Chapter 93: Father’s Fury

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This information was intentionally given to Liu Yuan by the mechanical warrior. Some of the key information was naturally hidden, and only a rough plan was left.


However, it was still of some value to Yang Xi. At least, it made Yang Xi’s understanding of the white accent more specific.

“It turns out that the opening of Lukang City’s white mouth was in the past few years. I thought it would take a long time.”

Yang Xi kept the information. Next, it was time to show the core product of the organization, the ” Esper Ability Potion ” to the Mechanical Warrior.

“Yes, your information is very valuable. The accumulated merit points are enough to exchange for C-grade ability medicine from the organization. ” Yang Xi took out the new version of the ability potion. This time, he added some matcha and coconut juice. He wondered how the taste would be improved.

This special ability potion looked so colorful, it looked like…lt was filled with a strange aura, but Young Master Liu almost drooled when he saw it. “Thank you, godfather! Thank you, godfather!”

Liu Yuan happily took the ” Ability Potion ” and grinned from ear to ear.

The mechanical warrior behind him was also shocked.” Esper Ability Potion! This… Is this real or fake?”

He looked at the colorful potion in his son’s hand and felt very itchy. He wanted to snatch it and study it immediately.

However, Youji’s strength made him cautious, so he could only stay put and continue to be on the edge.

“Gulp gulp…Ha

Liu Yuan wiped the corner of his mouth. Every time he drank it, he would have diarrhea when he returned home. However, Liu Yuan felt that this should be the ” marrow cleansing ” in ancient novels. It was to help him purge the filth in his body.

No matter how strange the taste on his mouth was, his heart was like rain. Good medicine tasted bitter!

Yang Xi took out the ability bead from Liu Yuan’s body and downgraded the earth mage ability, upgrading the werewolf to C-class.

“Godfather…That hot feeling came again. The effect of our Judgement

Organization’s ability medicine is really fast! ”


Liu Yuan let out a long roar and began to transform on the spot!

The C-class werewolf did not grow much, but the color of its fur was purer, and its strength and agility had increased.

[Ability: Werewolf

[Description: Possesses werewolf bloodline and powerful self-healing ability. When transformed on a full moon night, you will go berserk and lose your mind, but you will gain twice the strength!]

[Rating: C-rank. What’s the difference between a werewolf and a husky?])

Not bad, he even had the ability to go berserk.

‘ Hu hu hu!!!”

After transforming, Liu Yuan excitedly performed a series of punches. He was so fierce that he almost accidentally injured his invisible father.

The Mechanical Warrior’s eyes were wide open!

This, this, this…lt was actually true!

He had seen the video of Liu Yuan’s transformation before, and it was still quite different from the one in front of him.

In other words, after Liu Yuan drank the drug, his superpower leveled up.

This organization actually possessed such technology!

He could not help but think…What if he had used an S-grade power drug?

Would he be able to become an S-class superpower possessor?

He could also give him a new A-class Esper Ability Potion. With two complementary A-class Esper Abilities, his combat strength could also be greatly improved.

At that time, Kunlun’s management company’s status in the ability world would rise, and it was not impossible for them to become the next Dragon God management company!

“After watching for so long, it’s time to come out and have a chat, Mechanical


Yang Xi suddenly turned towards the direction of the Mechanical Warrior and said lightly.

Before the Mechanical Warrior could say anything, Liu Yuan was shocked. His mouth opened wide,””Godfather, what did you say? My old man is also here?”

Cold sweat broke out on Liu Yuan’s forehead, wetting his wolf fur. He couldn’t help but tuck his wolf tail between his legs.

He understood the Mechanical Warrior better than anyone else. If he had heard how he had fawned over his godfather just now, he would have given him a good beating when he got home.

“He found me?” The mechanical warrior frowned. Was there a problem with the stealth mode?

He confirmed once again that his soul tool mechanical armor was in stealth mode.

“Is this guy trying to trick me?”

The Mechanical Warrior decided to wait and see.

Seeing that there was no movement for a long time, Liu Yuan thought that Yang Xi had made a mistake. He heaved a sigh of relief and said,”Godfather, don’t scare me. My old man might be exercising with some heroine. He doesn’t have time to care about me!”

Yang Xi wanted to force the Mech Warrior to show himself, but who would have thought that the moment Liu Yuan said that, the Mech Warrior would stand up and kick the huge Werewolf into the wall.

“Unfilial son!” Smoke was rising from the knee of the Mech Warrior Armor. He knew that he had not held back.

Liu Yuan, who was embedded in the wall, began to steam. If it weren’t for his C-class superpower, his self-healing ability would have been stronger. He would have been hospitalized.

But now…Liu Yuan coughed out blood and walked down from the wall. He looked at the Mechanical Warrior guiltily and said unhappily,’”‘Old man, you actually followed me? Where is the trust between father and son! Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t interfere in my life?”

The Mech Hero fired another shoulder cannon. Yang Xi wanted to use his ability to stop it, but it failed. He could only pull Liu Yuan to avoid the shoulder cannon.

“If I don’t come out now, all the information at home will be sold out for you!””

He did not attack again. The two moves just now were only to teach Liu Yuan a lesson.

Yang Xi dismantled the metal arm that was pulling on Liu Yuan and looked at the Mechanical Hero warily. “It seems that you came prepared. You know that my ability is to control metal, so you changed your equipment?”

The Mech Warrior shook his head.” I’ve always been wearing this armor. However, Metal Ability Users are unable to control my armor because it’s my soul tool. As for the quality of it, I can’t tell you.

“Then what is the purpose of your visit today?” Yang Xi asked. ”

The Mechanical Warrior smiled.” My objective? I’m afraid that I’m able to come here within your expectations, right?”

The Mechanical Warrior also realized that if Young Chicken had already discovered his existence, then feeding his son the ability medicine was a deliberate act.

It seemed like there was a chance for this matter!

The Mechanical Warrior held back from asking about the Esper Ability Potion. He was waiting for Young Chicken to bring it up.

Yang Xi saw through the thoughts of the Mechanical Warrior, but he would not say it out loud. In this kind of transaction, whoever spoke first would be in a passive position.

“I didn’t expect you to come. The deal with the second young master was a matter of mutual consent. ”

Liu Yuan was afraid that his father and godfather would have a conflict. If they really fought, he didn’t know which side to help. However, he felt that his old man shouldn’t be a match for his godfather.

“Old man, even if you beat me, I won’t steal any information from my family in the future. You don’t have to worry about my matters with godfather!”

Who would have thought that Yang Xi and the Mechanical Warrior would scold him at the same time?”Shut up!”

Liu Yuan rolled to the side and drew circles..

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