Chapter 79: Finally Caught a Hold of Luo Chenxi!

Zuo Xiaoqing and the shop assistant widened their eyes at the same time and looked at Luo Chenxi in astonishment.

“Miss, are you sure you want me to wrap them up for you? Are you really buying them? Do you really have the money? You aren’t screwing with me, are you?”

The shop assistant stood still and showed no intention of serving Luo Chenxi at all. The words that came out of her mouth were full of doubts.

In her opinion, Luo Chenxi really did not look like someone who could afford such expensive fabrics.

Young Master Chen deliberately tried to pay for her fabrics just now, but he had somehow left the shop.

Luo Chenxi glanced at her. “What is it? Are you refusing a customer’s request? Do you know how business works? If you’re tired of doing so, please have your manager personally do it for me instead.”

The shop assistant had a confused look on her.

If Luo Chenxi could truly afford these fabrics and complained to the manager that she wasted a customer’s time, she might actually get fired.

“You… who do you think you are? Who are you to have our manager serve you in person? Fine, if you want me to wrap these up for you so badly, I’ll do it! I’d like to see if you can actually pay for them!”

The shop assistant had no choice but to do as Luo Chenxi requested as she grumbled in her heart with frustration.

Luo Chenxi paid no heed to her complaints and continued making more requests.

“Hmm… This white velvet fabric is so cute, and it looks very warm. I can turn this into a pyjamas for Tang Tang, wrap this up! Wow, this fabric can be made into a princess’ gown, it can also be used for a matching flowery hair ornament, I’m sure Tang Tang will like them…wrap this up too! And this…”

After picking out the fabrics she needed for the Huafeng Competition, Luo Chenxi intended to check out the shop more just to grasp the fashion trend that was currently in season.

However, as she did, her mind started imagining scenes of the little dumpling wearing all sorts of beautiful clothes, then it became a shopping session for the little dumpling’s clothing materials without her even realizing it.

The corners of Luo Chenxi’s lips curled up when she thought of how adorable the little dumpling would look when the little girl wore the clothes that she made.

The shop assistant followed behind her and wrapped up the fabrics as she asked.

At first, she thought Luo Chenxi could only afford a few pieces at most, but she gradually picked so many more that the fabrics eventually piled as high as a little hill in no time.

“Alright, that’s all for now… Ah!”

Luo Chenxi’s eyes happened to sweep across the men’s section and her eyes immediately lit up when saw one of the fabrics.

“This… this suits him very well!”

Mu Yichen’s cold, handsome face appeared in her mind, and she subconsciously took the fabric off the shelf.

“Wrap this up too.”

“Luo Chenxi, are you serious? I can’t believe you picked out that many fabrics, do you even realize how much these add up to? At least a million! How is a filthy poor woman like you going to cough up that kind of money?” Zuo Xiaoqing came up to Luo Chenxi with a smirk while she pointed at the pile of fabrics on the table.

Even Young Master Chen himself had never bought her anything worth more than a million at one go.

Judging by Luo Chenxi’s background, she could sell herself off and still not get that kind of money.

The shop assistant suspected something was up.

She came up and tossed the last roll of fabric into the pile.

She turned to Luo Chenxi and said unhappily, “Alright, I’ve wrapped all the fabric you asked for. There are 21 rolls in there, totalling 1,580,000 RMB. Now, pay up.”

After saying that, she looked at Luo Chenxi arrogantly, as if she was waiting for a good show.

Luo Chenxi nodded. “Alright, give me a moment. The person I’m waiting for will be here soon.”

It took her quite a while to pick out those fabrics, even so, Mu Yichen’s phone call was so long that he still had not appeared after such a long time.

She did not mind waiting a little longer.

However, the shop assistant and Zuo Xiaoqing became excited as they heard her words. They felt like they finally caught a hold of Luo Chenxi!

“Tsk, what tricks are you playing now? Waiting for someone? Don’t make me laugh, if you can’t afford these fabrics, just say so. Who could you be waiting for to pay for you? Are you telling me that you too have a boyfriend like Young Master Chen?” Zuo Xiaoqing sneered.

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