Chapter 59: Huh? He’s Shy!

Even though he had no idea why Tang Tang would address her mommy as Miss, he would not be mistaken if he were to address her as Aunty Mu!

Aunty Mu…

Luo Chenxi was embarrassed. “Hmm, hello, Shaoxuan! Please take care of my little princess,” she said while beaming.

Tang Tang looked at Luo Chenxi then looked back at the little boy in delight. After both of them greeted one another, she announced loudly, “Miss, we are going to school now. When I’m home, tell me if Daddy is still bullying you. I’ll beat him up for you!”

Luo Chenxi was at a loss about whether to laugh or to cry. It felt that their roles had been reversed. Should she not have said that to her daughter instead?

Upon saying that, the little dumpling grabbed Bo Shaoxuan’s hand and tugged him to run toward the entrance of the kindergarten. She muttered under her breath, “We’re late. We’re going to be late!”

Bo Shaoxuan did not expect Tang Tang to suddenly hold his hand. He immediately felt as if the weather was getting warmer when he felt the little dumpling’s soft little hand hold his. His face blushed gradually until his ears turned pink as well.

Luo Chenxi’s eyes lit up upon witnessing the scene. “Huh? He’s shy!”

It seemed like her little dumpling had not been abducted by a boy. On the contrary, the young grandson of the Bo family was being abducted by Tang Tang!

Luo Chenxi returned to the Mu residence after sending the little dumpling to kindergarten.

At present, Mu Weiwei was already at school while Mu Yichen and Mu Yiling were at the office. On the other hand, Mu Yichen’s parents were constantly traveling the world after having passed the company to Mu Yichen a few years ago, so they were barely at home most of the time.

Mu Yichen’s parents came back once on the day Luo Chenxi married Mu Yichen and left the very next day.

Luo Chenxi became relaxed instantly upon realizing that she had the house all to herself.

“When Mu Yichen isn’t here, even the air feels…Cough cough!”

She was halfway stretching herself when she suddenly remembered that she had been caught red-handed by Mu Yichen the last time she said this. She stopped her action and turned her head to look around in a hurry.

Fortunately, Mu Yichen was really at the office!

Luo Chenxi went upstairs in a rush and took her laptop out of her luggage. She did not bring many items from the Luo family over. Everything had fit into a piece of luggage. Other than a few cheap outfits, there were her laptop and graphics tablet.

She turned the laptop on and heard a beep that reminded her that she had new unread emails.

“Has SL Holdings sent over the itinerary of the semifinals that quickly?” She clicked on the attachment file to open it hastily.

According to the itinerary, a total of fifteen designers had been chosen for the semifinals.

They must complete the production of ten outfits and accessories within the next month. Moreover, their end products would be displayed at the SL Holdings showroom.

A professional judging panel would be tasked to choose the products of ten designers and decide on the candidates that qualified for the finals.

Ultimately, the finals would be an extraordinarily grand fashion show.

The ten designers’ outfits would be showcased in the fashion show during the country’s fashion week. At the same time, powerful influencers from the fashion world, famous celebrities, and distinguished socialites would be invited to the fashion show. The fashion show would be cast live to television networks and the internet where people could vote for three winners.

Luo Chenxi could not help frowning after reading the itinerary of the competition.

It was a huge expenditure to produce ten ready-to-wear outfits by hand and prepare the accessories! The best quality fabrics would need to be used in order to portray the perfect effect of the sketched designs. Furthermore, the fabrics were extremely costly too!

There were accessories as well. Even if she were to use the cheapest glass and plastic to make the accessories in lieu of real pearls and jewels, those would still need to be customized which would be an expensive procedure as well.

Luo Chenxi prepared a list and calculated the cost. The more she calculated, the more she felt like she was about to have a mental breakdown.

“The cost of an outfit is at least $20,000. Ten sets will cost me $200,000! How am I going to get $200,000?”

However, her limited budget was not the biggest problem of all to her.

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