Chapter 77: I Shall Teach You How to Be the Mu Family’s Young Madam

“What… what do you mean? I’d just not buy if for the time being if I don’t have enough money, what’s there to be ashamed of?”

She led an ordinary life since she was young. Her adoptive mother, Lu Wenjun, was just an ordinary office worker and they were not well-off financially.

She worked hard to apply scholarships for her studies and also worked part-time to lessen the burden on her family.

Therefore, when Mu Yichen spoke like money had never been a problem to him and even complained that she was tarnishing his name, she felt a little upset on the inside…

Mu Yichen looked at her angry little face with a deep gaze and suddenly said, “You dumb woman, have you never thought about…”

He stopped halfway.

Luo Chenxi asked in confusion, “Thought about what?”

Mu Yichen suddenly let go of her and stood up straight. “Since you don’t know how to act like Mu Family’s Young Madam, I shall teach you today.”

“What does that mean? Mu Yichen, what are you trying to say? Why don’t I understand a single word you just said? ” Luo Chenxi blankly blinked her eyes as her face became puzzled.

Mu Yichen did not explain. Instead, he took out his phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

“Zhuo Feng, you have 15 minutes. Purchase the ownership of the fabric shop at the westernmost part of the Jiang Bei Road textile market. ”

‘Wait, what? Purchase…what?’

Luo Chenxi’s eyes widened when she heard Mu Yichen’s words. She thought she was just hearing things.

Not only her, assistant Zhuo Feng on the other end of the phone was also baffled.

“Young… Young Master, why do you want to acquire a fabric shop all of a sudden?” Since when did the Mu Group step into the clothing industry? This is completely unheard of, and more importantly… Also… 15 minutes? How is that sufficient? We will also need the owner’s agreement to…”

Mu Yichen coldly ordered, “I gave you an order, now do it! This is the He Family’s business, I’ll handle the explanation to Jinsi.”

“Yes, yes! I’ll get to it right away! ”

When he hung up, the woman beside him had a shocked look on her face. Her mouth had widened into an “O” shape, making her look especially adorable.

“Are you really going to buy this shop?”

Mu Yichen glanced at her. “Don’t you like the fabrics in there? ”

His nonchalant tone made Luo Chenxi even more flustered than she already was.

“I do, I still do, but I only need to buy a few pieces for the competition. All I need is a few bucks, do you really have to acquire the entire shop?”

‘This is just going too far!’

Mu Yichen nonchalantly answered, “What if you screw up while making the clothes? What if you become unsatisfied with the end product and want to give it another shot? Won’t you be going back to the shop to buy more fabrics? Enough, this shop is nothing more than a small fry. We’ll just buy it for fun, don’t let it get to you.”

Luo Chenxi was speechless.

‘Just for fun?

‘He really is an evil tyrant with a lot of money!’

“Alright, hurry up and pick out the fabrics you want and bring them back. Tang Tang is waiting for us at home.”

Luo Chenxi was briefly sent into a trance when he mentioned Tang Tang. Mu Yichen grabbed her wrist and led her toward the shop.

When they reached the entrance, Mu Yichen’s phone suddenly rang.

He took a look at the caller’s name on the screen but did not answer immediately. Instead, he turned to Luo Chenxi and said, “Go on in without me, I need to take this call.”

“Oh, okay.”

Luo Chenxi nodded and obediently walked into the shop.

Only then did Mu Yichen answer the call.

“Yichen, what the hell are you doing? I can’t believe you want to buy an entire fabric shop? You even want it done with such a short notice? Whatever for? Why are you in such a hurry?” His best friend, Jinsi’s voice could be heard from the phone.

Mu Yichen said, “Cut the crap. This is nothing more than a small business to the He Family. I’ll pay 50 million for it, give me the ownership now.”

“This is not a matter of money. My big brother opened this shop when he was pursuing my sister-in-law back in the day. How am I supposed to explain it to him if I sell it to you?”

“Refuse to sell it to me and you won’t be able to explain it to me.”

“Are you threatening me? What’s so good about this fabric shop?” He Jinsi’s suspicion grew as he continued giving it a thought. “Something’s not right, the Mu Family isn’t involved in the clothing industry. This isn’t for investment for sure. Don’t tell me… I remember now, Luo Chenxin studied fashion design back in F country! You’re not doing this for that vixen, are you?”

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