Chapter 25: How Could One Not Bow Down To The Circumstances When One Was In A Sports Car?


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Luo Chenxi hastily read out the address listed in the text message.

Mu Yichen frowned ever so slightly. “That’s the address of SL Holdings’ headquarters. Why are you going there?”

“I’m going for an audition for the Chinese Design Competition. I bet you haven’t heard of this competition, have you? It’s…”

“I know what it is,” Mu Yichen interrupted her, “However, how can a person like you that bought your way to a degree in Country F pass the preliminary round of the Chinese Design Competition? The competition committee is so reckless!”

“Hey, what do you mean by that? Who did you say bought her way to a degree in Country F? I…”

He despised her, and now he even looked down upon her professionalism!

Luo Chenxi was furious. She was just about to refute subconsciously when she suddenly recalled her current identity. It was true that Luo Chenxin had bought her way to a degree in Country F.

She hastily modified her previous remark by saying, “Cough, cough. I learned a lot in France too. You can’t look down upon everybody else like a snob!”

“Who are you calling a snob again? Do you believe that I’ll kick you out of the car now?” Mu Yichen scoffed coldly.

Luo Chenxi was instantly terrified. “No, no, no. I’m wrong and you are right. You’re always right! We are now driving on an elevated road. You can’t break the law by stopping the car. Besides, it’s illegal to throw something from a high level. Don’t act so impulsively.”

How could one not bow down to the circumstances when one was in a sports car?

If Mu Yichen were to kick her out from the car now, she would truly be heartbroken.

The corners of Mu Yichen’s lips twitched, but he did not speak anymore. Luo Chenxi was afraid that she might say something wrong again, so she made the smart choice of remaining silent as well.

The sports car drove swiftly all the way and arrived at the headquarters of SL Holdings in twenty minutes. It was three minutes until the registration closed.

She had actually made it in time!

Overjoyed, Luo Chenxi opened the door eagerly and was about to get down from the car.

One of her legs stepped onto the ground outside when she suddenly remembered something. She turned her head around in a rush and said, “Young Master Mu, thank you very much for this. You’re awesome! I shall treat you to a meal when I’m free!”

Her sweet smile made her look like a kitten seeking affection.

Mu Yichen leaned against the back of his seat and lit up a cigarette as he watched Luo Chenxi through squinted eyes. She wore a pair of kitten heels and had a portfolio in her arms as she walked into the SL Holdings building with quick strides.

Her delicate, exquisite small face appeared to be so pure and innocent. Who would have imagined that she was actually a woman with deep, dark schemes up her sleeve?!

Luo Chenxin, are you really putting on an act? How long are you going to keep this up?

Luo Chenxi trotted all the way and finally made it to the meeting room in the final minute before nine.

There were already over twenty participants waiting inside. She registered her attendance before she found a seat and sat casually.

Meanwhile, an exaggerated sneer was heard coming from her back. “I thought that I got the wrong person! Luo Chenxi, it’s really you! Why are you here?”

Luo Chenxi turned around to take a look just in time to see a silhouette that looked rather familiar.

It was Zuo Xiaoqing, a schoolmate from her high school.

Back then, they had both been elite students from the Academy of Fine Arts in the provincial city. However, Luo Chenxi was always the top student. Despite exhausting all her efforts, Zuo Xiaoqing still ended up as second in the end.

Because of that, Zuo Xiaoqing was always standing in sharp opposition to Luo Chenxi.

Luo Chenxi had been awarded a full scholarship by a well-known arts academy in her junior year. As a result, she had gone abroad to study and finally broke free from her rival’s harassment.

Now, to her annoyance, they met each other again on such an occasion.

Luo Chenxi frowned and nodded to humor her. “That’s right. What a coincidence!”

“You’re not here because you’re taking part in the Chinese Style Competition, are you?” Zuo Xiaoqing sneered, “What’s going on? I thought that the Chinese Style Competition is the most prestigious design competition in Country A. How can a low-class university graduate like you take part in it?”

The meeting room was originally quiet, but Zuo Xiaoqing’s voice was loud, so everyone around them glanced over out of curiosity after hearing her voice.

Zuo Xiaoqing became even more exhilarated when she noticed their attention. She said in an even louder voice, “Which one of the participants today isn’t a graduate from a well-known university, either local or abroad? Look at you. You’re a student from a useless tier-3 university. What right do you have to stand here?”

“What? She’s actually a graduate from a tier-3 university! It’s utterly impossible to learn about real design in that kind of university. I bet the graduates can’t get a job after graduation, can they?”

“You don’t say. It’s simply an insult to us to be competing against this kind of person!”

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