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Chapter 96 - Chapter 96: Hijacking Incident

Chapter 96: Hijacking Incident

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After returning from Ye Fan’s side, Yang Xi took advantage of the rare rest time to organize his ability.

In order to adapt to switching between several avatars, Yang Xi spent a lot of time practicing and finally managed to adjust the special ability in his body to adapt to the state of the avatar within one minute after disguising.

For example, now that he had S-class Metal Manipulation in his body, when he changed into the already-snake vest, the Esper Ability in his body could quickly complete the steps of decomposition and upgrade, turning into S-class Shadowmeld and A-class plasma.

[Ability: Shadow Evasion.

[Description: Shadow Doppelganger (7 doppelgangers, can switch between the main body and the shadow doppelganger in battle), can create shadow weapons to attack.]

[Profound 1: Instant Prison Double Shadow Kill (Seven shadows appear in an instant to pass through the enemy, causing stacked damage and settling after five seconds)]

Shadow Imitation (The enemy controlled by the shadow tentacles will move in sync with the main body)

[Rating: S rank,…]

Of course, Yang Xi had also tried to upgrade his plasma ability to S-class, paired with A-class shadow escape.

Apart from the increased power of the S-class plasma ability, there was another benefit: Torrential Storm of plasma (Can instantly pour down dozens of plasma bombs with tracking function)

Usually, the combination of the abilities of the snake vest was the S-class Shadow Evasion and the A-class plasma. When he needed to use the profoundness of the ” plasma storm,” he could find an opportunity to switch over. However, Yang Xi had not tried to switch his abilities like this in battle. If the situation was tense, he might make a mistake.

“I still have to practice more.”

In fact, Yang Xi also found it troublesome to switch abilities like this. If he could get a large number of Dark Energy cubes in one go, it would be great to directly upgrade all the abilities required by all the avatars to S-class.

However, if he had so much dark energy, Yang Xi would still do the same thing as he did now. He would concentrate the dark energy on one superpower to level up. He just didn’t know how much dark energy was needed to level up above S-class.

[S] class…lt should not be the limit of his superpower. According to the video

he had seen so far, Yang Xi did not have the confidence to defeat the No. 1 Hero Explosion, even the No. 2 Tongtian, who was formed by four immortal swords and soul weapons.

Similarly, possessing such strength, the hero association, also from the white cavity behind the world, the world over there, even more is the current Yang Xi, unimaginable great terror.

I feel like S-class superpowered people are barely able to protect themselves on Planet Azure.” Yang Xi smiled bitterly. ”

But how could an A-class hero like the Mech Warrior be able to lord over Lukang City for so many years?

This world was definitely not as simple as it seemed.

For example, that simple-minded Explosive Fist Girl. What was she doing when she was recruited by the Hero Association?

If he could solve this puzzle, he might be able to find out the other side of Planet Azure.

However, other than kidnapping the explosive girl and interrogating her, Yang Xi could only wait for Ye Fan to grow up. Only when this puppet became the focus of the Hero Association’s training could he know some secret information.

After a few days, there was no news from the Mechanical Warrior. Yang Xi boarded the plane to District 2. It was almost time for him and Qian Duoduo, or to be more precise, to make the deal with Brahma Sea Chamber of Commerce.

When Yang Xi was not using his avatar, his internal superpower was mainly S-class metal control. This was the superpower he was most familiar with. Moreover, he could attack and defend at the same time. He could also fly, which was very convenient.

The most important thing was that after a few days of practice, Yang Xi had developed a lot of ways to use his metal ability. It could only be said that the imagination of the netizens was really awesome. There were many videos on this aspect on Tuitui. Moreover, this S-class metal control was really powerful. Not to mention those that had already been realized, even those that were imagined, Yang Xi had actually put them into practice.

For example, it could directly suck out metal ions such as calcium and iron from a living being to cause fatal damage. However, although this ability was cool, it was probably only used to kill small fries, or it was purely for show.

During the experiment, Yang Xi spent a long time sucking out the calcium and iron from the body of the experimental mouse. Perhaps it was because the spiritual power in the living body was constantly resisting, or it could be because the metal iron in the outside world was an atom and the iron in the blood was an ion.

There was another reason why this ” Star Absorbing Annihilation ” was useless. It was much easier to deal with a lifeform by attacking its vital points with a ready-made metal piece than to suck the metal ions in its body dry.

Even if they wanted to kill the minions, the Metal Storm was much faster and more convenient than the mass Star Absorption.

Of course, Yang Xi would definitely find an opportunity to scare others with such a high-profile method.

In any case, no one would know that this was of little value.

On the plane, the stewardess was very enthusiastic about serving Yang Xi, who was a first-class passenger.

After all, he had so much money on him now, so Yang Xi would still spend a little to enjoy life.

But to his surprise, he was actually sitting on the right side of Qian Duoduo and Ji Yourong.

Because of the warmer weather, they all changed into spring clothes.

Qian Duoduo’s flat-chested self could be ignored, but Ji Yourong, who was wearing a slim long-sleeved shirt paired with tight jeans, truly lived up to her reputation as a stunner. All the men in the first-class cabin, regardless of whether they were single or not, felt a little inexplicable when they saw her. Agitated.

When Ji Yourong passed by Yang Xi, his gentlemanly gaze could not help but be attracted. This attracted Qian Duoduo’s furious glare.” What are you looking at?!” Stinky loser! Pervert!”

This girl even made a face at Yang Xi.

On the other hand, Ji Yourong did not mind at all. She nodded apologetically at Yang Xi and turned around to scold Qian Duoduo.

The only thing that made Yang Xi feel relieved and disappointed was that his identity in real life was really ordinary enough. Qian Duoduo, who had met him once, could not remember this passerby named ” Yang Xi.”

It was very safe! Very good!

Along the way, there were men who pretended to go to the toilet and “passed”

Ji Yourong’s position, but perhaps sensing the strange gaze, the girl put on the blanket provided by the stewardess. This made the group of gentlemen secretly feel pity.

He had thought that this trip would end in a flat and sexy manner, but there was suddenly a commotion in the economy class. Vaguely, there were also a few cries of “spare me”.

“Did someone hijack the plane?”

Just as this thought appeared in Yang Xi’s mind, the air stewardess was pointed at by a pistol and kept retreating. Finally, her legs went weak and she fell on Yang Xi.

Hmm, this air stewardess perfume smells pretty good.

The hijacker did not wear any headgear. After roughly pushing the air stewardess away, he shot open the cockpit door and went in to kidnap the pilot. ”

“Don’t move! Sit down and put your hands on your head!!!

There were about four or five hijackers, all equipped with the same type of submachine gun.

This… What era is it now? There’s actually a hijacking?

Yang Xi hugged the trembling air stewardess and could not help but complain in his heart..

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