Chapter 86: How Could She Possibly Take on the Position of the Mu Family’s Young Madam?

As she recalled everything that happened up until now, Mu Weiwei could not help but feel angry.

‘In the past, big brother was the one who hated that vixen the most! Even Tang Tang herself had always cried when she saw her.’

But everything seemed to have changed after the wedding.

Not only did her big brother stand by that woman’s side in every way, she even won over the cute little dumpling.

Mu Weiwei felt her heart ache when she recalled how Tang Tang once wanted to hit her for Luo Chenxi.

Luckily, Bai Xinxin had returned from overseas!

Mu Weiwei quickly tried to persuade her. “Sister Xinxin, big brother definitely likes you deep down. Out of all the women that fawns over him, you are the only one welcomed to our home as a guest. It’s way obvious from his attitude! He’s definitely treating this marriage as nothing more than a temporary measure.”

Hearing this, Bai Xinxin’s face flushed red as she glared at Mu Weiwei.

“How dare you say such a thing at your age! Yichen… Even if he treats me more kindly than the others, that’s only because of his respect for my brother, you are overthinking it.”

Mu Weiwei did not give up and continued, “Sister Xinxin, you’re just too lacking in confidence! Think about it, you’re beautiful, and you’re also a world-renowned supermodel. How could my brother not be interested in you, and be interested in Luo Chenxin instead? He’s not blind!”

As she spoke, she suddenly thought of something and nervously asked, “Sister Xinxin, could it be that you dislike the fact that he already has a daughter and that it will be a remarriage?”

Bai Xinxin’s face seemed to turn even redder. “What nonsense are you spouting? It doesn’t matter even if he’s married over ten times, Young Master Mu is still a man that every woman can only ever dream of being together with, let alone a mere remarriage! Tang Tang is also an adorable child, how can I dislike him for that?”

Her words were humble, but there was a hint of complacency in her eyes.

When she received news about Mu Yichen’s flash marriage, she was secretly heartbroken, but later heaved a sigh of relief when she found out that the bride was Luo Chenxin.

She had long heard about that vixen, Luo Chenxin. All she did was give birth to an adorable daughter and Young Master Mu had no choice but to take responsibility for it.

However, she was a notorious scumbag among the upper class and even had a history of abusing Tang Tang. Not one person in the Mu Family liked her.

How could she possibly take on the position of the Mu Family’s Young Madam, let alone competing with Bai Xinxin for it?

Even Mu Yichen’s sister was on her side.

Just then, footsteps and voices came from outside the villa.

Bai Xinxin knew for sure that it was Mu Yichen and Luo Chenxi who returned home.

She quickly waved to Tang Tang who was playing with a jigsaw puzzle by herself on the couch. “Tang Tang, come to Auntie Bai, I have a pretty dress to show you!”

The little dumpling’s eyes lit up as soon as she heard ‘pretty dress’. She put down the puzzle pieces and ran toward Bai Xinxin.

“Auntie Bai, what pretty dress? I want to see it! I want to see it!”

Mu Weiwei could not help but chuckle at the little dumpling’s reaction.

No one knew where Tang Tang inherited her fixation toward fashion from as she especially loved to look pretty. Every time she went outdoors, she would always fuss with the dresses or the braids on her hair until she was satisfied.

She also had a keen eye for fashion at such a young age. Everyone loved the clothes she picked for herself, so much so that even as her aunt, Mu Weiwei felt inferior to the child.

As an international supermodel, Bai Xinxin would always bring along her photos from various fashion shows every time she visited the Mu Family.

The little dumpling was quite friendly to Bai Xinxin since she always got to see photos of beautiful dresses.

Now, Bai Xinxin was playing the same old trick again. She took out a magazine from her bag and pointed at the photo on it and said, “This is from a big fashion show that I was a part of three days ago. SL Corporation’s new autumn collection was officially released. I was the showstopper at the finale of the show, and I wore this high-end gown. It caused a huge sensation.”

Mu Weiwei went over to take a look and immediately showed an envious expression.

“Good heavens, this gown is beautiful! It’s too beautiful! Especially the butterfly brooch on the chest. It’s simply a stroke of genius! I’m so envious of you, Sister Xinxin for being able to wear such a beautiful gown!”

The little dumpling too, was drawn toward this beautiful gown. Her small hands were pressing on the page as her soft body leaned toward Bai Xinxin.

Bai Xinxin took the opportunity to hold her in her arms.

At this moment, the door opened, and Mu Yichen and Luo Chenxi walked in side by side.

Bai Xinxin’s face was calm, but the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, and she hugged the little dumpling even tighter.

With her being so close to Tang Tang, it looked as if they were mother and daughter.

It was all just in time to assert her dominance and show it off to Luo Chenxin, so she would know her place!

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