Chapter 10: Did Something That Triggered The Wrath Of Heaven and The Anger Of Men?


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She thought that her manner earlier was very friendly, was it not?


Mu Weiwei walked over and queried her without showing the slightest courtesy, “Luo Chenxin, you’re a horrible woman! What did you do to Tang Tang this time? She’s actually your trueborn daughter! Isn’t it enough that you hurt her once? How many times are you going to use her before you’re done with her? You’re truly the most malicious woman that I’ve ever met!”


Luo Chenxi could not help frowning. “I…I didn’t do anything though!”


It sounded like her sister had done something to Tang Tang in the past that triggered the wrath of heaven and the anger of men. Luo Chenxin was puzzled, but she could not find a way to ask any questions either.


Mu Weiwei refused to believe Luo Chenxi’s words. “Go on! Keep pretending! If you insist that you didn’t do anything to Tang Tang, why is she crying so miserably? I knew before that there is nothing that you wouldn’t do! What kind of filthy tricks are you trying to play this time?”


She had not done anything for real though!


Oh, wait. Mu Yichen was with me earlier. Surely, he can prove my innocence!


At the thought of this, Luo Chenxi hastily turned her head to the side and looked toward Mu Yichen. “Mu Yichen, say something! It was Tang Tang that came running over to me earlier. You obviously saw it! Tell your sister. Hurry!”


Mu Weiwei spoke in fury, “So, you think that my brother is going to obey you just because you’ve slept with him? My brother knows what kind of woman you are better than anybody else!”


“That’s enough! Weiwei, it’s true that Tang Tang came over here by herself,” Mu Yichen suddenly spoke.


“Brother, why are you…” Why are you speaking on behalf of Chenxin? Mu Weiwei widened her eyes incredulously. She never expected that he would actually defend Luo Chenxi like this. Have you forgotten about how this woman used to torture Tang Tang previously?


Mu Yichen felt very uneasy under his sister’s constant glare, so he let out a cough softly. “Alright, you can leave now.”


Since Mu Weiwei had always obeyed her brother’s orders, she could only leave willingly, but before she left, she rolled her eyes at Luo Chenxi who still looked bewildered as before.


The room quietened once again, much to Luo Chenxi’s relief.


The unforeseen events happened so suddenly that she found that she was still confused until now. Why did Tang Tang suddenly cry? Was she afraid of her own mother?


“Oh, right.” She recalled the man was still there, so she said, “Thank you for clearing my name earlier. I shouldn’t have laughed at you earlier…”


Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted. “Luo Chenxin…”


Mu Yichen had already sat up on the bed and was peering down at her from a height with an icy-cold gaze. He did not look like her lover that had spent a night sharing a bed with her earlier. On the contrary, he looked like a person bearing ill intentions.


“I told you before that you aren’t allowed to get close to Tang Tang anymore! It was an accident today, but you’re not allowed to get close to her even within a single step from now on! Also, don’t get close to me either. Our mistake from yesterday night will never happen again! Remember, if you want to continue to uphold your title as Young Mistress Mu, you must behave yourself by tucking your tail in between your legs!” As he was speaking, he did not even look at Luo Chenxi’s reaction before he walked out of the room at once.


Luo Chenxi’s face turned red with rage for a moment, then went pale in fear in the next moment. This man was simply unbelievable!


Is it that big a deal that you’re good-looking? Or how rich you are? Does that give you the right to be so narcissistic? Alright, fine, it seems like you really are quite a big deal…


Nevertheless, that did not give him a reason to insult a person. Anyhow, in the past, she always thought that Mu Yichen was a man capable of communicating. She wanted to negotiate with him, but judging by the situation now, she should not dwell on that anymore!


It seemed like Mu Yichen wanted them to walk in different ways from now on and maintain mutual non-interference. This precisely fulfilled her heart’s desire too!

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