Chapter 65: Are You Letting Me Eat That Down There?

She downed the cup of honey water in a jiffy.

It could have just been in her head, but Luo Chenxi’s stomach pain felt a lot better after that.

She did as Mu Yichen said and sat obediently on the bed for a short while— that was until she stopped being able to sit still.

‘He’s only gone to fetch some food, what’s taking him so long?’

After a brief hesitation, she eventually got off the bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen in a pair of fluffy slippers.

As she was about to enter the kitchen, she heard a little stir from within.

Luo Chenxi was a little startled, she opened the kitchen door a little and peeked through the gap.

It took only a glance to drive her into confusion.

‘Absolutely unreal!

‘Mu Yichen is standing by the stove, and he’s cooking!

‘What was going on here? Had she opened the door the wrong way?’

Luo Chenxi’s very first reaction was to shut the kitchen door and close her eyes. She took a deep breath, then reopened the door and abruptly opened her eyes.

‘Mu Yichen was still there!

‘Neither did he vanish, nor did he turn into a woman!

‘He really was cooking!’

Luo Chenxi’s eyes widened, it was a truth that she had to accept no matter how surprised she was.

‘Then again, can someone like Young Master Mu, who has been raised with a silver spoon in his mouth really cook? This place isn’t going to turn into a disaster scene later, right?’

When Luo Chenxi took a closer look she quickly came to realize that she was definitely worrying too much.

Young Master Mu knew his way around the kitchen. He handled everything masterfully, from preparing the ingredients, washing and cutting the vegetables, seasoning the wok with oil to stir-frying.

She could tell that he could cook pretty well.

At first, Luo Chenxi was only curious about how well he could cook, but she slowly became drawn towards the man as she looked.

She was no stranger to the sight of a man in a kitchen, but towards the sight of a man as attractive as Mu Yichen? That was a first.

Considering that those large hands were usually signing off important documents with a pen, having a spatula wielded in them not only did not feel out of place, but also gave the man a naturally homey vibe.

His extraordinarily handsome face from the side was expressionless as always, but it seemed much gentler when shrouded by the gradually rising smoke from the stove.

As Luo Chenxi’s gaze gradually shifted downwards, she could not help but blush a little.

‘Mu Yichen came to the kitchen without even wearing a shirt!

‘Totally shameless! Besides, isn’t he afraid of catching a cold?’

Luo Chenxi muttered softly, but her eyes did not blink as she stared at the smooth muscles on Mu Yichen’s back.

‘How could she overlook such a beautiful sight?

‘Why did he have to be naked anyway?’

Perhaps she was gazing too eagerly, Mu Yichen suddenly stopped what he was doing and turned his head.

When he saw the little woman leaning on the kitchen door and looking in curiously, he frowned. “Didn’t I ask you to stay in the room and wait for me?”

“You never came back, so I…” Seeing the man’s face darken, Luo Chenxi quick-wittedly steered the topic away. “Um, are you… letting me eat that down there?”

She vaguely noticed Mu Yichen had a pot of water boiled and threw a handful of noodles into it.

As the words came out of her mouth, the kitchen suddenly fell into a strange silence.

Luo Chenxi looked at Mu Yichen in confusion as the corners of his lips gradually rose into a smirk. “That was pretty bold of you. Since you want it that badly, why didn’t you just ask? It’s a little embarrassing for me to do this in the kitchen though.”

Luo Chenxi blankly blinked her eyes as she briefly fell into a trance.

Finally, she realized the ‘confusion’ caused by her words when she saw Mu Yichen reach out to grab his belt on his waist as he prepared to undo it.

An abrupt hum rang through her head, and she felt her entire face burning.

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