liuchen asked.

“I have about five straws, which were about a hundred years old.” Qin Wanru smiled and said.

“Where is it?”

“They’re some in Jingxin Monastery!” Qin Wanru didn’t hide the truth, and they were gifts of Jingxin Monastery master who gave them to Qin Wanru to show her affection towards the younger generation. However, they were still stored in the hands of Jingxin Monastery master.

“Jingxin Monastery master?” Chu Liuchen pondered on those words and touched his chin.

“Yes, Jingxin Monastery master!” Qin Wanru nodded her head and assured him. Then her eyes rolled and looked vigorous, “if childe got them, please remember my contribution!”

She had the chance to show off her contribution in front of him, and Qin Wanru would not allow this opportunity to escape from her fingers.

“Alright, I know, I’ll give this back to you!” Chu Liuchen said impatiently. Fumbling under his pillow, he found an item and threw it like discarding trash to Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanru accepted it and released it was her stamp. She became totally speechless when she raised her head and saw his disordered pillow.

Someone would think it was a precious item as he even hid it under his pillow when lying in bed.

However, Qin Wanru was still happy for getting it back, so she stood up and bowed to him with profound respect, “Childe, thanks a lot!”

“Qin Wanru, this is not over, and you still owe me a lot!” Chu Liuchen raised his eyebrows and showed a slight smile transforming his beautiful face into a gentle and elegant one. Even his face looked pale and bloodless, he was still as pure as jade and as beautiful as jewelry, bringing out a distinct sense that was above anyone while his long eyelashes were circling his dark eyes.

“Yes, thanks for many times to childe’s favor!” Qin Wanru bowed again reluctantly.

Prince Chen was so petty, and he was even calculating every favor he had done for her even when he was so sick. He didn’t want others to take advantage of him at all. She couldn’t understand, with his honorable identity, he was bound to be a great childe in the future, so why he was finding trouble with her, a little girl, and he had to win everything before hers turn.

Chu Liuchen groaned feebly as a response to Qin Wanru. He squinted at Qin Wanru as well as the stool in front of his bed.

Qin Wanru understood and retook the sit of the stool. She wanted to leave already.

“Give me the food, and I’m hungry!” Chu Liuchen yelled impatiently to the door, and Qin Wanru looked askance at the door, and a piece of familiar cloth was hanging. Xiao Xuanzi was hiding there.

He was worried that her words might irritate Prince Chen!

“Yes… yes, I’ll deliver your food right now!” Xiao Xuanzi became thrilled when he heard Chu Liuchen wanted to eat food. He went into the room from the door, heaping up smiles on his face. He didn’t expect Second Miss Qin could make him both drink the medicine and eat the lunch!

He really scared of screwing things up before!

“You overheard a while by the door, right?”

Wearing a fixed smile, Xiao Xuanzi shook his hands in panic, “no… no, I, sir, I just came in and I… I didn’t hear anything!”

“Really?” Chu Liuchen asked him gloomily.

Xiao Xuanzi didn’t have the boldness to lie this time, he lowered his head and said timidly, “sir, I was only worried… worried about you, so I overheard a little bit… really a little bit!”

“You overheard me with only one ear?” Chu Liuchen smiled. Although his smile looked mild, it spread coldness and hid chillness.

“Yes… yes, with one ear!” Xiao Xuanzi stammered.

“Since you only listened with one ear, then what’s the use of the other one, cut it off!” Chu Liuchen’s face broke into a wide grin.

Xiao Xuanzi was trembling, and his teeth were chattering. He kneeled, “sir… please! Please forgive me!”

“Alright, leave, and serve me food! Remember to use both years while overhearing next time!” Chu Liuchen patted his quilt and decided not to scare his servant anymore since he was in a good mood.

“Yes… Sir!” Now Xiao Xuanzi could tell that his master was fooling him around, so he started to laugh as well, and he retreated for preparing his food.

Looking at this complacent beautiful lad reluctantly, Qin Wanru thought he was not as weak as he looked like minutes ago when he was playing this gross joke.

Four dishes and one soup were delivered to him, and they were all cooked in plain flavor only to suit his weak stomach of a patient like him.

It seemed that Chu Liuchen had no appetite to eat because he only took few. When he laughed out with his head raising, he laughed out at Qin Wanru!

“Did you eat?”

Qin Wanru shook her head. She was about to eat, Xiao Xuanzi came, and now she became hungry when she saw him eating.

Biting her pink lips, she pouted and lowered her head. She felt hungry now since she missed her lunch, and all those dishes looked delicious.

“Do you want some?” Chu Liuchen ruminated on these words. He suddenly felt this idea was not bad, so he said to Xiao Xuanzi who served by his side, “give Qin Wanru a pair of chopsticks and a bowl. I’ll have lunch with her.”

“Sir…”Xiao Xuanzi got stunned because his master didn’t like eating food with others, and he even rarely had a meal with the Queen.

“Move fast!” Chu Liuchen squinted at Qin Wanru and said. His stare shifted from her snowy skin to her pink lips. Hearing his words, she pressed her lips together which made her bottom lip very flat and with her cheeks bulging. If he could add some bubbles on her face, she could look like a goldfish’s bulging mouth!

She looked ridiculous.

He was fond of her lips’ color as well.

Compared with his pale lips’ color, he thought hers look vibrant and energetic, which made him envious.

Feeling his stare on her face, Qin Wanru loosed her lips in a hurry.

Xiao Xuanzi served her a pair of new chopsticks and a bowl, and he also filled her half bowl of rice. Looking at the dishes, Qin Wanru decided not to refuse it anymore. Moreover, it didn’t seem like she was able to refuse him.

Anyway, she was hungry, and she was credited!

The consequence was after she finished her meal with relish, she found Chu Liuchen, sitting opposite to her, kept gazing at her as if out of a dream.

Qin Wanru blinked her eyes, with no idea what he was staring for, so she wiped her face with handkerchief unconsciously. Then she saw Xiao Xuanzi who forced himself to stop laughing that he almost twisted his face and Chu Liuchen who could barely hold his bowl because of his crazy laugh.

Her long and curl eyelashes fluttered, and her big bright eyes blinked. Qin Wanru checked her handkerchief under the guidance of Xiao Xuanzi’s stare.

What left on the handkerchief was Chu Liuchen’s stain after he wiped the medical liquid and her face blushed. She threw the handkerchief and covered where she just wiped unconsciously, and they stood up and walked outside.

Chu Liuchen was surely doing this on purpose. He was scheming because he allured her to wipe the handkerchief on her face and it was needless to say that there was a brown medical stain on her face for sure.

Chu Liuchen was laughing out loud behind her uncontrollably.

“Miss!” Qing Yue stayed outside quietly, and when she saw Qin Wanru walked out, covering her face, she became panicking and stepped forward in a hurry.

“Handkerchief.” Qin Wanru ground her teeth in the darkness.

Qing Yue accepted her handkerchief hurriedly, and Qin Wanru reached out her hands wiping on the face in all strength. While she was cleaning and walking outside, she felt someone was laughing viciously.

He was so shrewd because he knew her unconscious behavior and guided her to make herself humiliated!

Maybe he came to this point when she was eating lunch, and he was waiting for him to do the wrong things!

Qin Wanru walked back to Jingxin Monastery in a hurry, but she went to Mingqiu Nun’s hut instead of going back to her own yard. There was something that she was required to report to Mingqiu Nun first.

The reason that she didn’t tell Chu Liuchen that The Fragrance of July was a gift to her from Jingxin Monastery master was because she remembered an accident in Jingxin Monastery. She had to help Jingxin Monastery to get through it!

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