Chapter 27: It Was Simply The Scene Of A Car Crash


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Many people around them could not refrain from chuckling in secret.


“She’s right. That dress is bound to make a short person’s legs look shorter and that woman even matched with that kind of boots. I wonder what’s on her mind.”


“I guess she hasn’t realized that her legs are short, huh?”


“That’s impossible. Doesn’t she know in her heart how she looks? It’s a compliment to her to say that she looks like a frog. Actually, her legs aren’t just short but they are thick as well. She looks just like a toad!”


“How can a person like her become a fashion designer when her outfit is so poorly matched?”


Zuo Xiaoqing was trembling in rage upon hearing the sarcastic remarks.


Luo Chenxi had obviously pointed out her short legs in her comment earlier. Moreover, any other fashion designer would know that she was mocking Zuo Xiaoqing’s poor professionalism. Could Zuo Xiaoqing be unaware of such common sense?


However, Luo Chenxi did not point out the person’s name in her comment. If Zuo Xiaoqing were to come forward and hit her, then she would be assuming that Luo Chenxi was talking about her.


Zuo Xiaoqing thought about how she had spent a fortune to buy an entire set of SL’s newest spring collection in order to flatter the executive officers of SL Holdings. Now, besides her money being wasted for no purpose, her action outsmarted herself and turned her into a frog!


If the judging panel of the competition could see her outfit now, they would certainly regard her lack of professionalism.


Zuo Xiaoqing had nowhere to ventilate her pent-up anger, so she straightaway delivered a kick toward Luo Chenxi’s chair in an attempt to kick the chair over and caused her rival to fall over.


Fortunately, Luo Chenxi was a Taekwando black belt holder. Swiftly, she jumped up with agile movements as soon as she saw Zuo Xiaoqing move.


“Zuo Xiaoqing, you should watch your step! I wonder if ruining the chairs in SL Holdings will affect the result of the competition.”


As soon as she stood up, everyone’s eyes lit up.


Luo Chenxi was 175 centimeters tall and was a whole head taller than Zuo Xiaoqing. Her pair of long legs were slim and straight. The proportion of her figure was so perfect that she was no less inferior when compared to the hottest supermodel in the world.


Standing by her side, Zuo Xiaoqing appeared to be even shorter with a thick waist and short legs. Both of them actually looked like a combination of a swan and toad. The contrast was too obvious.


The situation was more than just awkward. It was clearly the scene of a car crash.


Zuo Xiaoqing had embarrassed herself immensely, so she could no longer care about anything else. The only thought on her mind was to beat up Luo Chenxi.


Meanwhile, the door to the meeting room opened suddenly.


“What’s happening? What’s with the clamor?”


The participants quietened down as soon as the SL staff appeared.


“It seems like all of you are already prepared. Now, those people whose names are called will follow me to the next room for the audition. The rest of the people shall stay here and wait. Please remain quiet.”


As he was speaking, he called out the name of a designer and brought the person out.


After the departure of the staff, Zuo Xiaoqing finally remembered her purpose of going there today. She glared at Luo Chenxi ferociously before she returned to her seat.


The audition went much faster than the participants could imagine.


The designer that was first called for the audition returned after a few minutes with a dejected look on her face.


The few people that came back later on had similar expressions.


“Number twelve, Xing Chen. Please follow me.”


Luo Chenxi carried the portfolio and followed the staff into the meeting room next door.


A few tables were placed in the front of the meeting room with seven to eight judges seated behind the tables. A few of them were head designers at SL.


A middle-aged man with a small mustache picked up Luo Chenxi’s information and screened through it. He frowned at once. “You graduated from, uh…this Haicheng School of Fine Arts. What kind of university is that? How come I’ve never heard of it before?”

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