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Chapter 81: You are Not General Qin's Daughter, are You?

Qin Huaiyong was getting married again? This was a great news among the officials in Jiangzhou.

Plenty of news was bombarding Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion recently, and all of them were bizarre. So people remained watching when they heard Qin Huaiyong was marrying.

Madam Di was cherished by Duke Yong in the capital city and was not someone that could be bullied easily. People didn’t understand why Qin Huaiyong would do something like this to make Duke Yong feel angry.

But when news of Jingxin Monastery on that day was spreading all over the entire Jiangzhou city, they suddenly understood Qin Huaiyong.

He didn’t marry a virtuous wife, and he couldn’t divorce with her due to Duke Yong mansion in the capital city. Therefore, it was reasonable to marry another one to take care of his young daughter and old mother.

Now due to Madam Di’s plotting, he had to visit General’s Mansion.

Ningyuan Army General was a good guy, but it was unfortunate for him to marry a Madam like her, he really had no choice. Regarding his pain and suffering, many officials in Jiangzhou resonated with him and felt he suffered a lot.

Who could imagine how vicious Madam Di was as she looked like a gentle and elegant person in the surface, and she even disliked Second Miss who was not her daughter and asked people to kidnap her. How vicious could she do something like this?

Although she didn’t give birth to her, the Second Miss kept regarding her as her mother.

At this moment, many people felt pity for Qin Wanru, especially some Madams who met her before. They all thought Second Miss Qin was an innocent girl, beautiful and cute. All in all, she was only a kid, though she was 11 years old, she still looked childish.

Although she looked childish, she was an adorable kid.

Everyone would think Madam Di was too vicious.

Madam Li from Magistrate Qi, in particular, kept talking about it with anyone she met wherever she went. On the one hand, she lamented Second Miss Qin for having a mother like this, and on the other hand, she abused how vicious Madam Di was because she didn’t want other’s daughter to have a good life only because her own daughter was living miserably.

Madam Di’s bad intentions hurt second Miss Qin and her daughter.

Qin Wanru was calmed when rumors from the outside went into her ears. She asked Nanny Duan to order people to spread gossips, thus, to a large extent, words from people inside Jingxin Monastery would be spread to more people to outside.

The consequence was the public was happy to see that Qin Huaiyong married Shui Ruolan and nobody thought they could grasp anything they did wrong in this wedding.

Even Madam Li from magistrate Jiang reiterated in front of others that Shui Ruolan was a mild person and was plotted against, and she had to marry into General’s Mansion to serve Old Grandma and Qin Wanru. If it were not Madam Di, she was living as a widow, leading a simple and everyday life.

Because of Madam Li’s claim, they all thought Shui Ruolan had high morality and good characters.

In the early morning, Qin Huaiyong brought a bridal sedan chair with him to pick up Ruolan. People clustered in the yard. Old Grandma was in good spirit, and she anchored the wedding in the backyard. Qin Wanru was helping her and treating Young Madams in her age.

Old Grandma considered everything. She knew Young Madams would feel uneasy because of the attendance of all the madams, so she arranged a hall for Qin Wanru to treat Young Madams on the other side.

People all thought it was a good thing for Qin Huaiyong to get married. Guests were a large number, and many Young Madams arrived as well. In Jiangzhou, Ningyuan Army General and Magistrate Qi enjoyed the highest social status, but since Qi Rongzhi didn’t come, Qin Wanru was the most prestigious and honorable one. Many Young Madams who had a good relationship with her came.

But the Young Madams who were friends with Qin Yuru was absent, and other Young Madams felt comfortable because of this.

“Second Miss, she was not your biological mother, was that true?” A Miss sitting around her, young enough with her eyes blinking, approached to her and asked curiously.

Qin Wanru knew her. She was the daughter of a vice-general working for Qin Huaiyong, and her name was Yue Yuqing. She was very young, months younger than Qin Wanru and she was only ten years old but a little bit taller than Qin Wanru. When they were standing together, Qin Wanru was half head lower than her which made Qin Wanru look like the younger sister.

There were so many rumors outside about her life background, and other Young Madams on-site were curious about it. However, others were embarrassed to ask, so Yue Yuqing, as the youngest one, took the lead.

Now, other Young Madams in seven or eight years old were staring at curiously.

“She was not my biological mother!” Qin Wanru shook her head, her small face wrinkled up, and her pinky lips were tightly closed, which made her look pitiful.

“So… so who is your biological mother?” Yue Yuqing was too young to understand the complexity of the society, so she threw another question which everyone wanted to know to Wanru.

“I don’t know neither.” Qin Wanru shook her head, and her buns were bouncing as well, and then she lowered her head.

“How could you don’t know, did you ask your father? I bet general would surely know?” Yue Yuqing became much more curious, so she blinked her eyes and continued to rub salt in the wounds.

Although all the Young Madams were listening carefully, they all sighed that she was so young and insensible that nobody would blame her!

