Chapter 95: Those Words Felt Sour… Was She Jealous?

Mu Yichen never expected to be shoved away like this, and his face instantly turned gloomy.

“Luo Chenxin, did you actually push me away?”

Luo Chenxi glared at the man. “If you want to talk, then talk, no need for intimacy.”

Mu Yichen’s face became even darker as he heard her words. “What do you mean ‘no need for intimacy’? Is it a problem that I want to get intimate with my own wife?”

“Of course it is!”

Luo Chenxi’s gaze fell on Mu Yichen’s slightly wrinkled shirt.

She wondered if she made those wrinkles, or could Bai Xinxin have made those instead?

Luo Chenxi pursed her lips and said, “Young Master Mu, haven’t you got it all wrong? How am I even the rightful Young Madam Mu? Which person in the Mu Family doesn’t know that our marriage only serves as a temporary measure? We’ll divorce sooner or later. However, Miss Bai on the other hand, seems more fitting of the title herself, doesn’t she?

She acted like she did not care in front of Bai Xinxin and Mu Weiwei.

However, in truth, she did feel a little upset deep down.

Bai Xinxin did enter Mu Yichen’s study room and stayed for quite a while, and Mu Yichen did have her perfume fragrance on him.

Mu Yichen frowned. “What do you mean? What does this have to do with Bai Xinxin?”

Luo Chenxi raised her chin and looked into the man’s dark eyes. “Bai Xinxin obviously likes you, do you not realize it at all? Even Mu Weiwei herself said that Bai Xinxin will become her sister-in-law one day!”

Mu Yichen briefly stunned and stared at Luo Chenxi with a hint of amusement hidden in his eyes, but his face remained cold as he spoke, “Your voice kind of feels sour… Don’t tell me… Are you jealous?”

“Me… Jealous?”

Luo Chenxi had shock written all over her face when she heard his words, she shook her head and retorted, “No, you… you’re overthinking it, how could I be jealous? Haven’t we agreed on the second day after our wedding?”

“This marriage merely serves as a temporary measure. I’ve always been clear of my position and I’m not even the real Mrs. Mu, so why would I be jealous?”

The word ‘jealous’ felt like a bolt of lightning that struck on Luo Chenxi’s head.

She suddenly realized that she had this irritating feeling in her stomach the entire night, and it seemed like it really was jealousy.

Did she suddenly have a screw loose in her head?

Mu Yichen was not a man that she could afford to get involved with!

Back in the evening, when they were in the car, he even warned her not to pull any tricks and try to bind him to her side.

The hint of amusement in Mu Yichen’s eyes suddenly disappeared.

Then, with a voice that sounded forced and stale, he said, “Good, I see that you do know your place!”

Luo Chenxi was afraid that he would get angry, so she scrambled to explain, “Rest assured, I gave you my word, and I will keep it! I won’t harbor any improper feelings or thoughts. It’s just that no matter how you look at it, I’m the Young Madam of the Mu Family for now, don’t you think that it’s improper to just bring any woman that you like back home?”

“Wouldn’t that make things awkward? I’ve been playing along with your plan, don’t you think you should also give me some respect in that regard?”

As she finished, she blankly blinked her eyes and looked at Mu Yichen with a sincere face.

Mu Yichen’s face darkened so much it felt like it would drip ink.

As the man stared back at Luo Chenxi, cold sweat began to break out on her back, but she insisted to voice out her thoughts.

“Also, I think it’s wrong for us to share the same room, I think it’s better for us to sleep in different rooms. Otherwise, it will be hard to explain in case the incident back on our wedding night happens… again…”

She truly thought it would be best to stay as far away as possible from Young Master Mu.

As expected of the ideal husband who was praised by many, his hormones could still run rampant despite his bad temper.

If the two of them continued sharing the same bed, she might just do something she would regret!

Hearing this, Mu Yichen got so angry he felt as if his insides ached.

However, Luo Chenxi was right. They should have slept in different rooms from the second day of their marriage.

For some reason, the man himself would subconsciously return to the master bedroom every night.

“Very well, you’re right, I have been careless and this was wrong of me. From today onward, I will sleep in the guest room. Also, don’t worry, I will not bring any other woman back home from now on. Since you’re being so cooperative, this is the least I can do for you in return!”

Hearing his agreement, Luo Chenxi breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time felt more irritated than before.

‘He… didn’t deny his relationship with Bai Xinxin…’

However, it did not seem like he was obligated to give her any explanation.

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