Chapter 5: You’re Precisely The Type Of Person Asking For A Slap!


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The door to one of the rooms on the second floor opened and a beautifully-dressed middle-aged woman walked out from the room in long strides. She pointed at Luo Chenxi’s nose and began to scold her loudly.


Luo Chenxi’s expression instantaneously turned cold when she saw her.


Hu Manya was the second wife of Luo Anguo, having been upgraded from being his mistress previously. Back in those years, Luo Chenxi’s birth mother, Su Lirong, became so infuriated when she found out about the existence of Hu Manya and Luo Chenxin that she gave birth prematurely and almost died with the infant.


As a result, Luo Chenxi was saved, but Su Lirong passed away. In fact, she did not even manage to see her newborn daughter even for just a glance.


A month after Su Lirong’s passing, Luo Anguo officially took Hu Manya as his wife. On the other hand, the baby left behind by his deceased wife got into the way of their marriage, so Luo Chenxi was abandoned in an orphanage. She did not even manage to seek revenge for her birth mother in time, but she did not expect that Hu Manya would visit the hospital today and almost provoke Lu Wenjun to death!


At the thought of this, Luo Chenxi’s entire body shook from rage and her eyes were filled with hatred. “Hu Manya, you went to Yi-Her International Hospital today, didn’t you? My mother suffered an attack because of you, right?”


“I…” A shred of panic flashed in Hu Manya’s eyes. She refuted hastily, “Wicked girl, which eye of yours has seen me in the hospital, huh?” She had obviously bribed the nurses in the hospital with money so that they would not tell her. How did the wicked girl still manage to find out about it then?


Luo Chenxi sneered, “Stop pretending! Since you claim that you haven’t been to the hospital, why don’t you follow me to check the surveillance video in the hospital now?”


Hu Manya ended the pretense after realizing that she could not hide the truth anymore. She scoffed coldly and said, “So what if I’ve been to the hospital? I represented our Luo family to pay a special visit to her because I pitied her. How dare you repay my kindness by making a big fuss at my house!? You’re an ungrateful imbecile!”


Luo Chenxi clenched her teeth in rage when she realized that Hu Manya was still trying to deny the truth at this point. “Your kindness? You provoked my mother intentionally and triggered another attack. Is that kindness? You requested the hospital to remove the medical devices attached to my mother. Do you call that kindness? You evil woman, you were obviously trying to kill her!”


“Yikes, watch your mouth! What do you mean by trying to kill her? I thought the woman simply has some minor heart disease. Is it necessary to spend so much money on her medical expenses? Why does she need to stay in an intensive care unit? Do you know how expensive it is to seek medical attention these days? Even though the Luo family owns businesses, the economy has been declining for the past two years. It’s a tough time to be in business! You should know that too! You aren’t doing your best to save money for the family, yet you’re throwing away money every day. Look at me. It’s been six months since I last bought a new handbag. If only I could save up the money we spent on this…”




A crisp sound was heard!


Luo Chenxi finally could not refrain herself anymore, so she delivered a slap right on Hu Manya’s face when she heard her equate Lu Wenjun’s medical expenses to the money spent on her handbags.


“You…you…How dare you hit me!?” Hu Manya covered her face, looking flabbergasted. How dare this woman actually hit her?


Luo Chenxi struck her out of a sudden impulse. However, she felt rather relieved after she made the strike. She should have slapped the idiotic Hu Manya earlier. She regretted not slapping her earlier! “Why wouldn’t I dare to do so? You’re precisely the type of person asking for a slap! You deserve to be slapped!”


As she was speaking, she raised her hand and delivered four slaps to Hu Manya’s face once again.


Piak piak piak piak!


Hu Manya’s face swelled up at once. At this point, she had just recovered from the surprise of the incident. It turned out the poor little Luo Chenxi that she had always thought she could bully easily was actually bold enough to hit someone!


“D*mn…D*mn it! You wicked girl, I’m going to tear up your mouth!”

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