Chapter 39: No Wonder She Turned Off Her Phone!


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“Please hold on, Miss Xing Chen.”


Luo Chenxi was preparing to head home after coming out of the meeting room when she was stopped by someone as she made her way to the entrance of SL Holdings.


“Chief Sheng?” Luo Chenxi was rather surprised by the incoming person. “Thank you very much for today. I didn’t want to interrupt earlier because I saw that you were busy handling the press interview.”


“Is every student from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts as hypocritical as you?” Sheng Yu raised his brows.


“Huh?” She was stunned for a moment.


“I’m supposed to thank you for today instead. Had it not been for your design, the fashion show wouldn’t have triggered so much response.”


“Cough, cough. You’re being too modest…” Upon hearing his compliment to her, Luo Chenxi’s first reaction was not joy but horror.


When Sheng Yu noticed her vigilant expression, he pursed his lips indifferently. He took something out from his pocket and stuffed it into her hand.


“This is for you as a keepsake.”


Luo Chenxi lowered her head and saw an exquisite jewelry box. She was about to reject the gift when she heard him say, “Open it and take a look first.”


As instructed, she opened the box, in the center of which, a blood-red butterfly brooch nestled silently. It was the handcrafted brooch she had made in during the short final three hours given to her today.


She stared at the brooch for a while before closing the jewelry box and placing it into her handbag. “I’ll take it then. Thanks, Chief Sheng.”


The design completed today was considered a breakthrough for herself too. The brooch was genuinely worthy of being a keepsake.


Originally, she thought that the item was supposed to be under SL Holdings’ possession. She assumed that she would not be able to take it home, so she had felt rather piteous, but she did not expect Sheng Yu to actually present it to her.


“I hope to see your performance in the semifinals.” Sheng Yu took an intense glance at her before he turned around and left.


Luo Chenxi walked a few steps along the path before someone suddenly grabbed her wrist and she was pulled to the side. Startled, she was about to scream aloud when she heard the male voice trying hard to suppress his rage coming from her side.


“Luo Chenxin! I’ve underestimated you, haven’t I? You said that you were here at SL Holdings for a competition. It turns out that you’re here to have a secret rendezvous with another man, huh? Have you forgotten about my warning to you last night? Or have you completely disregarded my words?”


Luo Chenxi widened her eyes and looked at the enlarged handsome face before her in bewilderment.


“Mu…Mu Yichen! Why did you come here?”


Mu Yichen’s face was blushing and he appeared uneasy. He must have gone mad.


He had made a few calls to Luo Chenxi earlier but did not manage to get through. Frustrated, he had pushed aside the official business that he had yet to finish working on and driven his sports car to pick her up at SL Holdings.


He did not expect to see Luo Chenxi and Sheng Yu as soon as he stopped the car at the entrance.


“Do I need to explain my whereabouts to you? Explain your relationship with the third son of the Sheng family to me first! Could he have been one of your hookups in the past too?” Rage flickered in Mu Yichen’s dark eyes. He was furious as he looked at the wicked woman’s fair and delicate small face before him.


No wonder she had not attempted to call him at all. In fact, she had even turned off her phone!


It turned out that it was because there was someone in SL Holdings that she wanted to get close to…


Luo Chenxi was stunned. “The third son of the Sheng family?”


“Don’t pretend that you aren’t aware of that! Weren’t you having a hard time parting with Sheng Yu at the door earlier?”


“Sheng Yu is the young master of Sheng family?” Luo Chenxi repeated in astonishment.


The Sheng family was a famous, powerful family in City T. Even though they were not as powerful as the Mu family, they were not that far off.


Luo Chenxi did not expect Sheng Yu to have such an impressive family background.


Mu Yichen scoffed coldly, “You’re always trying to get close to the young masters of powerful families. Sheng Yu is just a designer. Why do you bother to be so on such intimate terms with him?” Again and again, he accused her of being unfaithful to him.


Luo Chenxi was furious. “Which eye of yours saw that I was on intimate terms with him? We were just talking like normal people!”


“Oh, is that right? Does talking like normal people include him giving you jewelry?” Mu Yichen sneered.

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