I Picked up an Unsold S*ave Elf and Made Her My Daughter

I Picked up an Unsold S*ave Elf and Made Her My Daughter

My daughter was an unsold slave elf Urenokori no Dorei Elf wo Hirotta node, Musume ni Suru Koto ni Shita 売れ残りの奴隷エルフを拾ったので、娘にすることにした 絶滅したはずの希少種エルフが奴隷として売られていたので、娘にすることにした

30 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 2 days ago


Our protagonist, Weiss, saw an elf girl being sold as a s*ave.

But she wasn’t just an ordinary elf. She was a high elf, a race thought to have gone extinct a long time ago. Once he noticed this, he bought her and decided to raise her as his daughter.

Childcare threw Weiss for a loop at first, but he worked hard, and because of his efforts, the ragged and silent girl became healthy and lively. He decided her name would be the first word to come out of her mouth, Ririi.

Weiss was turned into a full-on doting parent, and aimed to put Ririi through magic school!

“Today is the e-entrance ceremony. Ririi’s going to be a sorcerer!♪”

“…This isn’t so bad.”

And thus, begins the warm fantasy story about a pseudo family composed of an awkward dad, and his pure and innocent daughter!

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