“There was not a trace that could prove my mother had lived here before, and I asked many… people, they all denied meeting her. It seemed that I suddenly emerged in this mansion.” Qin Wanru lowered her head and was languid.

“How could it be!” Several Young Madams couldn’t help exclaiming, and everyone was guessing that Qin Wanru’s mother was a concubine of Qin Huaiyong.

He was not here in Jiangzhou, but when he arrived in Jiangzhou, he had two daughters already. Therefore, nobody knew the background of Qin Wanru clearly.

“Truely, I didn’t know who was my genuine mother, and what’s her identity, and why she abandoned me!” Qin Wanru bowed her head slightly and said in a low voice. However, this didn’t stop those Young Madams who were eager to listen to some gossips.

Hearing her words, everyone was looking at each other.

“You couldn’t be General Qin’s biological daughter, can you?” A miss thought for a while, and suddenly, an idea came into her mind.

“Can I?” Qin Wanru lifted her head in a daze. She looked a little bit stunned because this assumption struck her.

“General Qin likes Second Miss so much, how can’t it be.” Another miss stood on the side of Qin Wanru and helped her.

They just found Madam Di was not her biological mother and how poor she could it be if General Qin was not her biological father!

“That was only an assumption, and I said that randomly, don’t take it seriously. You don’t have a biological mother, and that is weird. Second Miss Qin, maybe your mother is special!” The previous miss thought her assumption was isolated from reality, so she forced a hollow laugh and comforted Qin Wanru in a hurry and said.

“I… I don’t know!” Qin Wanru shook her head.

“That was weird… why she suddenly didn’t have a mother!” Yue Yuqing mumbled by her side, and then suddenly her eyes lit up, “Second Miss Qin, can’t you be the abandoned kid that was adopted by General Qin?”

“I… “Qin Wanru raised her head, and her eyes were red.

“That was nonsense, total nonsense.” Yue Yuqing saw she look so wronged and sad, and she shook her hands in a hurry.

“Alright, stop guessing here. Today is the wedding day of General’s Mansion, so Second Miss has got a new mother from now on. I heard Miss Shui is a very gentle and good-tempered person so that she would take care of Second Miss from now on. We could stop thinking about that.”

Other elders and more mature Young Madams intervene this awkward conversation, and they said it was the big day for General Qin, so please stopped making Second Miss sad. Otherwise, they would get criticized after they went back home.

Instantly, many people started to comfort Qin Wanru, and soon Qin Wanru cheered up and took them to hang around in the yard happily.

Assumptions could approach reality on most occasions. Although Young Madams felt embarrassed to say anything now, they wouldn’t feel awkward to talk about it with their fathers. Qin Wanru had doubts about her life background and had no clue to figure it out, so she spread some rumors and elicited people to think. Whether it would contribute to a positive result or not, she first let the news fly!

At this moment, it was said that the bridal sedan chair arrived at the front gate.

Young Madams were pushing to watch the big sensation, so Qin Wanru took them from the backyard and sneaked to the front yard where crowds were in a large number, nobody would notice they were out.

Even if they were seen, nobody would blame them because it was not a big deal and it was a wedding ceremony, so rules were relaxed somehow.

Qin Wanru was standing behind a pillar, watching Qin Huaiyong leading Shui Ruolan to walk inside with red silk in his hand. She rubbed the handkerchief in her hand, a thrill and profound deepness could be told in her eyes.

In her previous life, Shui Ruolan suffered a lot of pain because of Wanru, and now this time Wanru wanted to see her having a happy life and protecting her to have her own offsprings.

A gentle smile showed on Qin Huaiyong’s face where stern expressions always dominated, and it could be told that he was also satisfied with Shui Ruolan as well. They entered into the hall and bowed in the singing of the host of the wedding.

Old Grandma, sitting on the significant position, had her eyes red when she saw they were bowing to her, but then she smiled as well. It was evident that she was in a good mood, and then they were sent into the room.

Old Grandma reached out her hand and waved to Qin Wanru who stood aside and she ran to the Old Grandma with a smile on her face.

“Zhuozhuo, why are you hiding there?” Old Grandma smiled and said to her. She seemed in a good mood and she coughed less.

“Watching father and Aunt Shui.” Qin Wanru leaned towards Old Grandma and said in a respectful attitude.

“Why you’re still calling her Aunt Shui, you should call her Mother!” Old Grandma patted her head and said.

“Then what should I call my… previous one?” Qin Wanru pouted her mouth and said after a hesitation.

“I talked with your father, and you just called the previous one Madam!” Mentioning about Madam Di made Old Grandma’s smiled disappeared a little bit.

“Yes, Grandma, Zhuozhuo’ll listen to you.” Qin Wanru smiled, and her smile was flourishing like a booming flower because at that moment that smile came from the bottom of her heart.

“Look at this girl!” Someone in the crowd sounded unhappy and that person patted someone’s hand beside and sneered, “Go, find this girl here!”

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