Chapter 96: Seems Like She Is The Only One Having Any Weird Thoughts

Mu Yichen pushed open the door and left.

Luo Chenxi then returned to her desk and turned the laptop back on.

Now, no one would disturb her from drawing designs and interrupt her train of thoughts.

However, for some reason, she felt strangely irritated and could not bring herself to concentrate.

After realizing that she had been daydreaming for god knows how many times, Luo Chenxi finally sighed and turned off her laptop.

As she laid on the bed and closed her eyes, surprisingly, she had a rare bout of insomnia.

She was unsure what time it was before she finally fell asleep.

When she woke up the next morning, she turned to look at the time and realized that she had overslept again.

She hurriedly washed up and ran downstairs for breakfast.

Mu Weiwei had been holding in her anger for the entire night. The moment she saw Luo Chenxi, she instantly snapped.

“Tsk, tsk, day by day, you get off the bed a tad bit later than the day before! As expected of the Mu Family’s Young Madam, you don’t even need to go to school or work, all you need to do is to live off a man. It is no wonder that you get to wake up at any time you want!”

Mu Yichen’s face darkened and a trace of coldness appeared in his black eyes.

Mu Yiling, who sat next to him, observed the changes in his big brother’s expression. He could not help but worry for Mu Weiwei.

‘Oh dear god, this dumb sister of mine is provoking her sister-in-law again!

‘Does she not want her credit card back?’

Mu Yiling started pondering about ways to plead on behalf of his sister later…

However, Mu Yichen’s expression quickly returned to normal and he did not say a word.

He remained quiet as Luo Chenxi and Mu Weiwei argued in front of him.

Mu Yiling was dumbfounded.

What was up with his big brother? Did he get into a fight with sister-in-law again?

‘How old are they, twelve? Why are they always quarreling?’

Luo Chenxi stole a glance at Mu Yichen.

Mu Yichen was already well-dressed early in the morning. His handsome side profile was as expressionless as a sculpture, as if the matter from last night did not bother him a single bit…

Seemed like she was the only person who barely got a wink of sleep from having all the weird thoughts.

Luo Chenxi hastily ate her breakfast. She stuffed a few mouthfuls into her mouth and stood up. “Alright, I’m done eating! Tang Tang, let’s get you to the kindergarten!”

The little dumpling wore a confused look as Luo Chenxi picked her up. “Big sister, it’s Saturday today, Tang Tang doesn’t need to go to school…”

“Uh… is that so?”

Luo Chenxi froze and laughed dryly. “Hehe, big sister remembered wrongly. Let’s get you upstairs and we’ll play jigsaw puzzles.”

She praised herself for her quick-wittedness as she prepared to head upstairs with Tang Tang in her arms.

Mu Yichen had been quietly observing the woman who chased him out of the room last night.

She had not said a single word to him since she came downstairs for breakfast, he was completely ignored!

It seemed that she truly meant it when she said she was not jealous yesterday. Luo Chenxi did not take him seriously at all because he was only her husband in name.

He could not help but call out to her when he saw that she was about to go upstairs.

“Luo Chenxin!”

Luo Chenxi stopped and turned around. “Young… Young Master Mu… Is there something I can do for you?”

Mu Yichen felt a rising anger stuck on his chest as he saw the look on Luo Chenxi’s face.

The smile she put on her face was perfectly bright, and there was also nothing wrong with her tone, but it was just… too polite!

Mu Yichen’s face turned colder. At first, he wanted to tell Luo Chenxi that he was going abroad for business today, but he eventually swallowed his words.

‘Forget it, she wouldn’t care about it anyway.’

She might even be happier now that no one was going to bother her from drawing those d*mn designs!

“Watch Tang Tang carefully, if something happens to her, you won’t be able to bear the responsibility for it!” he coldly ordered.

Luo Chenxi pursed her lips. ‘Did this man just swallow gunpowder? Did he get annoyed by me bringing Tang Tang upstairs to play?’

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