Chapter 84: Are You Trying to Bind Me Up?

Of course, he scoffed at the phone call and hung up without a second thought.

But when he calmed down and thought about it, he too realized that he was treating the woman a little too kindly.

On that day, as he left Grandma Mu’s house, he had already made up his mind to keep a safe distance from this woman.

Instead, two days after that, he seemed to have become closer to Luo Chenxin…

He even went as far as tossing out a huge sum of money to acquire a shop that had absolutely nothing to do with the Mu Family’s business as soon as he knew that Luo Chenxin could not afford the fabrics from that shop and was being ridiculed.

Luo Chenxi felt a chill from his gaze and tried harder to push him away. “Hurry up and get back to your…”

Before she could finish, Old Liu suddenly slammed on the car brakes.

The momentum, coupled with Luo Chenxi’s added strength to push him away, instantly caused Mu Yichen to lose his balance. He fell backward and heavily hit his head on the car ceiling.

It made a dull ‘thud’.

Old Liu tried to explain while being frightened, “Young master, I apologize, someone suddenly crossed the road…”

“Just drive!”


Old Liu shivered from head to toe and dared not say anything else, then immediately raised the baffle between the front and back seats.

Luo Chenxi was also frightened.

“Ah… I’m… I’m sorry! Mu Yichen, are you alright? Is it hurting a lot?” She hurriedly went up to Mu Yichen to check his condition.

Mu Yichen covered the back of his head and answered with an extremely gloomy face, “What do you think?”

Luo Chenxi broke out a cold sweat and felt a great sense of guilt growing from within her.

Judging by the loud thump, Mu Yichen did take a heavy blow to the head. Naturally, that would hurt—a lot.

Luo Chenxi quickly said, “Sit down for now, let me take a look.”

Mu Yichen snorted and went back to his seat.

Since he took a blow to the top of his head, Luo Chenxi had to kneel on one knee on the leather seat and lean her entire body toward Mu Yichen to be able to see the injury.

Being in this position, the undulating curves on her breast were accentuated and were in full view for Mu Yichen.

This blouse seemed to fit this woman a little too well, the buttons seemed to have all been tugged to their limits. They did not seem like they could take any large movements like this, so it felt like they were going to burst open any moment.

Mu Yichen swallowed dryly as he squeezed his voice through his mouth and asked, “How is it? Are you done?”

“Right away! Right away!” Luo Chenxi answered as her slender fingers brushed away his thick black hair to reveal a red, swollen spot, then she pressed her fingers down at that lump.

“You d*mn wench! Are you trying to murder your husband?”

Mu Yichen almost cried out in pain. It was not easy for him to hold it in.

Luo Chenxi hurriedly retracted her fingers and laughed dryly. “Cough, cough, I’m sorry! Looks like it’s just a swell and there’s no wound. Be sure to apply some ointment to reduce the swelling when we get back.”

Mu Yichen took a cold glance at the woman by her side, he felt like she was messing with him on purpose.

However, when he saw her fawning smile on her beautiful face, he could not bring himself to get angry.

All he could do was look away to express his displeasure by ignoring her.

Luo Chenxi subconsiously bit her lips when she saw him keeping quiet with a gloomy face. She really felt that she owed it to Mu Yichen for everything that had happened today.

It was thanks to Young Master Mu that she got out of that situation back there, and he even bought all those fabrics for her. But in the end, she still caused him to get injured…

As she thought of this, she slid her backside across the seat and got a little closer to Mu Yichen, then she poked on his arm with a finger.

“Mu Yichen… Young Master Mu… I’m sorry, it really wasn’t on purpose…”

Mu Yichen still refused to look at her.

Luo Chenxi blinked and suddenly thought of something. She poked on the man’s arm again.

“Alright, don’t be angry. I bought you presents today!”

Not only did Mu Yichen not lighten up as she expected, his expression became gloomier instead.

Was she serious? Did a grown man like him really needed her to coax him with presents?

Did she think he was Tang Tang?

Who cared about presents!

“I specially picked these fabrics out for you, they suit you really well. I’ll make you a tie out of these once we get back.”

As soon as she finished, Mu Yichen turned to look at her.

“What? A tie… Are you trying to bind me up?”

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