Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 3839 - Chapter 3839 there's no medicine for regret

Chapter 3839 there’s no medicine for regret
hearing teng siqing’s words, he jinsi’s mouth twitched.

although he had heard teng siqing say something similar before, at that time, teng siqing did not know that the “ex-boyfriend” she was talking about was him. therefore, even though he was cursed to be “dead,” he could still hypnotize himself. it was just a common saying and there was no specific reference.

but now …

even after his identity had been made clear, teng siqing still said such words …

this made he jinsi’s heart tremble. it was as if a knife had been stabbed into his heart. in an instant, he was drenched in blood.

” siqing, you … do you really hope that i’m already dead? ” he jinsi pursed his lips and his voice instantly sank.

teng siqing was in a fit of anger and could not be bothered to look at the expression on his face.

even without looking, she could guess what he would do.

acting pitiful, pretending to be innocent, acting pitiful … weren’t these all the methods used by scumbags?

however, she didn’t expect that the third young master of the he corporation, the president of guang xi entertainment, would actually use such a lowly method.

a single ” i want freedom ” and he had left her behind for so many years. now that he had suddenly appeared, he wanted her to listen to his explanation?

why didn’t he just keep dreaming?

could it be that now that he had become the heir of a top rich family and the father of the movie’s sponsor, he felt that she would not dare to offend him and would swallow her anger and compromise?

hehe, you wish!

the way teng siqing looked at he jinsi became colder and colder. ” third young master he, what you’re saying is so funny. what does it matter if i want you to die or not? ” anyway, in your eyes, it doesn’t matter what i think. you can treat me however you want. i couldn’t do anything in the past, let alone now?”

upon hearing this, he jinsi trembled again. his heart ached so much that he almost lost his balance.

leaving teng siqing back then was indeed the worst decision he had ever made in his life.

after that, he spent countless days and nights in regret.

he knew that he had hurt her too deeply. he had no face to appear in front of her again, and he did not dare to admit his identity.

however, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

what he had done was done.

” siqing, i admit that i … i was immature in many ways in the past. because of my selfishness, you’ve suffered too much … but please believe me. i didn’t mean to hurt you … ”

the corners of teng siqing’s mouth twitched as she rudely interrupted him.

” you didn’t want to hurt me, so you put me in this state. if you did it on purpose, then wouldn’t our lives be in your hands? ”

her tone was full of ridicule. ” that’s enough, third young master he. don’t embarrass yourself by saying these things to coax a child. i know your purpose very well. you just want to have a clean life, don’t you? why? after so many years, did third young master he remember the illegitimate child of the woman he had played with outside? what was going on? could it be that he had played too much in the past few years and was no longer good in that aspect? you must have an heir?”

“you …! siqing, do you know what you’re saying?!”

he jinsi’s eyes widened in shock. he had never expected that teng siqing would say such mean words.

“you’re not allowed to talk like that! don’t you know that you’re not only insulting me, but you’re also insulting yourself?”

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